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Quote of the Day || April 11, 2013

“Okay, Bo’s handler has been furloughed. No problem, I can live with it. So how does this work – does the dog have to go out every day?”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

19 Responses to Quote of the Day || April 11, 2013

  1. I remember election night 2008 and the Obamas in Grant Park, Chicago. Sasha and Malia, you’re going to get that puppy I promised. The girls and their mother have nothing to do with BO–the girls weren’t allowed to name ‘their own’ puppy. It had to be a politically clever choice, and the only time they probably see the dog today is when Obama wants him in a photo op.

    • I remember during his campaign he told the HSUS (humane society grand lobby) he would get the girls a rescue dog. HSUS endorsed him and made a page on their website to “thank the Obamas”.

      Fast forward after winning the election, surprise, the girls had allergies and opted for a designer dog from Uncle Teddy’s breeder friend who just so happened to have a dog returned to them because it wasn’t compatible with his original owner. Bo was named after Obama’s favorite uncle we were told.

      It’s how the Obamas roll.

  2. So, if a president wants a dog, that dog doesn’t need a handler (at $100k+ salary). If the dog needs a handler, give it to someone else. (The Obummers never had a dog in Chicago, did they?)

  3. The job title is misleading. Obama doesn’t have a dog HANDLER for Bo (#78, this week). He has a dog CHEF for Bo. The $100 large isn’t for his talent – it’s for his silence!

  4. If it’s true that the handler has been furloughed, I feel sorry for poor Bo. The handler is the human with whom Bo has spent the most time in his young life, and I’m sure he’s quite attached to him. If the handler is taken away, who will give Bo the affection and attention to which he’s accustomed? It won’t be Barrry, Mooch or the Wee Wons.