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White House Disses Thatcher, Britain

Neither President Obama nor Vice President Biden – nor even any senior member of the administration – will attend the funeral in Great Britain Wednesday of Margaret Thatcher, a stunning slight that suggests petty hostility toward the late prime minister and all that she stood for.

According to The Guardian, the White House will send former Reagan administration officials instead, suggesting Thatcher’s rein and politics are the stuff of a distasteful past.

The US is to send distinctly low-key official representation to Lady Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday, with a delegation led by George Shultz and James Baker, who both served as US secretary of state while Thatcher was in power.

While Barack Obama was invited, he has opted to send a presidential delegation comprising no serving politicians. Shultz was secretary of state to Ronald Reagan while Baker served the elder George Bush.

I guess I can see Obama skipping it – especially in light of yesterday’s events – but there’s no reason not to send Biden. Attending funerals is part of his job. I think it’s in the Constitution. Okay, maybe somewhere in the Federalist Papers. But still, he should go.

Obama, I believe, is no great fan of Great Britain, a view I think stems from his Kenyan heritage and Britain’s colonial past. I think that explains why he sent the bust of Churchill packing from the Oval Office. Just my view.

Biden clearly is hostile toward Thatcher. In his written statement on her passing, he avoided even the praise Obama managed to cough up in his statement. The best Biden could do was, “she was always forthright in her views and undaunted in her commitment to advancing her nation’s interests.”

You get it. That’s ugly baby stuff, as in “Wow, that certainly is a baby you have there!”

Gosh, at least Kerry could go. Maybe he’s busy visiting Kyrzakhstan.

It’s not just Tatcher they’re insulting, but given that the funeral has become a major event in Britain – with the queen consenting to attend – it’s a snub of our closest ally as well. Maggie and our British friends deserve better.

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    1. I just read that Obama is using the gun control legislation as his excuse. This week is crucial, according to him, so he needs to stay here, and Biden and the Mooch can’t go either because they’re his point men on the issue.

    2. Maybe they were not invited due to the multiple silghts and childish insults that Obama constantly heaps on England?

      Never before has an American president gone so out of his way to insult and shit on one of our longest lasting allies.

  1. Maybe Biden couldn’t get the hotel and limo service he wanted?

    Maybe Kerry couldn’t meet with the French delegation?

    Maybe Obama was meeting with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga?

    Maybe they didn’t want to spend the money knowing they’d have to meet with UK and Canadian Officials

    Maybe because it’s not about them (?)

      1. Tomorrow the President will be in Boston arguing against the sale of Ball-Bearings and Nails (which were used in the bombs).

        of course i’m half kidding.

          1. You’ll have to pry my pressure cooker out of my cold dead hand! Actually, the circus managers have determined that the Thatcher funeral is not an event that would appeal to audiences favorable to the dancing bear.

  2. I’m not really surprised that Preezy Revenge is snubbing the funeral. Lady Thatcher was a rock-ribbed conservative. The Obama administration has a mixture of Marxists, communists, Leninists, Trotskyites, and environazis, but not a conservative in the bunch.

    The Republicans are sending a delegation from the House – Marsha Blackburn, Michele Bachmann, and George Holding. The Guardian describes Rep Bachmann as a member of the “hardline conservative Tea Party faction”. Guess anything to the right of Marxism is now considered hardline conservatism.

  3. They can knock Schultz and Baker all they want: you have to go all the way back to James Baker to find not only a great Secretary of State but even a good one.

  4. It’s possible the Brits might have discouraged the dynamic duo from attending MrsThatcher’s memorial because of the enormous security and disruption that accompanies the President wherever he appears.

    MrO’s distain or adverse opinion of the Brits has been explained by their colonization of Kenya and his “Kenyan past” just doesn’t make sense. Why would he care what the Brits did or didn’t do in Kenya; he wasn’t born there, never lived there, and he’s shown no interest in his far-flung blood relatives who live there.

    Our new Secretary of State who seems to be everywhere doing nothing notable should be dispached to represent the US and the President.

    1. MrO’s distain or adverse opinion of the Brits has been explained by their colonization of Kenya and his “Kenyan past” just doesn’t make sense. Why would he care what the Brits did or didn’t do in Kenya; he wasn’t born there, never lived there, and he’s shown no interest in his far-flung blood relatives who live there.


