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Obama to Travel to Boston Thursday

President Obama will travel to Boston Thursday to speak at a memorial for those who were killed or gravely wound during Monday’s terrorist attack.

From the White House:

On Thursday morning, the President will travel to Boston to speak at an interfaith service dedicated to those who were gravely wounded or killed in Monday’s bombing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Obama has cancelled a trip he was to take to Kansas Friday, the White House said.

58 thoughts on “Obama to Travel to Boston Thursday”

    1. Yes, LS. And I hope the press-“corpse” remembers their manners and don’t ask anything but fluff questions.
      Benghazi, F&F, nix.

  1. I was wondering when “the president” would take advantage of these photo ops–looking somber while visiting the scene, looking more somber while visiting the hospitalized, looking even more somber while visiting the tramatized Sandy Hook people who were there–so many opportunities to get his face in front of us AGAIN!!!

  2. Well, the people of Kansas have something to be thankful for………

    As long as he’s in New England, can another consoling stop in Newton, CT be in the cards?

    1. And speaking from the great state of Kansas we who unloaded
      Kathleen Sebelius on the entire country are saying yippie! Well
      except for some at the University of Kansas they refer to it as the
      Berkeley of Kansas. Oh well I’m just sorry for those who have
      suffered in Boston the photo op in chief will be little comfort.

  3. Well, that didn’t take long. Tragedy. Insert Self. Demagogue an issue.

    For sure we won’t know anything more about those responsible for the bombing until after this show stealing service. Unless, it is a right wing lone wolf or something. In that case, the 2nd Amendment will be ripped right out of the Constitution.

    Why won’t this man just let people alone?

    Oh yeah, he did that with the Benghazi families. Maybe he can take Patricia Smith, Sean Smith’s grieving mother, with him on AF1 and show her what Presidential concern REALLY looks like. I hear she’s in town.

    1. and Grace….Let us not forget Moo has not weighed in on the issue yet……Maybe those bangs were specifically styled to show a heavy heart.

      1. So is Sheila Jackson Lee, who is unquestionably the dumbest woman in Congress. Guess idiocy runs rampant in the Democrat party.

        1. did you listen to Rush today? he played her tape, and she couldn’t even pronounce ‘sequester’ correctly. not that that surprises me, coming from Sheila Jackson Lee, possibly the stupidest woman in politics.

          no wait, I changed my mind. the stupidest woman in politics is the broad who confused “high-capacity magazines” with “ammunition” and is patiently waiting for the day the bigger clips “run out.”

          1. Did she say ‘shequeshter’? I wonder because Moochelle has trouble with esses too, for example, she’ll say ‘shtruggle’.

          2. omg I cannot STAND that “shtruggle” thing! (Laura Ingraham does a great impression of that, btw.)

            no, lovely Sheila said “seek-ester” as far as I can recall.

          3. They can’t help it. They were taught Ebonics instead of proper English because liberals assume they are stupid because of their skin color. Just like they assume they are too stupid to get a drivers license/ID because of their race.

          4. Sheila Jackson Lee is NOT stupid. She is very smart. She takes a car to work, because the two blocks she lives from her office cannot be “natigated” in her high heels. That is some good thinking!

        2. I have a cousin who can’t stand Shelia Jackson Lee. Every
          time she sees her speak she wants to take the braid off her head and stuff it in her mouth.

    2. Amen, gracepmc. Just wish he would get off our backs and quit lecturing us. I’m disgusted with the sibilant snake.

      He has no problem trotting around the Sandy Hook lobbyists on the taxpayers dime, but when it comes to Pat Smith he turns his back. She’s still making noise about his promise to find her son’s killers in Benghazi, so she is persona non gratis to Preezy Revenge. Good thing Sean Hannity has the milk of human kindness and will pay her expenses when her son is honored with the Thomas Jefferson Star of Foreign Service award in May.

      1. “Sibilant snake” is right. I can’t stand listening to him speak, partly due to those annoying, drawn out ssss’s. An apt comparison, because Barry’s as cold as a snake, and perhaps ultimately, as deadly as a Black Mamba.

        1. “…because Barry’s as cold as a snake, and perhaps ultimately, as deadly as a Black Mamba.” – ImNoDhimmi

          The “snake” comparison is apt, but he’s MUCH deadlier than a Mamba! THIS snake that is Obmam has been around at LEAST since The Garden. He just changed the apple to “free” birth control and unfettered abortions, et voilà ! An entire peoples, once AGAIN, are an affront to G_D. Mission accomplished!

