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The Obama Morning News || February 16, 2013

GOP backs Obama offer on Social Security . . . Washington Post
Immigration bill posits 13-year path to citizenship . . . Fox News
Proposal will ignite fierce debate
. . . New York Times
Polls: Voters back legalization . . . Washington Times
Obama updated overnight on bombing . . . Washington Times
GOP: Obama Labor pick abused power . . . Washington Times
Rubio raises $2.3M in first quarter . . . Politico

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 16, 2013

  1. Republicans have ramped up attacks on President Obama’s pick to head the Labor Department, releasing a scathing report that says Thomas E. Perez abused his power and negotiated a dubious deal while serving as head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.


    The Republicans said Mr. Perez was wrong to ram through his decision to drop the cases over objections from others in his department and that he later tried to cover up the quid pro quo deal.

    The report also says Mr. Perez’s move left career Justice officials “confused and frustrated” and that they described the situation as “weirdness” and “ridiculous.”


    This is not the first time his actions hurt the DoJ. From Jennifer Rubin’s column at The Washington Post on March 12:

    I won’t revisit all the behavior of the Obama Justice Department but a nearly-300 page report has been released by the administration’s own inspector general. The IG went out of the way to be even-handed, even when there was substantial evidence of politicization. However, his conclusion — that is of the Obama Justice Department’s own investigator — is damning for those, including Perez, who have run the DOJ since 2009:
    [O]ur investigation revealed several incidents in which deep ideological polarization fueled disputes and mistrust that harmed the functioning of the Voting Section. As detailed in Chapter Four, these disputes arose at various times both among career employees in the Voting Section and between career employees and politically appointed leadership in CRT. On some occasions the incidents involved the harassment and marginalization of employees and managers.
    We believe that the high partisan stakes associated with some of the statutes that the Voting Section enforces have contributed to polarization and mistrust within the Section.


    Given the troubling history of polarization in the Voting Section, Division leadership needs to promote impartiality, continuity, and professionalism as critical values in the Voting Section, and leadership and career staff alike must embrace a culture where ideological diversity is viewed as beneficial and dissenting viewpoints in internal deliberations are welcomed and respected. We also believe that leadership and career staff must be continually mindful of the need to ensure the public’s confidence in the Voting Section’s impartiality. We were surprised and dismayed at the amount of blatantly partisan political commentary that we found in e-mails sent by some Voting Section employees on Department computers.

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