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Palin Won’t Support Any Politician Who Backs the Gun Bill

In a post on her Facebook page today, Sarah Palin said she will refuse to support any politician who backs the gun control bill.

Please see the link below for why the latest gun control bill should be filibustered and defeated. I can not and will not support politicians who support any more limits on our Second Amendment rights.

The link takes readers to a two-page summary detailing her opposition to the bill.

The reference to “politician” suggests that she will withhold support not just from Senators who are about to vote on the gun control bill, but from anyone – whether they are a member of the Senate or House, a state politician, or future presidential candidate – who supports further gun control efforts.

For a politician, having Palin stump for you is not quite the boon it once was, as her brand has faded somewhat.

Nevertheless, with some Republicans senators and House members sure to face primary challenges, having Palin enter the fray on behalf of their opponent should still send a few chills down their spines. Her support remains the clearest possible signal that you have the blessing of the Tea Party, and her opposition, that you do not.

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    • Me too, Regina. I’ve really changed my mind about her. The press really went after her in 2008 and rattled her so I wasn’t impressed, but I have become so since then.

  1. I know that Sarah and I are not the only grannies with conceal carry permits. She still endears herself to many independents as well as the right. I have to wonder how many Dems running for re-election will not appreciate the presence of the “anointed one” when they campaign. Of course, he will want to “gin up” the company plane and get out there ad nausea.

  2. I hope the GOP takes note. The gun bill goes beyond keeping the guns out of criminal and mentally fragile hands, it collects data on the rest of us. Read the stats, the highest homicide rates are in cities that ban guns.

    Don’t underestimate the power of Sarah, she gives us inspiration to cut through the political b.s. She is loathed and feared by the left and the right professional politicians. Keith, read Going Rogue if you haven’t already, she destroyed the corruption in her own party in AK, some are in jail. AP assigned 11 factcheckers to that book ( Zero to Obamas’) and found NOTHING they could debunk!

    You betcha’ she’s living rent free in the major parties’ heads :D

    • I put this on the immigration thread but want to repeat it here. John Boehnor is supposed to take whatever gun bill the Senate sends to the House and sit on it for months and months and whittle away at it while doing so. I hope that is the general strategy of the House Republicans–on guns, immigration, budget, Obamacare.

  3. Keith and other bloggers: there were two explosions near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Fatalities and multiple injuries reported.

  4. Governor Palin’s “brand” will only become brighter as the failures of President Obama, the Democrats and the Viagra wing of the Republican party become more evident. People will inevitably be confronted with the full horror of Obamacare by 2014. It is nearly certain that Obama’s foreign policy will be revealed as an unmitigated disaster (nuclear 911?) by 2016. Those of us who knew who Gov Palin was and were her supporters before McCain picked her to be his running mate will be joined by a large number of people who will realize that voting for Obama rather than Palin was a mistake.

    • I so agree with you! I knew who Gov. Palin was long before John McCain picked her as his running mate. The RNC & the McCain campaign did NOT stand beside or behind her to support in whatever way they could when she was attacked by the press & lefties in this country (yes, I know, redundant!) I still hear people today saying that if only she had stuck out her tenure as governor, THEN, they could back her. Obviously, they didn’t listen to her explanation as to why she stepped down, including the tremendous financial cost to the State of Alaska to defend the frivolous lawsuits that also took hundreds of thousands of dollars out of her own pocket. As to her influence, I think she helped to elect more people in the last election than did the GOP bigwigs.

  5. “For a politician, having Palin stump for you is not quite the boon it once was, as her brand has faded somewhat.”

    Disagree with you, Keith. One of our shining stars in the conservative movement is Senator Ted Cruz. He was an underdog in the race against our sitting Lt Governor, David Dewhurst, until Sarah Palin swooped in and energized the Republican base. Once he was sworn into office, Senator Cruz publicly thanked her and SarahPAC for his come from behind win. Don’t underestimate the influence Sarah Palin has over the conservative base.

    • Ditto, Star. Thatcher services Wednesday, London Marathon next weekend. Bad week ahead for anyone involved in law enforcement. My prayers to both those people and the victims of today’s attack.

    • Already a NY Times reporter, Nick Kristof, sent a tweet blaming the attack on senate Republicans for not confirming an ATF director. Disgusting how the left will exploit a tragedy. Prayers to Boston.

      • OMG……I just saw some talking head on Bloomberg saying “Well, the bomb explosions were not MASSIVE”. Any explosion that blows a friend or loved one of mine into pieces its pretty G^d Da$$ed MASSIVE, Clown!

  6. Two bombs at the Marathon, and one at John F. Kennedy Library.Shep’s saying that at least one of the bombs at the Marathon was filled with shrapnel.

  7. Sarah Palin has always been high on my list. I will never forgive
    the mainstream media for what they tried to do to her. She is highly respected by many of us. She is not through yet!!!

    • Fat fingers. I like Sarah and do not see her as liability. While her demise in the election with McCain was bizarre, as long as she stays off the euphemism treadmill she will be effective.