          It’s SO easy to cause Man’s downfall, again and again, that he doesn’t even need new plays. The ones from Genesis still work just fine. Maybe this is why Barry looks bored and angry all the time, there’s just no challange in it any more…

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  5. It’s odd that Obama cancelled his Friday trip to Kansas just because he’s going to Boston on Thursday. Time and again he’s fired up his personal jet to fly from city to city, often several places in one day during his campaign. Why the change of heart now? Why didn’t the WH ever release why he was going to speak at the University of Kansas? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

    1. No we don’t I live in Kansas we don’t need him trying to do something dreadful here. Probably has a new shovel ready job to
      add an entire mountain range and add us to free wheeling Colorado I prefer to be flat an boring and red:-)

  6. Here’s an interesting little tidbit. Obama slashed the domestic bombing prevention budget by 45%.

    Under President George W. Bush, the Department of Homeland Security had $20 million allocated for preventing the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by terrorists working inside the United States. The current White House has cut that funding down to $11 million.

      1. How about cleaning up the syntax–some of us are embarrassed to contribute to a site with pointless profanity and name calling and yes, sometimes, racist references.

  7. why’s he going to Boston? so he can give another passionless speech about how we must all come together and yadda yadda yadda?

    of course the big question is: will he have the Newtown parents with him?

  8. Again the Mom in Chief is missing. This is a pattern only those that fit
    her agenda are worthy of a warm hug from Michelle. It’s wrong and if
    she wants all the fun stuff she should do the job of First Lady. She’s all
    geared up to make commencement speeches which will be all about ‘me’
    but can’t find time again to comfort regular suffering American’s. it’s

    1. Me-Chelle is just going to take it easy until 2016. There’s no need for her to lift a finger now, except to eat, spend money, party and vacation. She won’t let herself be inconvenienced by some bombs in Boston.

        1. naaaaa, some staffer will make the rounds and pick up some fresh lobsta and chowda to bring back to the WH. If not, it will be awaiting for their arrival as the WH Chef called ahead. Saves on shipping you know.

          I feel for my adopted home tomorrow (Boston). With some of downtown still closed and then BO’s motorcade for the trip in and out, traffic is going to be plain awful. I do know the alt way they bring them into the city from Logan but that is not for discussion.

  9. People…I just want you to….know that uh, I feel your pain.

    But I can help soften that pain by standing here and let you take my picture.

    And in exchange, a check to the Organizing For America campaign is a way to reduce your pain a little bit.

    Thank you

    1. ” jerry April 16, 2013 at 10:44 pm
      People…I just want you to….know that uh, I feel your pain.

      But I can help soften that pain by standing here and let you take my picture.

      And in exchange, a check to the Organizing For America campaign is a way to reduce your pain a little bit.

      Thank you”

      You almost had me, until the end. Obama isn’t very likely to say “thank you” to anyone, as ALL the money is both his DUE and his RIGHT. He’s just letting you hold some, temporarily, until he needs it.

      You don’t thank peasants for giving you back your own, especially if you believe they stole it from you in the first place with their White privilege and stuff…

      Plus, never forget that Obama is a Sunni Muslim. As those he will be speaking to and collecting from are most likely Christians, he would ALSO consider ANY money he gets from them for OFA or anything else he wants it for to be owed as a dhimmi tax, and therefore nothing he needs to thank them for in that case, either; in his Islamist view, if you’re infidel enough to actually BE a Christian, you can darn well pay for your folly – until they have enough to complete the Jihad and finance your Final Solution, that is….

  10. Not Nabob the Knothead

    Good idea Mr. President. Visit a crime scene and make things more complicated by taking investigaters off the case to protect our sorry ass.

  11. President Obama, what is the status of the Benghazi investigation. Any arrests yet? Anyone being questioned or pursued. Why haven’t we heard anything from the many survivors and or their families? Can I have some money so I can go to the circus to watch the trained dancing bear?

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  13. Two questions, why does he have to speak at the memorial service? that should be led by the locals. And, from the pictures, it looks like he gave his statement on the bombings from the podium in the press room of the White House. It seemed cold. Why didn’t he address from the Oval Office?

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