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Obama Must Use the Word “Terror,” ASAP

President Obama’s caution Monday in refusing to label the Boston Marathon bombing terrorism is understandable, but it’s a mistake.

As the nation’s leader, he doesn’t want to say something that might prove inaccurate or stir emotions too greatly.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.13.45 AMBut the bombings are, by definition, acts of terror. Two bombs went off, synchronized to cause murder, injury, and mayhem at a high-visibility event, naturally striking fear in the hearts of many Americans. Even if this were done by a lone individual without any affiliation – as unlikely as that would be in a coordinated assault – it’s terrorism.

By not labeling it as such, the president in his caution is, effectively, leading from behind. Even his own aides are privately calling it terrorism.

It’s the president’s job to be responsible, but it’s even more his job to take the lead when a nation has been stunned by what everybody knows is terrorism. They need to be reassured that he understands this is terror and is prepared to act forcefully to oppose it.

Americans are not children, and we’re not hysterical participants in some less advanced society. We can deal with the notion that we’ve been attacked without overreacting, as we have before.

The president can frame it carefully – saying we don’t know if it’s the work of foreign or domestic terrorists – but he must say this is terrorism. He should have done it yesterday, even if he had to qualify it with the word “likely.”

Obama did better Monday than he did during the Christmas 2009 attempted bombing of a Delta jet, when he was AWOL in Hawaii for three days before making a statement. But he didn’t do quite well enough. He can rectify the situation this morning.

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  1. It takes a conscious effort to not use the word terrorism. It’s no accident he is doing this purposely, I just can’t figure out why, at this point.

    1. Because he got Bid Laden and that means there no longer is a war on terrorism. He certainly would not want to admit that there was an act of terrorism on US soil while he is on the job. Wish that he were.

  2. Sorry Keith, but my only response will be that there’s always someone to offer Obama help, and that never sits well with me. He and Biden vowed they would be ready on Day 1. Ready is ready. They never were and they never will be.

    1. Obama has never been ready to manage. Always ready to Campaign, to Bluster, to react with words.

      Biden is as ready as he’s ever been.

      Politicians that have never governed (like Senators or Congresspersons) should not run.

      Marco Rubio, Rand Paul…yeah, I mean them too.

          1. Oh, no! I’m not saying that at all. I’m merely speculating about his reasons.

            I wonder how many phone calls he got from officials with CAIR yesterday.

  3. The last 3 terror events during his terms have had weaker responses:
    Ft Hood: The President spent the first minute giving “shout outs” and congratulating his Cabinet on a wonderful conference before getting to talking about the people directly responsible to him, the military.

    Benghazi: He didn’t call it a terror attack, but said later that he did call it a terror attack, though in the meanwhile, said it wasn’t a terror attack.

    Boston: Didn’t call it a terror attack but used the same ‘forceful’ rhetoric that he did with Benghazi. It won’t be the same results but the rhetoric is now weakened since the Benghazi words were just words.

    Obama on 9/12/12: We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.

    Obama on 4/15/13: But make no mistake — we will get to the bottom of this. And we will find out who did this; we’ll find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.

    1. I’ll never forget what he said in the UN speech he made two weeks after the Benghazi terrorist act. He was still blaming the videomaker…

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” – Barrack Hussein Obama

    2. and were still waiting on Benghazi. This will take a back seat to Boston. F & F is now a bump in the road. How soon some forget.

    3. Yesterday was terrible and my heart truly goes out to all effected. I am impressed with the incredible response from law enforcement and the determination of all branches, local and federal that are tracking down the dog that did this. News conferences every 6 hours, updates, thousands of officers, the “world-wide reach” of federal agencies etc. Spectacular effort.

      Where was this effort in Benghazi? We lost an Ambassador and 3 other Americans. News conferences? “World wide reach” of federal agencies? Interviews with survivors? Scouring every inch of pavement for evidence? (If I recall a diary or something was found laying on the ground a few days later by CNN).

      Americans should be proud of law enforcement in Boston and ashamed by the lack of efforts in Benghazi. Where is the outrage over inaction.

    1. Why would Obama wet himself? He was never in any danger, just normal Americans. If his own safety had been threatened, he would have soiled himself.

      1. All it would take is one direct incident (attempted shooting) and I think his tune might change. I think his public outings would come to a screaming halt also. Nothing really phases him unless it is really close to home, and even then it’s very subdued. His briefing yesterday said volumes. No emotion, just going through the motions.

  4. The only child in this is Obama scared to even say the word terror attack.
    I think if he remains vague it will be easier on him and less of a chance
    he might actually have to deal with a big problem a drone won’t solve.
    This was a cowardly act and sadly our leader is a Quisling fearing to
    upset anyone.

  5. I agree, of course the bombings are acts of terror no matter who´s responsible. But I guess Barry has to hold his finger in the air somewhat longer to find out what´s best for him politically to say ( or read from the Teleprompter ). As always, it´s all about him and his agenda and hence impossible to trust him.

