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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – April 11, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. 1. It’s the republicans fault
    2. It’s the republicans fault
    3. It’s the republicans fault
    4. If this doesn’t convince you, well then it’s the republicans fault.

    • Close, Ratt, but the last one stops a little short. If I may suggest a slight revision…

      “4. If this doesn’t convince you, well then it’s the republicans fault, since they’re the ones that made you into the racist hater you are just because they’re THAT mean. And if you happen to BE African-American, then you must have had your mind weakened with White blood from some racist slave owner like Thomas Jefferson raping your pure African great Grandmother, so you fall for the lies that Republicans tell you, Uncle Tom. Either way, it’s STILL the Republican’s fault for conning you into questioning something that a genius like Obama about anything because you can’t see past the hate they taught you.”

      That’s doin’ it Obama style!

  2. Wonder if someone will ask if the Obama’s will be attending Margaret
    Thatcher’s funeral? Also so sad Nancy Reagan is too frail to attend. I
    remember when she attended Reagan’s Mrs Thatcher was also frail and
    when the service flew from Washington to California she flew with President Bush on AF1 so she could rest. I wonder if the Obama’s would even think to offer. They printed a protocol for dress in the Telegraph
    wonder if MO can read and understand?

    • I hope they don’t go. It would be a good thing if we sent some real conservatives. But if they sent out a protocol for dress, it doesn’t look good. I’m sure that was sent out expressly for Mrs. Obama. She might wear a black dess but it might be that one-sleeved one she wore at the concert.

      • Really as much as I hate to admit it Hillary would be the best of the ones we’ve been saddled with. Obama’s would be an embarrassment beyond belief dress codes don’t apply to MO and
        in a hat? Duct tape wouldn’t even begin to cover the nightmare.
        And toned arms do not show respect. Sadly Hillary in a pants suit
        would be better. I though the ‘dress protocol’ was especially for
        MO as the Queen will be in attendence and the rest of those invited already know how to dress appropriately without a bloody
        newspaper notice!

        • Really? Benghazi “what difference does it make” Clinton? Nothing would be so disrespectful to the Iron Lady than this coward. Ok, maybe either one of the Obamas…..

          • I fear following Frau Clinton with Kerry the cowardly lion we
            will never have any answers about Benghazi. Now if the
            GOP would find a bit more courage and we had a media we might get some answers they’d be lies I would imagine.
            Still as we would like to be correct just once Bush and
            Clinton at least worked with her the Obama’s didn’t know
            her and should stay at home. Besides too many chances
            for the Obama’s to humiliate America again.

      • “She might wear a black dess but it might be that one-sleeved one she wore at the concert.” – Julie Brueckheimer

        Michelle Antonette won’t wear the same thing twice! Not with all of US paying for it! WHAT are you THINKING?!?!?

        After all, she’s OWED some high livin’ because of some mean stuff that happened to people who looked a little like her a bunch of years ago. And if it’s at a funeral for some ofay bioch who didn’t even know how to properly rule her peasants, than that just increases the pleasure.

        Now, if only the press would look the other way when she spits in the box, like they play it down when her “husband” when he flings things at 9/11 memorials, then her anger would actually be lessened for a minute. But they don’t rule the British press like they do the American one, so maybe she has to skip that part – for now. Once they rule ALL, she’ll be as nasty as she wants to be – GLOBALLY!

        Always good to have a goal…

        • ” After all remember the “Catholics” Obama sent to Rome for Pope Francis.” – gracepmc

          Come now! Biden is at LEAST as much of a Catholic as his BOSS is a Christian!

          “Julie unlikely that he would send conservatives”

          Have to go along with THAT, since he doesn’t KNOW any. Oh, there’s that Boner guy who keeps sucking around and offering to shine his shoes, and that old McCheez guy who lost to him the first time that always carries his water, but REAL Conservatives? Not so much…

          • They’ve been advised by several Cardinals and Bishops
            here and words have come from Rome they shouldn’t but
            again the rules don’t apply to them.

    • I too hope they do not go. If anything they should send Bush as he has more connection to the UK then BO. And they should allow AF2 to take him. Bush and Clinton actually would make a nice representation for the US.

      BO has no connection to Lady Thatcher, except he has MOO who is a practicing HRH. His security would make a huge mess for the Brits, and they do not need the circus. Besides, it’s too late for MO to get a dress to wear. Off the rack.. hahahahaha

      • Bush and Clinton families would be a good representation at the very least they would show true respect and attend for the right reasons. Remember the good old days. To the Obama’s another
        vacation and chance to show the world how wonderful they are
        besides I’ve been in St Paul’s so much history. Lady Thatcher and
        this beautiful Wren masterpiece deserve the best,

        • “…Clinton …would show true respect …” – Lizzy

          “Clinton”? “Respect”? Do you know a DIFFERENT set of Clintons, or maybe mean GEORGE Clinton (Thomas Jefferson’s Veep, not the Funkadelic guy, although even HE might be an improvement) ?

          Although I’m with you to the extent that they ARE less open liars about such things. At least Willy could be bothered to fake a tear on cue, once somoene pointed the camera out to him. I seriously doubt the Obamas would even pretend – and yet the press would talk about how lovingly emotional they were, and about such an OBVIOUSLY deranged woman…

          • As much as it galls me I do think Hillary after her last job would have a bit of respect for Thatcher more than any of the other baffoons BO would
            send. Remember she’s just about ready to run in 2016 and would be apt
            to be on her best Presidental behavior.

          • I’ve seen it they have such respect for our military during
            WWII. The stained glass window behind the book has a
            special pain representing each state very touching.

          • I’ve been there too and attended a Sunday service right under the dome where the Fink-in-Chief is going to sit if he goes to the funeral.

  3. Lets just admit it… the current ‘US government’ has NO ONE worthy (from the “POTUS” to the “SecState” on down) of “representing” the United States of America at Lady Thatcher’s funeral…