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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – April 17, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Carny is fifteen minutes late (so far). Right in the footsteps of Obama, who uncharacteristically was actually on time the last two times.

  2. trying to get the ricin false flag story right, have to fix these poll numbers somehow.. what timing when confidence in the admin is so low..
    Im calling unrelated to Boston, that im lookin at Iran/Hezbollah
    we will see

  3. CNN and Drudge are announcing an arrest has been made. I bet the meeting on Obama’s calendar with Lew was a diversion. Dear Leader probably swooped in to make the arrest himself just as he “got” Bin Laden.

  4. Now Fox is reporting that three feds have told them that the FBI does not have anyone under arrest. Nuts. Might as well turn off the telly.

  5. “The Liars by Carl Sandburg

    A LIAR goes in fine clothes.
    A liar goes in rags.
    A liar is a liar, clothes or no clothes.
    A liar is a liar and lives on the lies he tells and dies in a life of lies.
    And the stonecutters earn a living-with lies-on the tombs of liars.

    Aliar looks ’em in the eye
    And lies to a woman,
    Lies to a man, a pal, a child, a fool.
    And he is an old liar; we know him many years back.

    A liar lies to nations.
    A liar lies to the people.
    A liar takes the blood of the people
    And drinks this blood with a laugh and a lie,
    A laugh in his neck,
    A lie in his mouth.
    And this liar is an old one; we know him many years.
    He is straight as a dog’s hind leg.
    He is straight as a corkscrew.
    He is white as a black cat’s foot at midnight.

    The tongue of a man is tied on this,
    On the liar who lies to nations,
    The liar who lies to the people.
    The tongue of a man is tied on this
    And ends: To hell with ’em all.
    To hell with ’em all.

    It’s a song hard as a riveter’s hammer,
    Hard as the sleep of a crummy hobo,
    Hard as the sleep of a lousy doughboy,
    Twisted as a shell-shock idiot’s gibber.

    The liars met where the doors were locked.
    They said to each other: Now for war.
    The liars fixed it and told ’em: Go.

    Across their tables they fixed it up,
    Behind their doors away from the mob.
    And the guns did a job that nicked off millions.
    The guns blew seven million off the map,
    The guns sent seven million west.
    Seven million shoving up the daisies.
    Across their tables they fixed it up,
    The liars who lie to nations.

    And now
    Out of the butcher’s job
    And the boneyard junk the maggots have cleaned,
    Where the jaws of skulls tell the jokes of war ghosts,
    Out of this they are calling now: Let’s go back where we were.
    Let us run the world again, us, us.

    Where the doors are locked the liars say: Wait and we’ll cash in again.

    So I hear The People talk.
    I hear them tell each other:
    Let the strong men be ready.
    Let the strong men watch.
    Let your wrists be cool and your head clear.
    Let the liars get their finish,
    The liars and their waiting game, waiting a day again
    To open the doors and tell us: War! get out to your war again.

    So I hear The People tell each other:
    Look at to-day and to-morrow.
    Fix this clock that nicks off millions
    When The Liars say it’s time.
    Take things in your own hands.
    To hell with ’em all,
    The liars who lie to nations,
    The liars who lie to The People.”

      • “The point, Cincy?” – RickW

        Carl Sandburg wrote this in 1919. Jay Carney lies like Baghdad Bob today, and every day.

        The point? The Devil doesn’t make, he only mars, and he has no creativity. We’ve seen this act before – and before – and before…

        I’m just calling him out for what he is, with the subtext (via old poems, songs, etc.) that their brand of falsehood is so old that it has been chronicled in many artistic forums by diverse peoples long before now. Mr. Carney and his boss are such pathological liars that they are worthy of no trust or respect whatsoever, and of no greater recognition than this.

  6. Biden beat Carny. He was only thirteen minutes late to his Google hangout with mayors, before he has to go preside over the Senate in their very important vote. He started off with the same “40% of gun buyers don’t go through background checks” lie.

    These guys are either illiterate or intentionally dishonest. This “40%” lie has been repeatedly debunked, and yet the two top government officials in this country keep repeating the lie. Transparency?