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As Sequester Hits, Obama Steps Up the Golf

Even as the sequester forces furloughs and the cancellation of government services, President Obama has stepped up his taxpayer-funded golf, heading out to the links the last three weekends in a row for rounds of rest, relaxation, and fun.

Obama on the golf courseObama’s golf, generally played at Joint Base Andrews, requires a 50-minute roundtrip motorcade and stepped up work by the Secret Service – the agency that has been blamed by the White House for canceling the White House tours to save money during the sequesters. Reining in his golf would save some cash and also provide a strong symbolic gesture of empathy for those affected by the sequester.

The president’s own staff will face furloughs. He has said he’ll take a five percent pay cut, but that would delete only $20,000 from the salary of a man who earned $608,000 last year, forcing him to live on $588,000 were he to have the same income this year.

Obama’s golf is entirely for fun. He rarely plays with senior level staffers or members of Congress, choosing instead ┬áto play with a few select junior aides who regularly accompany him and presumably don’t give him any serious grief.

With his most recent outing Saturday, the president has already played eight rounds during 2013, the fastest pace in at least two years. In 2011, he didn’t reach his eighth round until May 1, the day he had to cut his game short in order to kill Bin Laden.

During 2012, as he reeled his golf back in to spend more time campaigning, he didn’t play for the eighth time until June 17. Obama drastically cut his golf for the rest of 2012 as well, probably out of concern with the message it sent as he sought to base his campaign on concern for the middle class.

The weather just recently turned warm in Washington, auguring even more golf time for the president. This year’s tally includes winter-time rounds played during vacations in Hawaii and Florida.

40 thoughts on “As Sequester Hits, Obama Steps Up the Golf”

  1. He knows full well how offensive his display of excess is to most Americans. He just doesn’t care.

    It’s not much different than the “first lady’s” approach of living large with 5-star vacations, expensive clothing, etc.

    No more elections to contest. Why not live like royalty? After all….”we won”!

      1. The more it hurts the American taxpayer the more enjoyment they
        get out of whatever excessive thing they’re doing. It started the
        day he was sworn in in 2009 and has been going on steroids ever
        since. We could be in a Depression like the first bread lines and soup kitchens and they would still continue.

      I am SO, SO sick of trying to call out the Dear Leader Obama… whats the point anymore?
      re: the USA ‘sucks & is weak’, therefore Obama is a ‘great & blessed’ “President”,and we ‘Patriots & Conservatives’ are evil.

      who cares anymore :-(

  2. It’s easy to see the attraction of golfing that has ensared a few Presidents; fresh air, exercise, and being outside the WhiteHouse without the nosy Press noting his every move.

    It’s also easy to see that everyone in the WhiteHouse either is unaware of how insensitive the actions of the President and his family seem to those who are in dire financial straits or really don’t give a who-ha what anyone outside their elitist strata thinks.
    President Bush made a decision to forego golfing as his sacrifice to honor our troops who were fighting and dying in Iraq, and it was a good move.
    MrObama doesn’t seem to feel any sacrifice on his or his family’s part means anything other than they don’t get to do what they want.

    1. (1) I don’t think any of them care how this looks to the average American who might have lost a job already, or been furloughed, and seeing a 20% (NOT a 5%) reduction in pay, and
      (2) Skeeter is only taking all this time on the golf course since he’s furloughed himself for a few hours a week. I don’t think he could handle a semi-regular 9-5 job like most people deal with.

  3. Obama doesn’t seem to have many friends, and junior aides don’t have a choice when asked to play with him. Do none of his “senior advisors” play golf?

    How about any of the veterans and troops he’s kicking off the golf course to get his relaxin’ in? That would make a pretty good optic.

  4. Keith, at the briefings, does anyone ever ask Carney about the image these golf dates give Obama? I understand a direct question to the Man himself on this topic would be a career ender for a reporter but we talk up the issue regularly here, many friends have commented on it (even Obama supporters) yet the media appears blind to it.

  5. Single Dad whiles away lonely hours on the golf course with new BFF’s while Single Mom and fatherless children seek solace at ritzy ski resorts and warm Bahamian beaches. And so it goes….life on the Potomac – where the livin’ is easy!

        1. Excerpted from WEEKLY STANDARD

          “Just weeks after going 2 for 22 on the basketball court, President Barack Obama went to shoot hoops again — but this time there were no camers allowed. He was joined by his former aide Reggie Love, who played basketball for Duke.”

          Wonder why there were no cameras when he was with Reggie. We know prezzy loves photo ops!

    1. Lovely pictures of a beautiful family. Thanks these pictures are beautiful and read where George now that he’s a painter did painting in the nursery for the baby. Never thought of
      him as a painter but good for him and congratulations to he whole

      1. GWB seems to have found his happiness now that he has left the WH. He’s not one of the ex-Ps who can’t adjust to being outside the limelight.

      2. I’ll second that, Lizzy. George and Laura are good people. That said…..Imagine the first Obama grandchild? TV networks will have live feeds, Brian Williams will be there with a camera crew in the Delivery Room. If the Dems are in charge, there will be a national holiday declared, etc etc.

  6. Obama feels he has done no wrong and therefore should suffer no pinches in the way he wants to live. It’s everyone else: Dems, Repubs, obots, T-partiers who have made the world less than perfect; Obama is blameless in his own mind and therefore still lives like the perfect king he thinks he is.

  7. Sequestration is a joke – $40 billion over seven months? And that’s $40 billion from the projected increase in spending, not a $40 billion cut. This bloated leviathan spends that much in a week. The gluttons in the ruling class are using sequestration as an excuse to make life as painful as possible for the American people – at least for those of us who don’t bend to dictates of the ruling class.

    Preezy Revenge couldn’t care less about the optics of living the high life while many American families are struggling to keep their heads above water. His fans amongst us commoners don’t care either. They’re happy to live vicariously through the first grifters grand lifestyle, as long as their EBT card is loaded and the welfare check is deposited on time.

  8. Just remember that during his second campaign for presidency that he and his staff tried to FOREwarn us that this would be his lifestyle. He was the FORErunner in the race and it was FOREcast that he would win even thoughit was FOREmost in his mind that he was willing to FOREgive all the illegals and he would try to speed up the FOREclosures on your homes at the same time that he was giving mass amounts of money to FOREign aid and now we are stuck with him FORE four more years and his overpriced health care laws FOREver. His campaign slogan was FOREward!!

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  10. As I have said elsewhere regarding the extensive press coverage of T. Woods cheat this weekend — If only there had been a golf course in Benghazi things might be different.

      1. Woods ‘innocently’ moved his ball during a drop two yards in his favor. The officials did not pick up on it OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT until a viewer called in. Woods turned in a false score card therefore. He also let the cat out of the bag during press interviews afterwards which in effect said, “Yeah, I did it.” He should have been disqualified, but he received a two stroke penalty because of some discretionary rule the Augusta committee had waiting in the wings for an occasion like this. It was hilarious to see how CBS, the Augusta rules committee and Woods scrambled to smooth this over. In the interview on Saturday morning Woods was giving that same laugh Hillary always gives when she’s caught lyilng.

        The thing is–and the press has not picked up on it–he did the same thing earlier in the year in Dubai where, incidentally, he received a $3 million appearance fee. In Dubai he was not disqualified but received a two stroke penalty which caused him not to make the cut. My point is: how ‘innocent’ of the rule could he have been? And you have to wonder how often he has done something like this.

        I hope I haven’t given you more information than you wanted.
        : – ))

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