As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Mother of Newtown Victim Gives WH Weekly Address

The White House is pulling out all the stops.

This is tough stuff. The White House’s tactics are over the top. But you know what? This is an adult, she knows what she’s doing, and all’s fair in love and war. And every major debate in Congress is a war. The White House is within its rights to do this.

I don’t like exploiting a tragedy like this, but on the other hand, supporters of greater gun control believe the tragedy is related to their cause. And unlike Obama, who lectured Americans that they should be ashamed if they had “forgotten” the Newtown shootings, this woman is just genuinely pleading for people to remember and for action in Congress.

This is effective propaganda. Republicans should be countering with testimony of those whose lives have been saved by the Second Amendment – or whose relatives died because the bad guys had a gun and the good guys did not.

Maybe they have, I haven’t seen it. But I’d be surprised, because it would require skill and imagination.

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  1. I believe the NRA runs a feature in its magazine every month detailing private citizens using firearms — often without firing a shot — to thwart crimes and save lives.

    Then again, according to the White House, the NRA is the evil, powerful, greedy “special interest” that wants to put an “assault rifle” in the hands of every person in America, rather than one of the longest standing organizations protecting an American civil right — which has trained many of those professionals who protect us daily.

  2. Absolutely Keith, this is disgraceful propaganda, especially using the slaughter of innocent children as an emotional trigger to push a democrat agenda. Not only is this disgraceful, but it’s also ridiculous to be espousing that robbing the rights and liberty of law-abiding Americans would have prevented Newtown. Just when you think the democrats have sunk as low as they could sink they manage to keep sinking lower and lower. I’m afraid there is no bottom to their depravity and delusion.

  3. When Dear Leader and, sad to say, the Newton families, start to advocate increased awareness for mental health, I’ll be first in line to support them. Denied access to guns, a mentally ill person intent on causing harm will still find a way. Assuming they can sweep up and destroy all guns, do they plan on banning steak knives next? Scissors? (How will Moo prune her garden???) Will the Internet be purged of ways to construct explosives, poisons, etc?

    This gun control push is just another item on the Liberal Government agenda. They know if law abiding people have guns, they will resist continued loss of their freedoms. Using these poor angels from Newton and their families as a rallying cry is despicable.

  4. I commented elsewhere

    And where is the equally grieved Chicago mother who,having lost her child to violence in the murder capital , addresses the nation to plead for her 2nd amendment right to defend herself and her family and asks us to please help her before her tragedy becomes our tragedy.

    I grieve for all innocents taken by violence and their families. And while my comment may seem harsh, this Newtown mother is an adult and by virtue of allowing herself to be kindly transported via AF1 to Capitol Hill where she was escorted to plead her case to legislators, held hostage by shame and good manners, she is effectively a lobbyist. Obama, providing her a Presidential platform, to plead her/his case is inappropriate.

    The President’s manipulation of this tragedy into a hammer to drive through a blatantly political agenda is shameful, disgraceful and unbecoming to the office he holds.

    All IS fair in love and war.The Conservatives better be prepared to talk lives saved — big and bold. Liberty is lost inch by inch, tear by tear.

    And I find it extremely ironic that an equal response to this tragedy has been increased armed security at schools.

    • We’re all waiting for the parents of the 500 or so killed in Chicago to post videos demanding that Mayor Emanuel enforce the anti-gun laws already in effect to protect their community.

      • Sablegsd states what a lot of us are concerned about.
        The accusations of an elaborate hoax meant to bring the gun control issue into the public forum with it’s horrible visions of innocent children gunned down by a crazy man armed with an “assualt” weapon.

        If you want to know more, just Google something like “sandy hook hoax” or Newtown crisis actors.

  5. “The White House is within its rights to do this.”

    Have you lost your mind? Pray tell why is ovomit within his rights to use our plane to fly fellow commies around to try and deprive us of our rights?

    • “The White House is within its rights to do this.”

