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Michelle Obama to Address Graduating Classes

From the White House:

First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver commencement addresses at Eastern Kentucky University, Bowie State University, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Magnet High School for Health Sciences and Engineering at Historic Pearl High (MLK).

The First Lady will be speaking at Eastern Kentucky University as part of her Joining Forces initiative because of its outstanding record supporting veterans and military families; she will be speaking at Bowie State University because of its legacy as Maryland’s oldest historically black university; and she will be speaking at MLK Magnet as it is consistently ranked among the best public schools in the nation for its academic rigor and high graduation rate.

She’ll be at Eastern Kentucky May 11, Bowie State on May 17, and MLK Magnet on May 18.

7 Responses to Michelle Obama to Address Graduating Classes

  1. Just lovely ~ Mooch spreading her “wisdom” to kids who will be hard pressed to find a decent job after graduation. Dr. Ben Carson will not be addressing the graduates at Johns Hopkins this year (I’ve just made my last donation to Peabody Conservatory, part of JHU), and the lib gov. of Maryland will give the commencement address at the college where I teach. Fortunately, adjunct teachers are not expected to show up for the festivities. The Peoples Republic of Maryland will now be taxing us for the amount of rain that falls on our property.

  2. MLK Magnet is like a lot of other magnets schools. It works. It is designed to attract the best students and it is hard to get into.

    Obviously, this is unfair. Obviously the smartest are allowed to get smarter with those with poorer scores are supposed to fail. what is fair about that?

  3. Her recollection of her arduous struggle should edify the graduation class for a minute or two. Epidemic narcosis will suddenly sweep the class immediately.

  4. I feel sorry for those kids – it’s not enough to listen to a bunch of blowhard, self-righteous, smug, know it all professors for 4 years of college & high school, but then have to listen to the Mooch lecture you about what wonderful people she and Barack are – scheesh.

    Try some exposure to the unindoctrinated…

    • Welcome to my world. I write and call my university because of their behaviour vis a vis the Obamas. We need to replace our President of the University.