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The Obama Morning News || April 15, 2013

Barack Obama, class warrior . . . Politico
Prospects for gun bill unclear
. . . Washington Times
Rubio: Immigration plan not amnesty . . . Washington Times
Rubio’s immigration move could cost him
. . . Washington Post
GOP lawmakers oppose Michelle’s meals . . . Daily Caller
Obama tool shows where your taxes go . . . Washington Times
Bush: people are surprised I can read . . . Politico
Grandpa! Bush daughter Jenna has a girl . . . Politico

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5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 15, 2013

  1. Rubio promised he wouldn’t support a bill that didn’t secure the border first. Border Patrol union president, Chris Crane, said legalization of the illegals comes before border security in this bill. More capitulation from the GOP is all I see here.

    By the way, Preezy Revenge picks and chooses which laws he enforces. He sued Arizona for trying to secure their border, and released thousands of illegals on the American people in a phony sequester gesture. Do we really think he’ll follow the rule of law when it comes to securing the border? He’s more interested in securing a permanent Democrat voting majority.

  2. The two issues that claim a lot of the MSM’s attention, legal immigration and gun control, are low on the concerns of the average American.
    Most of us are in favor of background checks to prevent known criminals from legally buying weapons, but we know that criminals rarely go to a licensed gun dealer for their firearms. Without a world-wide ban on all firearms, anything that resembles gun control in the US is a waste of time.

    Legal immigration is important to those who would profit from an influx of foreign (low wage earners) workers because it would improve their profits. The high-tech companies want expanded visas for highly skilled and educated workers because they will work for less money than Americans expect. The other end of the work force is highly desired because, they too, will work for less money.
    The new immigration/amnesty, or whatever high-sounding name they put on new legislation, is all about exploiting foreigners in the guise of humanitarian benevolence. tries mightedly to provide a ying and yang of current politics but pairing a mild piece on MrObama as a “class warrior” with another with the headline that MrBush surpises some people by being literate is just throwing red meat to the Bush haters.
    With a talented staff of writers and their access to the players in Washington, they should and could do better.

  3. Has there been any indication that Obama will be attending the Thatcher funeral on Wednesday? I know he received an invitation. Or, if he doesn’t go, who will he be sending as representatives of the American people?