      And I’m within my rights to have lost tolerance for these ‘publicity whores’. Yes, what happened was wrong; yes, what happened was a nightmare; yes, what happened shouldn’t happen again; and yes, having to be beaten over the head with it on every news program and white house pronouncement (and now the start of the 2016 election season with Connecticut’s blumenthal using Newtown in a money-begging email) since then KIND OF makes One a BIT hateful of the composers and enablers of this ‘wasn’t-propaganda-but-is-now’.

  6. And another thing, I have seen NO proof that anything more tragic than a false flag drill even happened. And even if it did, it doesn’t give these “parents” a pass to deprive me of my rights!!

    They sure went from “grieving parents” to experienced lobbyists at warp speed, don’t you think?

  7. The left – with the assistance of Republicans like Toomey and his gang of 15 – are playing these family members as their “absolute moral authority card” to trump our Bill of Rights and shove their unconstitutional laws down our throat. The left used Cindy Sheehan in the same way they are using this mother; as a tool to silence opposition to their latest power grab. As soon as this mother no longer serves their purpose, the left will discard her as they did Cindy Sheehan.

    What makes me even angrier is the fact that these disgusting, evil, soulless politicians don’t care about the children. If they did care about the loss of children, how could they possibly ignore the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia? The man butchered children who were born alive after an abortion. Preezy’s propaganda arm in the press won’t touch that case with a 10 foot pole, because they know their messiah endorses late term abortion, and as an Illinois state senator, he voted against protecting children born alive after abortions. That’s the kind of monster that’s leading this magnificent country.

    • When the Supremes first found that abortion was a matter of privacy, I was OK with the provisions that incest, rape, and the life of the mother were the reasons for legal abortion.
      Over the years, abortion has turned into a means of birth control for women (and men) too lazy, incompetent or whatever.
      Late-term abortions were proposed as the only way to save the life of the mother, but that too was abused.

      What went on in that abortion clinic reminded one of some of the horrors perpertrated on Jewish children by the Nazis. It’s beyond gruesome.

      • I’ve been against abortion since I saw what it did to the life of a close family member who had an abortion at age 16. It destroyed her life. The worst part is that this monster’s little shop of horrors would still be going on if the police hadn’t raided his office for selling prescriptions illegally. The state of Pennsylvania ignored complaints and hadn’t physically inspected his abortion mill since 1993.

  8. It’s a crass move. Other sites have shown how the Newton parents have been slicked up into lobbyists. If I had lost my daughter at a young age, I would have been devastated and not able to function. Also, there are Newton surviving parents who do not get any publicity but who are against this hysteria.

  9. Such BS. The jug eared wonder and his buds want our guns for their own nefarious reasons. I’m sorry those kids were killed, but me and my firearm had nothing to do with it.

  10. It’s NOT the guns stupid. It’s the evil people. Guns just simply lay in a drawer, until an evil person decides to be evil. No laws will EVER keep guns from criminals. Plus, it’s NOT ‘gun control’, it’s ‘control’. Gun control is the first step of confiscation. Then comes communism. I don’t want to be living under communism. Lou King

  11. I don’t want to be mean–or say something insensitive–but these parents have to know background checks and magazine limits would not have saved their children–except in the flukiest of circumstances–so this almost seems like a distraction for them or a call for attention to them. Maybe that is insensitive. I realy don’t want to judge them, but they are bringing out the most exploitive side of this president.

  12. As extraordinarily sad it is to hear this grieving mother’s words, it makes me ill to realize that our president, and our government, have stooped this low as to capitalize on this family’s terrible & constant pain to spread their propaganda! How DARE the president take such action?? All American citizens must speak out against this despicable tactic of our current administration…. it’s disgusting.

  13. I feel bad for this poor woman and her husband for the loss of their child but the Guns were only the instrument of delivery. The Evil was in a system that ignored warnings and allowed this mentally unstable individual to Continue to live freely and thus become a threat to society at large. The access to the school was enhanced by refusal to allow guards and or school Teachers to carry for protection and the ultimate insult was to make the school a GUNFREE zone and enhance the shooters availability of a target rich environment. SHAME on the Judas in the White House for attempting to exploit this incidence to allow him to seize guns and free his path to dictatorship.