    1. Many are disgusted with his handling of Fort Hood. Since he refuses to identify the Fort Hood massacre as terror, he probably is walking on egg shells trying not to stir that branch up again. The official reason for reclassifying #FtHood as workplace violence involves giving “US Army Major Nidal Hasan a fair trial.” And that decision sat well with absolutely none who love America. It also diminished monies the surviving victims received for treatment of their injuries. And therein is another hotbed of discontent. Soon as he calls this terror I bet the Fort Hood one will come roaring back. One recovered from 6 bullets, another from 7. There is no chance of a Purple Heart. 13 dead + 1 unborn. Private Francesca Velez lay on floor in fetal position, hands around abdomen saying “My baby, my baby” as she died. There is a website with 14 minute video which relates events on that terrible day, November 5, 2009. Apologies for length of this comment to those already familiar with horrors there.

  6. Boston is my hometown, and I’m very angry today. Obama was not forceful, he was not inspiring, we need to know this will not be another Bengazi. Where is our Guilianni?
    Supose it was a matter of time before bombs exploded in America, if I could figure that out why didn’t Home Land Security?
    The reports of the anchors and guests on MSNBC sicken me, and yes I’m talking to you Barney Frank and Chris Mathews.

  7. The man doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader. Lack of wisdom. Lack of self discipline. Lack of intelligence. But he’s cool and likes basketball.

  8. Face the awful truth. Obama refused to characterize the Fort Hood massacre as terrorism, preferring to classify it as “work place violence.”. Aside from being an incredibly cynical and callous ploy to avoid paying combat related death and disability benefits, this demonstrated a refusal to acknowledge that it was ISLAMIC terrorism. I have no doubt that Obama will characterize the Boston Marathon bombings as terrorism if and only if he can exploit it by convincing people that it was DOMESTIC terrorism by his political opponents on issues such as gun control, abortion or taxes.

    1. Agree, he hasn´t found the right angle to exploit yet.
      When it suits him he can be very quick in his conclusions , for example in the Trayvor Martin case and when blaming that video to “cause” the Benghazi event….Cynical and callous, yes.

      1. If President Obama had a son, he would look like a composite of the one demographic group is most likely to commit homicide. When reasonable extrapolations are done to include the probable perpetrators of the vast number of unsolved homicides, it can be estimated that 1/2 of the homicides in the nation are committed by President Obama’s bastard sons (aka, young, African American Males). This insult is of course unwarranted because it would imply that Obama actually has functioning testicles.

  9. “As the nation’s leader, he doesn’t want to say something that might prove inaccurate or stir emotions too greatly.”
    Really? Since when? Obama’s speech was nothing more than a lot of pablum, as usual. A veritable storm of words, which has been his method of dealing with America since he ran for president in 2008. I would rather he just said nothing at all and let the professionals deal with this.

    1. “As the nation’s leader, he doesn’t want to say something that might prove inaccurate or stir emotions too greatly.”

      Come on…he’s all about stirring emotions against those he considers his “domestic enemies.” Gun supporters for instance. He’s more than happy to stir up hatred towards those people.

        1. Yes, the political propaganda arm of the barry administration is already manipulating this bombing and setting it up to blame some anti-goverment tea partier. Markmywords. They are taking their cues from barry and axelrod. I don’t trust this government anymore. I believe they would kill their own citizens if they felt it would benefit them. And I don’t doubt that they’ve done this.

  10. For some reason his political advisers don’t want those words coming out of his mouth. Someone else in his administration will say it.

  11. Terrorism (especially for the west) has come to mean violence by muslims. I think there’s no doubt here that Obama is sympathetic to the muslim world. Hence he won’t use the word.

    Americans should really get ready for more of this as we continue to spiral down the toliet. The USless government will bully its citizens and other nations more and a domino effect will occur as violence becomes the only option.

  12. Actually Axelrod said “You use those words and it means something very specific in people’s mind. And I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — we really don’t know who did this — it was tax day. Was it someone who was pro–you know, you just don’t know. And so I think his attitude is, let’s not put any inference into this, let’s just make clear that we’re going to get the people responsible.”

    Translation: If barry can blame his enemies and insight violence towards them – you know, American citizens, he’ll start propagandizing it. Otherwise, he’ll never mind…

  13. We must not forget BHO’s radical left background – his friends and colleagues at the University of Chicago. He is just as much an ingredient in this petri dish of radical anti-American Marxists as was his comrade, neighbor, and Weatherman terrorist, Bill Ayers, the host of his first political fundraiser.

    From Bill Ayer’s screed, Fugitive Days, pp 256-258, published September 10, 2001:

    “Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon. The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them. ”

    Read More (if you have the intestinal fortitude):

  14. In retrospect, Keith, (the following morning), it looks like Mr. Obama read this column and followed your advice. Is there a WH job in your future?

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