      FCMABBHO’s ideology is underpinned by anti-colonialism.

    2. Have you seen 2016: Obama’s America? It sums up pretty well an abandoned young man grasping for any kind of identity. He chose a idealized version of his father’s identity.

      1. Scary movie. First and last time we’ve been to a movie theater was to see that documentary. Barry had a lot of influence from his mother who glorified the father as some kind of heroic anti-colonist freedom fighter. He really was only a philandering, deadbeat drunk, but the narcissist and his America-hating mother could never accept that reality.

  5. No surprise here… worthless, socialist scum doing what worthless, socialist scum does best…
    Disrespect those who preserved personal freedoms…

  6. Obviously, Thatcher is hated by the Progressives/Communists/Socialists/Democrats because she helped bring down Communism and a good portion of the union and state control of the entire British economy.

  7. The delegation from Canada includes Prime Minister Harper and his wife, Laureen, former prime minister Brian Mulroney, who had close working and personal relationships with Baroness Thatcher, and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

    I can see Commonwealth countries sending larger delegations and heads of state, as former colonies of Great Britain. Still, you’d think at least one highly placed member of the Obama administration would deign to attend.

    1. Obama is not attending for a few reasons. 1) He is a hard core Marxist ideologue who despises everything that Thatcher stood for. 2) He hates England with a burning passion for their colonial past. 3) He would actually have to interact and talk with Conservatives. In his hate filled ideology, Conservatives are the vilest scum of the earth and must be shunned and demonized. Obama would also come across as a complete dolt unable to explain his child like views. 4) As someone previously said, it’s not about him and he would not be at the center of attention as his narcissistic personality disorder requires.
      It really speaks to Obama’s character as to why he is not at least sending Kerry or Biden. This is in character with him snubbing the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall as well as snubbing the Poles when almost their entire senior leadership was killed in a plane crash. What all three events have in common is : it’s not about him and he would have to interact with conservatives
      The man is an immature, arrogant prick.

  8. What a SHAME the United States of America can not send a ‘Representative’ of the current US Government.
    Then again that makes sense since the current “President of the US” (Barack Hussein Obama) has NO respect for the United Kingdom (re: Churchill bust issue)
    Being a US Navy Vet, If I had my way… I would send the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) to Great Britain to honor Thatcher.
    (~Rule Britannia~)

  9. The circus trained bear has a full schedule trying to explain how America should be confident that justice will be done (Boston marathon terrorist attack) in light of Benghazi.

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  11. Now that both Reagan and Thatcher–two demi-gods in the conservative pantheon–are dead, it is time to destroy the myths of their so-called “greatness.” Both Reagan and Thatcher are famous as two formidable ” old War warriors.” But to hundreds of thousands of ordinary people on both aides of the Atlantic, both Ron (ketchup is a vegetable) and Maggie (the milk pincher) became infamous as two heartless Class Warriors. We must set to the task of exposing them as the Class Warfare warriors that they really were: they fired the first salvoes in their War Against the Working Class! It doesn’t take a degree in sociology or economics to realize that today’s inequality (millions of people had their homes, savings and pensions stolen in the Great Recession of 2008, stagnant wages for the 99% …and record profits and wealth for the 1%) had its genesis in Reagan and Thatcher. Ron and Maggie’s hidden agenda, their true mandate was a perverse and callous Reverse Robin Hood politics: steal from the poor and give it to the rich. The Gipper and the Iron Lady’s lasting legacy, the measure by which history will judge them, is a failed and discredited theory of TRICKLE-DOWN VOODOO ECONOMICS….aka… AUSTERITY!!!

  12. Oh my gosh. Look at what Obama’s dealing with: assassination attempts (Kevin Curtis), the Boston bombing, North Korea, Iran, and now a huge disaster in Texas involving a fertilizer plant! It exploded like a bomb. There’s a lot of damage and many are dead and/or missing. He didn’t go because, he is threatened and has far too much on his plate. The threat of terrorism is at an all time high. I’m sure he wanted to be there. Margaret Thatcher is in heaven and has been given release. We are sad for your loss but, Obama is in a big mess. I’m sure the brilliant British will understand and get over it. Why is the media adding so much hype???? #Annoyed at Pot Stirring

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