As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || April 11, 2013

Obama budget opens rift among Dems . . . New York Times
GOP: Obama blows Grand Bargain chance . . . Washington Times
Senate ready to begin gun debate . . . Associated Press
Michelle takes an emotional gun stand . . . Yahoo! News
Background check deal draws fire . . . Fox News
Funds for Obamacare much in doubt . . . Politico
U.S. may increase aid to Syrian rebels . . . New York Times
Maryland Gov. burnishes 2016 resume . . . Politico
Obama seeks $17.7B to lasso asteroid . . . Fox News

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 11, 2013

  1. The comments on the Yahoo article were not too kind to Michelle. Last week a single mom, this week a dead teenager. Also reminding her Chicago has the toughest gun laws, and they don’t work !

    • DeniseVB,

      And just what would lead you to expect a liberal to EVER take facts into consideration for ANYTHNG concerning their agenda? If they actually regarded empircal evidence, it would suggest things like;

      -Socialsm doesn’t work. Never has, never will. Not anywhere.

      -Conservative values=lawful society. Liberal values=lawless society.

      -Lower taxes = higher Government revenues. Higher taxes = lower Government revenues.

      -Peace is better ensured by a strong standing military and a clear enunciated support of where and how it would be used if your national interests are compromised or your Ambassadors murdered, than by disarming unilaterally, ingoring armed invasions of your sovereign territory, and apologizing for your own country.

      -Making kids feel good about themselves doesn’t help them read.

      -Attacking inanimate objects for crimes committed by people while simultaneously letting the criminals escape justice doesn’t make the streets safer.

      -It doesn’t bear good fruit when you pick your President soley on his race. He actually makes things worse for people the same color as him, then blames others for it.

      Unfortunately, these things are contrary to the Liberal agenda of redistibution, concentration of power in Federal hands, and the general contempt for everything that made America exeptional and the only remaining Global superpower; therefore, no facts are allowed.

      Here’s the LIberal take;

      What are your FEELINGS?

      Don’t you just HATE it when businesses are unfair? They have greedy CEOs who are taking YOUR share! Only your Government can make it all better again!

      And that gun violence! Don’t you feel ANYTHING for those children’s parents? Only your Government can protect you! Just surrender your liberties and let Government disarm only the law-abiding, and you can FEEL like you did some good for THE CHILDREN!

      This is such a racist, hater nation that no WHITE man and no set of laws written by DEAD, WHITE SLAVE OWNERS should EVAH be allowed to ENSLAVE Black People, which is ALL they ever THINK about! Don’t you FEEL it? Only a Black President can deal with those crackers and put them in their place!

      In fact, you can’t be trusted to control ANY aspect of your life, so just let your betters in the GOVERNMENT tell you what to eat, where to work (if at all), what you’ll get paid, and – most importantly – give them ALL your money and THEY will decide how much you MAY be worthy of having back. After all, THEY know best – you’re just a dumb peasant, and you will be chastised – after the party that is. After all, a President MUST have his priorities…

    • I don’t know if you saw my reply to you on the other thread, but although she claimed to be Hadiya with a long angry face in Chlicago, the night before she was dancing and singing at a private concert in DC. The Obamas’ ability to change from one extreme pose to the next in a few hours time is frightening. BTW, from the little I saw of the family’s behavior at the concert, its dysfunction was apparent.