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The Obama Morning News || April 12, 2013

Gun control battle moves to Senate floor . . . Washington Times
Obama calls on North Korea to cool it . . . Washington Post
Kerry lands in South Korea, criticizes the North . . . Fox News
Rubio goes all-in on immigration bill . . . Politico
Obama budget cuts immigration enforcement . . . Washington Times
Newtown victims become lobbyists . . . Politico
Benghazi victim’s mom wants answers from Obama . . . CNS News

18 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 12, 2013

  1. April 11, 2013 – a day that has been burnished in my memory banks as the day 15 Republicans put their personal interests above our Bill of Rights.The cloture vote on the heart of the legislation, the unwritten (at the time) and unread Orwellian titled bill “Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act”, assures anti-gun legislation will be passed in the Senate. Never forget the names of these traitors to the Constitution of the United States.

    Alexander & Corker (Tennessee)
    Ayotte (New Hampshire)
    Burr (North Carolina)
    Chambliss & Isakson (Georgia)
    Coburn (Oklahoma)
    Collins (Maine)
    Flake & McCain (Arizona)
    Graham (South Carolina)
    Hoeven (North Dakota)
    Kirk (llinois)
    Toomey (Pennsylvania)
    Wicker (Mississipi).

  2. On December 25 Toomey should go to Washington’s Crossing and stand in the cold for a long time and contemplate what he has done to the memory of the men who crossed the Delaware, fought for independence, gave us a constitution and a bill of rights. Liberty is lost inch by inch and Toomey just took a big leap. I doubt that it will haunt him but I hope this decision denies.

    And as for Mark Kirk who was given a second chance at life and pissed away his vote after partying with his buddy Manchin on his yacht and bragging about it, a special place in the dung heap of worthless pols is waiting and well deserved.

    • Well said, gracepmc. I’m most disappointed in Flake and Toomey. They were endorsed by DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund which I contribute to. These two betrayed our trust when they abandoned their conservative principles.

      • Unfortunately I think we will see even more Republicans support this in the Senate before all is said and done. And I no longer have all that much confidence in the House.