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Obama Golfing as Usual

It’s Saturday, and it’s sunny, so President Obama is on the golf course.

He’s out with his usual crew of White House staffers, Marvin Nicholson, Joe Paulsen, Mike Brush.

It’s his eighth time playing this year and the 119th time of his presidency.

39 thoughts on “Obama Golfing as Usual”

  1. Since the top seems to be good times, fun, relaxation I offer the following.

    No confirmation, but I hear Fleet Week is cancelled in NY. Sequester — that reduction in future spending — blamed.

    Fleet Week is enjoyed by one and all. It’s great for national morale and provides lots of entertainment and education . It is also a huge boost to the local businesses and economy.

    So if this is true, the Obama Administration beats Americans once with the Sequester Stick.

    Somehow I think if those ships were off loading illegal immigrants Fleet Week would be resumed in a flash.

    Yeah, it’s a cheap shot but so is golf and excessive partying and special favors to friends who vacation in travel restricted Communist Countries that offend human rights as a matter of course.

    1. How much will that cost the restaurants, hotels, merchants, etc.? How much taxation will not go into NYC’s coffers?

      What we’re seeing is a hissy fit pitched by an enraged narcissist.

      1. My family has a place in SF — North Beach — the return to the economy and what it brings to the city is huge. Same with the Blue Angels.
        I believe these sequester cuts are designed to provide maximum pain to the economy and to the people.

        Absolutely a hissy fit.

          1. Maybe not. Maybe suffering through the effects of his sequester is nothing compared to what he could do to us if we let him transform this nation into his image.

      2. The Wall Street Journal got a quote from the city’s Economic Development Corp. that couldn’t give an exact number, but did say that the number was, and this is a quote, “tens of millions of dollars.”

        Not that the Democrats have to worry about voter outrage in New York City. So they can take tens of millions of dollars out of the local economy, and get away with it scot-free.

        Being election-proof has its advantages, one supposes.

        1. I’m surprised Hizz Honor the Mayor has not been screaming at DC for the potential loss of revenue NYC will endure if Fleet Week is scaled down to a dingy and one oar for it.

      3. Another thought. At what point, exactly, will it become crystal clear, even to Scarry Screid, that we’re dealing with open-and-shut abuse of power?

      1. I wonder if Obama or his enlightened travelers know about the
        Mariel Boatlift? JZ’s question would be how large was the yacht?
        These idiots are completely devoid of a brain or any history.

    2. I wonder what Bloomberg will say…

      (I remember my Fleet Week in 1995… a body floating down the Hudson -lol… and a great pic as we passed the WTC…)

  2. My late husband was in corporate sales. In other words he got paid to take people golfing. His golf games produced profits for his company, and even at that he didn’t play as many rounds of golf as the president.

  3. Has any other president so consistently played golf — or any sport — or spent time relaxing with people who are subordinates, not friends? Does Obama have any friends?

    1. I’m writing on Sunday and know the results. I’m glad Woods got the two stroke penalty but he should have been disqualified. During the interview yesterday morning you could tell from that fake laugh of his that he was lying. It was like that laugh of Hillary’s when she’s caught lying. Earlier in the year Woods played in Dubai (for a $3million appearance fee) and was penalized two strokes for the very same reason. It caused him not to make the cut in Dubai. I wonder for how long he has been getting away with it. Gagged the way CBS and the Masters committee tried to spin it. But I suppose for every me on WHD there is some Woods fan out there who feels he was shafted.

      1. Not Nabob the Knothead

        When you’re famous and rich, fans tend to forget your faults. Adultery is still a sin and Tiger will someday meet his maker and I don’t believe Tiger will be in the glory then as he receives now.

  4. thanks for the news

    appreciate your site

    but why should we care about his golfing?
    he obviously doesnt care what anyone thinks

    shouldnt he have made a statement about North korea by now?


    I feel sorry for Marvin tho :D

  5. Maybe some of King Putt’s expertise in the sleight of hand rubbed off on Tiger Woods. Looks like Tiger can’t win without cheating either.

  6. Retired friends of mine in the DC area used to golf at JB Andrews 2 Saturdays a month when the season is open, however they have been scrambling to fine a new day since King PUTT has kicked them off the course twice now this year. They tried for the afternoon but because of HRH morning schedule and how slowly he plays the course nothing is a guarantee for getting a tee time now.

  7. Well isn’t BO special – This morning a motorcade run to the FBI Bldg for some basketball.. maybe improve on his “game” by getting lessons with his BFF Reggie (who returned to the WH with him. Is MOO out of town??)

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