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Live Stream || Obama Delivers Statement on Gun Control

The statement has concluded.

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    • No. His “common sense” ideas were shot down by “lies”, and now he gets to further demonize the Republicans and the NRA and all those who are against “common sense regulations”.

      (While he and Biden continue to lie about that absurd 40% figure — which is getting closer to the amount of B.S. in his talks.)

      • Odd: The White House feed did not end with Obama’s remarks, as is the norm. It stuck around to show Obama hugging all the parents devastated by the obstructionist Republicans, right after Joe Biden leaned back and touched heads with the Sandy Hook mom who gave Obama’s “address” Saturday, thus ensuring a good photo of her crying over this outrage.

        • BTW: Obama also claimed that while people who back his “common sense” proposals outnumber “them”, “they’re better organized and better financed”.

          Mr. Obama is apparently unaware of Organizing for Action, Twitter, Facebook, tens of millions of followers, Michael Bloomberg’s BILLIONS, and the bulk of major (non-“right wing”) media in this country.

          Or maybe he, like that skeet shooter, is just blowing more smoke.

    • I heard him say that he would get what he wanted via executive order if Congress didn’t do the will of the people. It didn’t bother Congress when they passed Obamacare, despite about 70% of the public NOT wanting the monstrosity.

    • “Dear Leader, you lost. Get over it.” – RickW

      The Angry Caliph NEVER goes gently into that good night, will NEVER admit defeat, and has NEVER, EVER foresworn REVENGE! for ANY cause. Don’t you know he’s been chosen by Alla – er, G_d to rule over us?

      This isn’t over. It will just change his tactics. Maybe we’ll find out what those hollow points and FEMA camps are for a little ahead of schedule, and there may be a few extra drones next Tuesday…

    • Only physically. Walter is MUCH nicer, more courteous, and FAR less – uh – “emotionally challenged” than Biden. Walter also has some intrinsic value (i.e. he’s worth the wood he’s made from), people actually WANT to hear what he says, and he never pretended to be a Catholic when his actions said otherwise.

      And I think we can all agree that Walter’s puppet master is MUCH smarter, more likable, and has more positive impact on America than Biden’s does.

      Walter also associates with a higer class of characters. I think we can all agree that Peanut, Jose, and even Achmed are a vast improvement on Napoletano, Holder, and Kerry, although Achmed DOES share some of their political views…

      In short, a press conference with Dunham and his puppets would be a huge improvement on one with Biden and his, in terms of truthful information disseminated, benefit to the country, quality of the participants, and just plain optics.

      And at least there’s no doubt who’s pulling THEIR strings, or why…

      So lay off Walter. He’s better people than Biteme in every way; and despite the fact he’s not actually “people” at all, he has more plain humanity.

  1. Time passed and current events doomed any attempt to limit the rights of Americans to protect themselves. They knew that, but went ahead with a sham vote anyway. They also knew that if such a bill passed the Senate it was DOA for Congressional approval.

    The constant exploitation of the victims is starting to backlash as a cruel political ploy.

    • Correct, but barry believes he can do anything. He thought if anyone could make it happen he could. After all, he IS the first black president and he IS the one who got universal health care and he DID catch a fly mid-air. I do believe this guy thinks he’s got super human powers.

  2. I feel sorry for these people. I know they are adults and made their own decision to speak out on this issue. But they are grieving families. And Obama, who has no empathy , used their grief and his office in a very crass way for a highly charged political issue. They have been put through an emotional wringer and if anyone should be accused of shameful acts against common sense it is Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

  3. He’s not used to losing. Spoiled brat.
    Is there ANY chance he’ll take his toys and go home?
    Is there a “wistful” Emoticon?