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Obama Briefed on Boston; How About Briefing Us?

The White House released another photo of Obama taking charge of the crisis. That’s fine if they want to let us know he’s paying attention, but they ought to send some of these characters out to brief the public. They can say as little or as much as they want, but they should take some questions.

Obama briefed on Boston 2

As per the White House, seated, from left, are: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano; Tony Blinken, Deputy National Security Advisor; Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor to the Vice President; Attorney General Eric Holder; Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; Chief of Staff Denis McDonough; and FBI Director Robert Mueller.

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  1. Obama said investigators “don’t have a sense of motivation yet” as they begin to evaluate the attack in which three people were killed, including an 8-year-old boy, and more than 170 were wounded.

    I’ll bet those people are a lot more motivated and a lot more in the hunt then he seems to be thinking they are.

  2. What is being said to this illustrious group in this moment of national crises? Look at this picture, and imagine something like this;

    “OK people, I want answers and I want them NOW.

    The question is simple;

    How does this help ME?

    What is the best way to use this to enhance MY power, MY prestige, and MY control over the Nation?

    Who should be blame it on? Bush, Christians, Republicans, Tea Partiers, gun owners, or all at once?

    Get on it, folks. I have my Tuesday session with deciding who dies by drone to lead. I’m pretty mad, so don’t get on my list.

    Don’t act stupidly, people. I want what’s best for ME from this group tomorrow when I wake up at noon. Don’t disappoint me.

    (stalks out).

    • You are not exaggerating by much. When he took office in 2009, he had a big meeting with his economic advisers on the stimulus or some other thing, and he was reported as telling them that he was going upstairs to have dinner with his family and that they’d better have some answers when he got back.

    • This is my scenario, cincycinco.

      Cut! Okay, all of you backbenchers scoot your chairs over so you can get in the picture. Big Sis, mess those papers on the table and put your hand up to your face and look pensive. Holder and Lisa put your best serious looking faces on in this shot. Mueller, you outline the three choices of who gets the blame for this. Number one is the right wing extremists, number two is the bitter Christians clinging to their guns, number three is the white nationalists. Let’s take this from the top and try again. I’m getting bored and the NASCAR guy is waiting.

    • I think it was more like all those idiot Obamaites were listening with rapt attention about the time Barry got a mani-pedi with Beyoncé and he was giving them some “dish”

  3. They won’t brief anyone until they can get a story that the American people will swallow.

    IF this is an Islamist attack on the US, then they need to figure out how to make it not this administration’s fault. If that is the case, watch for the administration to say that the person(s) involved entered the country legally or illegally under the Bush watch, and there are too many hole in immigration policy, therefore we need the comprehensive reform now going before Congress.

    Should it turn out to be another Tim McVeigh, then there will be a call for a clamp down on all groups that DHS deems “right-wing radicals.” Free speech, press, assembly be damned, the Second Amendment be damned, along with other Constitutionally protected rights. The safety of the “CHILDREN” will take precedence over everything.

    Either way the investigation goes, it will end up being used as a propaganda/campaign front piece, and the American people will in the long run suffer the consequences.

  4. The real meetings are with his minions as they try to determine if this inconvienent terrorist attack will torpedo any remaining will to pass a meaningful gun control act. It’s hard to convince the public that they should give up their firearms when evil-doers are out to kill them.

    This terrorist attack will also have a chilling effect on any immigration reform if the evil-doer turns out to be a foreigner.

  5. Unfortunately, this mindless empty “staging” speaks to the average American voter. Everything comes down to “appearances” anymore.

  6. I’m learning more about the specifics of the attack from the doctors treating the victims than the leader of this nation.

  7. So… Obama now has a “Terrorist Attack” on “his watch”, what will happen…???
    aka: the sycophant “MSM”?
    How will they protect-defend “Dear Leader” Obama (who killed Osama & Al-Qaeda)…?

  8. They posed him in a regular chair instead of his throne so it didn’t hide his profile and, you know, so we, the American people, know who is really in charge.
    I am sure this little conclave is slowly starting to understand that Obama’s push for gun control and gun confiscation is going to backfire on them when the American people realize that Obama and the left are directly responsible for attacks like Boston b/c the perception by terrorists is that we are unarmed and unable to defend ourselves and such easy targets.

  9. “Feel the full weight of justice.” ??? Are you kidding me? Obama and Biden told us they would be “Ready on Day One”. Well yesterday was another day one. So many Bostonians, so many of our fellow citizens were killed or maimed. Where is this president’s leadership? Where is his anger toward whoever did this? What is he afraid of? Yesterday’s bombing was a cowardly act of terror. He always wants to remain POLITICAL CORRECT, don’t want to offend anyone…. Leading from behind AGAIN.

    • Papajonl –
      I must disagree. This picture the WH has distributed is 100% proof that our President is ‘a leader’ and completely ‘in charge’! He has learned to be BOLD and STRONG (when everyone outside of the WH already knows the obvious – this was terrorism). Unfortunately this will be the extent of his ‘leadership’ – a picture.

  10. They are having to explain to his highness what happened since his rough schedule of golf and basketball games with his boys this weekend.

  11. Whatever we tell the public we have to be careful not to draw any parallels to Benghazi. And please keep in mind that Washington is in an earthquake zone known as Bush’s Fault.