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Biden: With AR-15, You May Accidentally Kill Kids in Next Room

Vice President Biden today sought to defend himself against those who have ridiculed his suggestion that homeowners protect themselves with a double-barrel shotgun, arguing that a semiautomatic AR-15 could cause people to kill their children by shooting through the wall.

Biden, who appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, also proposed that people are buying guns because “they like the way it feels,” adding, “You know, it’s like driving a Ferrari.”

32 Responses to Biden: With AR-15, You May Accidentally Kill Kids in Next Room

  1. What he says is accurate, hollow points from a powerful weapon will travel through walls, people, and yes, we like the feel of security from criminals and a tyrannical government.

    Since the only people ol’Joe knows who own Ferraris are the elite 1% , he must know of what he speaks.
    If you own a Ferrari, then you can afford to hire armed guards to protect you and yours.

    • unfortunately a shotgun loaded with slug shot shells will also go through walls. Double 00 buck too.

      And yes I saw he was referring to a double barrel SG. And those suckers can kick like a mule too!

  2. I see Joe still has missed the point: You do not fire ANY weapon, a 155 howitzer to a slingshot, until you can assess a target.

    Maybe WHD readers should retain Mythbusters to perform some experiments on this for said Vice Dimwit.

    • Before shooting off his high capacity oral assault weapon, Joe might consider basic safety rules: Always consider your weapon to be loaded, never pull the trigger until you are absolutely ready to shoot, and be fully aware of both your target and what is beyond it. Biden may have a point with the AR-15 (and BTW, AR does NOT stand for Assault Rifle) and a shotgun penetrating walls, but based on his overall ability to control his “weapon”, his carry permit should be severely restricted.

    • I see Joe still has missed the point:

      The only point Joe wants to make is that guns are evil.

      I don’t know which one is more laughable: Joe or Diana Degette.

  3. This from a guy who told us to fire our shotgun blindly through an entry door if we’re scared…

    Also, Joe, I have no idea what it’s like to drive a Ferarri. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to finance YOUR ability to find out, though.

    You’re welcome.

    • Biden should first have a class on “mouth safety”. Obama’s $100 million iniative of mapping the brain wouldn’t be enough if they started with Joe’s gray matter.

    • VERY instructive video, so we can assume it won’t be seen by those who need to be educated. As in “binders” and other minutia, once again we find the left making the biggest stink about the smallest items. The AR-15 holes are a fraction of the size of the holes made by the “approved” weapons. Or maybe the anti-gun people plan to work their way up — something clearly needed regarding their skills in reasonable argument.

  4. My AR-15 protects me from idiots like Obama and Biden…little dictator wanna be bitches. I’ve got something else waiting for punk burglars.