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Obama Briefed on Boston Marathon Explosions

Updated 6:20 pm ET

President Obama was briefed today by senior officials on the explosions in Boston.

From a White House pool reports:

On background from a WH official:

“Shortly after being notified of the incident around 3pm EDT, the President received a briefing from Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco and other members of his senior White House staff in the Oval Office.  The President called Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to express his concern for those who were injured and to make clear that his administration is ready to provide needed support as they respond to the incident.

“This afternoon, the President received briefings from FBI Director Robert Mueller and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano on the active investigation and response to the incident in Boston, including the ongoing coordination with state and local officials.

Security was tightened around the White House this afternoon as the Secret Service closed off the Pennsylvania Avenue pedestrian walk on the north side of the building.

As of 5:08 pm ET, reports indicated that two people are dead and 23 were injured from two blasts that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. A third blast at the JFK presidential library in Boston is also under investigation.

The White House this afternoon released a photo of Obama being briefed on the phone by FBI Director Mueller. Seated with the President are White House homeland security advisor Lisa Monaco and Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

Obama briefed on Boston

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40 Responses to Obama Briefed on Boston Marathon Explosions

    • I dont like Shep ‘reporting’ ‘incidents’ like this.
      Shep gets sooo worked-up & emotional. Shep says he is “reporting facts” in one sentence, and in the next sentence he says “nothing is confirmed”.
      Really Shep… if you dont know keep your mouth shut. Shep should at least try to act like a ‘professional reporter/tele-prompter reader’.

  1. Guess he’s not making a live statement then. Nothing like a vacuum of leadership in this country. He probably doesn’t want to have make the mistake of giving a shout out to some Indian chief before he tells us not to jump to conclusions. Prayers to all those affected in Boston.

  2. Has anyone noticed why are there NO papers or reports on Obama’s desk?
    Did they have to drag Obama into the Oval Office and stage a quick photo showing Obama “in charge” by being on the phone.

  3. Pay attention people this very unfortunate event is just the fuse to light the fire under the United Nations forces in their slow but steady march to come in and take over America and take away our guns. Obama has already started the process by signing an Executive order (against the Constitution) making it mandatory that ALL guns sales be registered. The Democrats and Republicrats are also trying to make it so that not only do we have to have background checks but soon we will be limited in the amount of ammunition we can purchase. Presently Homeland security is buy stock piles of ammunition so large and fast that the local police forces must wait for back orders from 6-9 months before getting their orders filled and they are the ones who actually protect and serve us on a daily basis. So now we have yet another attack against Americans on our soil supposedly by a Saudi. If it is indeed by a foreign national all that will happen is that he will be deported but at the same time Americans will have to fight even harder to keep their God given rights.

  4. His “comments” were nothing more than an “I’m in charge” video….all because its expected of him. Otherwise, he’d be eating dinner….

  5. How sad that he had to qualify his statement that we are not blue/red or Rep/Dem instead of just trusting us all be Americans for one brief moment, undivided despite his efforts.

  6. I have no trust in this leader of ours.
    He will apparently go through any back door to get want he wants.

    If he would stop taking family vacations mostly at our exspense, if not in total. Maybe we could then keep all of our flight controlers on the job.

  7. Mr. President, we join you in prayer and concern for all citizens of this nation. You are truly PRESIDENTIAL. May God continue to watch over you and your family.

    The Dunhams
    Atlanta, Ga

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