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Biden Gave Less Than 2 Percent of Income to Charity

Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden gave just 1.9 percent of their adjusted gross income to charity last year, far less than that donated by the Obamas and even below what the average American gives.

The Bidens reported an adjusted gross income of $385,072 in 2012 but gave only $7,190 to charity, a pittance for a couple earning so much and an incredibly small amount for a politician who probably hopes to run for president in 2016.

Jill Biden removing her mask after going as the Grinch to a White House holiday party.
Jill Biden removing her mask after going as The Grinch to a White House holiday party.

What’s more, $2,000 of what the Bidens donated didn’t come out of their income at all – it was old stuff, including “exercise equipment,” “boots,” “kitchenware,” “furniture,” toys,” bicycles,” “clothing,” and even “pottery.”

That is, people who earned nearly $400,000 last year took the time to assess the value of their “pottery.”

According the the Bureau of Labor statistics, Americans in 2007 gave an average of 2.2 percent of their pre-tax income to charity. The lowest earning income group was the most generous, giving 4.3 percent of their earnings to those in need – more than double the donation rate of the vice president.

Last year, the Bidens did even worse, giving away just 1.4 percent of an adjustable gross income of $379,178.

But even this was more than they gave before he hit the big time politically.

In the decade before his nomination to be vice president, Biden and his wife donated about 0.2 percent of their income, averaging a measly $369 in annual donations.

But contrast, in 2012 the Obamas gave nearly a quarter of their adjusted gross income of $608,611 to charity.

The Bidens also are continuing to charge the Secret Service for use of a cottage on their property in Delaware, earning $26,400 in rent last year.

73 Responses to Biden Gave Less Than 2 Percent of Income to Charity

  1. I wonder how much of their income came from charging the Secret Service to stay on their property for protection. More than the $20,900.00 they charged in 2011?

    • Same thing.

      Has any other vice president done this before?

      From what I’ve read, it’s not as if they rented this house to someone else before he became vice president, so they’re not losing income. I can almost see them charging for the electricity the agents use.

      • I am almost (but apparently not quite) reluctant to say this, but I do believe that this has been done by others when there was inadequate immediate housing for SS. I read it when this first came out about Biden charging the SS. Unfortunately I cannot cite anything.

        That said, Joe Biden and his academic doctor wife will do anything to save a penny and squeeze the American people. On another level, I am deeply offended by the way Joe Biden, in his official position as VP, demeans and denigrate those American citizens who happen to disagree with this White House. He feels entitled to his bluster. I cannot wait for him to leave the stage.

  2. A few years ago there was a scandalous report circulating that Biden refused to pay the tuition at the private school his kids attended. I tried to dig up the story, but apparently it has been scrubbed. As I recall, it was a Catholic school. Biden reportedly told the nuns “You know who I am!!!” If it was anyone but Biden I wouldn’t believe it, but he is so tight, his shoes squeak!

  3. Biden gleefully spends more than a million of taxpayers’ money on one night in Paris and a night in London.

    His net worth is about $350,000. Why is that?

    He lives rent-free in DC. What does he do with his money?
    There’s a story there.

    • When my husband died February 1, 2013 in lieu of flowers we ask donations be made to The Wounded Warrior Project. While we were not even close to what you would call well off, we donated more to charity in cash (checks) than The Bidens or The Obamas per percentage of income.

  4. It’s hard to choose which is worse; SenReid of Nevada becomes a multi-millionaire by taking advantage of the insider knowlege and perks available to a US Senator, or VPBiden who was too stupid or incompetent to do the same.

    Donating used or usable items to GoodWill Industries is a good thing, but the PR of the VPOTUS claiming a tax deduction for the items comes across as cheap and chintzy. Millions of people make donations to charitable organizations like GoodWill and the Salvation Army without asking for a receipt to lower their tax bill.

    • Nowadays, most all politicians end up independently wealthy by the time they leave Congress, regardless how financially well off they were before entering government service. It is hard to choose which is worse – Dirty Harry or Lunch Bucket Joe. I’m picking Ol’ Joe. He started sucking off the government teat right out of law school and look at him now. Multimillion dollar mansion and who knows how much loot stashed away in secret bank accounts.

      Speaking of insider knowledge. Did you hear how the crooks in Congress surreptitiously repealed part of the Stock Act on Friday? The measure was supposed to show how transparent our slimy legislators are, and that there isn’t any insider trading going on in the once upon a time hallowed halls of Congress.

      • I think that was the fee for allowing him to receive communion. I’m Catholic and I don’t mean to offend anyone but the church’s refusal to call out people like Biden, Pelosi is unacceptable to me.

        • I am Catholic and they have been called out but nothing ever
          comes from it sadly. I’ve been in the hospital and missed
          confession so when the lay person offered it to me in the
          hospital I declined. Now I can guarantee you this person would not have given Communion to Biden, Pelosi and my
          new favorite Sebelius. They would have gotten nothing I think
          it’s more political in the Church hierarchy than just regular folks like me.

  5. I wonder what value Joe Plugs’ accountant is going to assign to his recent donation of “Gun Handling and Personal Safety Training” on his 2013 return?

    • Hahaha “doctor” Jill. The fake doctor.
      Outside of her profession of academia, it is pretentious of Jilly to insist upon the title “doctor.”
      She wants to sound important. She has either a PhD or Educational Doctorate, both a far cry from a medical degree.

      With all that money the Bidens hoard, you’d think Jill could shell out a few dollars for a few pair of nylons instead of showcasing her bare, scrawny old chicken kneecapped legs in those ridiculous platform peeptoe pumps she wears.

    • Thank you, Sadie. I learn so many new words from Keith’s fantastic blog. It’s actually an apropos term for all the DC grifters.

      Shnorrer – Yiddish term meaning “beggar”; especially one who wheedles others into supplying his wants.

  6. More to the point they knew this would become common knowledge at
    tax time but they don’t seem to care or be the slightest bit humiliated.
    Shows another side a very seedy side of the Biden’s golly doesn’t Dr Jill
    make any money? Guess she’s joined the party train with MO & BO.
    I don’t see how any of Obama’s uncharitable givers can look a Wounded
    Warrior in the face.

  7. I think everyone misses the point on the clothing donation – Biden is using every means possible to minimize his taxes. Even though the left wants to tax & spend, they find ways to minimize their own taxes and use government spending as their charitable giving.

    • Oh, I get it. From what I’ve gathered, Progs want to reduce –if not eliminate–private charity in favor of letting the government do it all. Money is power, and communists want total control.

  8. It is disgusting how Biden acts and shows such stupidity …He is like a spoiled child with no empathy .He and obama are the worst leaders we’ve ever had in the history of the US…How could our country ever choose such worthless liars? They are out to destroy our wonderful country ..and they are doing a good job of it…

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