As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Statement on Boston Bombings

The event has concluded.

13 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Boston Bombings

  1. Obama: “The perpetrator of this crime, if it indeed was a crime, will face the same punishment that was meted out to those responsible for ‘Fast & Furious’ and those who made the anti-muslim video that caused the workplace violence at Benghazi.” Note from my attorney – “this is not a real quote.”

  2. You have to get up pretty early to hear Mr. Obama use the word “terror”.

    In this case, a whole hour earlier than his previously scheduled official start to the day at 12:30 (EST) . And he did look pretty tired.

    OTOH, Mr. President was right on time for today’s five minute chat.

    • And he did look pretty tired.

      I wonder if the gray in his hair is now natural as opposed to the color added in 2008 to give him gravitas.

  3. So calm, collected. Every spokesperson from the Mass Governor to the doctors who are tending the wounded are just so matter-of-fact and composed. MrObama talks in his sing-song bored affect.

    Can someone get mad; is it asking too much for a doctor to state his anger that he must amputate healthy limbs from innocents. Could the President pound his fist on the podium as he recites the specifics of the hunt for a terrorist who killed and mutilated Americans whose only interest was in a peaceful, international athletic event.

    • He runs the gamut of emotions from “A” to ‘B” unless he is talking to his celebrity pals or sitting down with the ladies on The View.