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Quote of the Day || April 18, 2013

“I thought passage of the gun bill would be automatic. Turns out it wasn’t even semi-automatic”

– Joe Biden

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

30 Responses to Quote of the Day || April 18, 2013

  1. Well, well, so he wanted background checks on gun purchases ? How about some background checks on candidates for the Presidency ? However, it´s never too late for that, I hope the hunt for Barrys records will continue. I want this man exposed, unmasked.

    • “background checks on candidate for the Presidency”
      -I Luv it.
      ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ COULD NOT pass a simple background check to enlist in the US Military.

  2. The next order of business for the Senate as dictated by The One will be to institute a ban on all pressure cookers and a Federal registry for anyone who now owns one. When that is finished, the Senate will move on to sharp knives, pointed pencils, short lengths of rope, industrial staplers, baseball bats and paper clips. The work of the Senate attacking the issues of importance is never ending.

  3. What does it take to trump the Boston bombing? A massive expolsion has flattened a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. It’s killed between five and 15 people, and wounded more than 160. Fox and CNN are still covering it, but MSNBC is all over the Senate’s gun bill.

    • MSNBC has spent more than nine, commercial-free minutes on the gun bill, showing a photograph of each senator who voted against it, with a big banner reading “VOTED NO” beneath the photograph. I had to quit watching because I was working up a head of steam that might have ended with my screaming at the television again.

      • Annnnnnnnd, they’re back at it, again showing the photographs of those who voted against MSNBC’s idol.

        When I was in J-school, and working as a reporter, the saying “if it bleeds, it leads” ruled. It still does except at MSNBC. There’s not been a single mention of Boston or West, Texas, since about 7:16.

        • Mandy, I give it to you.
          I could not PUNISH myself by watching anything on MSNBC relating to the Gun Bill (OBEY OBAMA! GUNS ARE EVIL!) or the Boston Bombing (the white, racist, NRA, Republican, Tea Party DID IT!)

          • It wasn’t easy, LS. I hardly ever turn to MSNBC, and do so usually to see what kind of coverage they’re giving a story. I was struck by the level of visceral hatred evident in their voices, and the platinum blonde (Brzezinski’s daughter?) was foaming at the mouth.

  4. (Biden singing)

    “I’m goin’ home, gonna load my shotgun
    Wait by the door and light a cigarette
    They wants a fight, well now they’ve got one
    And they ain’t seen me crazy yet

    Slapped down my power grab and shook my omnipotence
    Don’t that sound like democracy?
    I’m gonna show them what Crazy Joe’s made of
    Gunpowder and (oops) a little pee”

    (Apologies to Miranda Lambert)

  5. Actually, the passage of the gun control bill was a small caliber, short barreled, single shot Saturday Night Special that is prone to either misfire or discharge prematurely. The fact that President Obama and VP Biden resemble such a weapon explains their Freudian obsession with banning large caliber, long barreled assault rifles which can fire dozens of rounds without reloading.