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Video || Internal Revenue Service Sweepstakes winners

Lucky folks.

It’s almost April 15. Have you made your contribution?

H/T to Powerline.

13 thoughts on “Video || Internal Revenue Service Sweepstakes winners”

  1. Keith: Great video. Thanks a (my percentage of a) million. Hope Drudge picks this up.

    Great timing, since the White House today revealed that Obama paid a federal income tax rate of 18% — which means we can rename the “Buffett Rule” as the “Hypocritical Obama Half-baked Operational Ham-handedly Odious (Ho Ho Ho) rule.

    1. While admirably, the Obamas gave $115,000 to the Fisher House Foundation to support injured vets, they also donated $1,000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, for which Rush Limbaugh held his annual fund-raising drive today. Wonder if they got one of his hats and golf shirts for their grand donation…

  2. Yes, we did. Today my husband and I received thick Medicare questionnaires from Chicago. We just took a glance because we have no intention of cooperating, but what was interesting was how they broke the few race categories down into basically many nationality categories, e.g., instead of hispanic/latino, Guatemalan, Mexican, Puerto Rican, etc.
    They are going to have a follow up questionnaire in two years (for those who participate). Somehow I imagine that the Democrats will be using this to target specific voters. I think that the best we can do is not to do.

      1. Sorry, I can’t. We threw them out, but the return address identified it coming from Chicago. We received postcards a few days before getting the questionnaires. I was hoping some of the other Medicare recipients here had received them too.

          1. I got my second one from my HMO-style plan…They are voluntary, so I tossed it. It was creepy bec it said no need to sign this–it’s coded so we know it’s from you. It said it would tell my doctor about all my conditions–uh, pardon me, but isn’t that sort of bass-ackward? I don’t want the feds knowing all this–do I need help getting up from a chair, etc. Why do you want to know? So when you come to the door, you will know why it takes a long time for me to get there? If I need a doctor, I will go–and then you can pay that doctor. Period. My plan’s newsletter also said some people were getting another form–I think that is the one you guys are talking about. I did not get that. These people are nosy!

  3. The funniest line is made after the Mrs says ‘we don’t have that much money in our checking account’; the “announcer replies “we know”.

  4. My kids will think this is funny – that is until they realize that second check has their name on it.

    If we had an educated youth, they’d start asking why we’re sticking them with the bill for our party. I guess that’s why the NEA doesn’t want school vouchers or school choice – they figure too many of them will start asking questions about things other than condoms and recycling.

  5. Yes we did,thanks to our great state for a refund to cover it. I hope to never have to do that again…ever….never….Aloha:)

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