As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || April 10, 2013

Obama to unveil $3.77 Trillion Budget . . . Washington Times
Budget seeks middle ground . . . Wall Street Journal
Plan draws heat from both sides . . . Washington Times
Budget squeezes $370B from Medicare . . . Politico
Senate bill tough on border security . . . Wall Street Journal
RNC to discuss minority outreach . . . Washington Times
Obamas groove to Memphis Soul . . . Washington Post
Congress may end “Obama Phones”
. . . Washington Post
White House chef faces furlough . . . Politico

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 10, 2013

    • Why, darned if it wasn’t him doing the pushing (after he stole the money from her pocketbook).

      As it always has been, the young think the old have lived long “enough”, just as MrObama thinks wealthy people have more than “enough” money. His proposal to gut Medicare (again) is cruel and dishonest to all of us who have paid into the program for decades.

    • Thanks for the linky.

      29 high school students (out of @500) were shot last year, 8 died as a result of their wounds and the MSM didn’t report the outrage or horror of Blacks shooting children. Black gangs, Black shooters,and Black victims mean nothing to the racist MSM who portrays all crazed shooters and murderers as Whites.

      In the fashion of Jesse Jackson’s famed shakedowns of White business, MrsObama will try her best to shame local businessmen to contribute money to programs for Black children. How an afterschool program will stop the gang-related shootings and murders isn’t clearly spelled out.

    • There’s a little news story on Drudge about a flash mob of 200+ attacking the city center of Philadelphia. Guns are just a side issue and no impediment to the coming, or already present, anarchy in the United States.

  1. Obamas Groove to Memphis Soul

    Watching Obama getting his groove on while seated in his chair at the Soul Train (wreck) was one of the most disturbing scenes…ever! How many Americans were ambushed by that bizarre scene last night while trying to access the Drudge Report? Even his daughters appeared to be embarrassed. Please G-d…..make him go away!

    • The daughters and their Sidwell friends didn’t look very interested or happy. It could be that the groundswell of criticism of their father is managing to reach them, or it may not have been their kind of music. I guess I don’t know much about it, but is Cindi Lauper really a Memphis soul singer? I remember her as a rock star from the early eighties.

    • Drudge posting the live feed of that concert was ingenious. Drudge Report is my homepage, and I would have never watched that concert were it not for him. Turned off the sound and listened to Mark Levin while the world was watching the American elitists party down. All that was missing was the children pressing their noses to the windows of the White House, begging for a few crumbs from the royal feast.

  2. “RNC to discuss minority outreach”
    Here’s some free advice, Riense. 1) Stop following the Democrat meme of breaking us up into special interest groups. We’re all Americans who have the same desires – to leave behind to our progeny a healthy, prosperous, and free (as in freedom, not freebies) America. Don’t call it ‘outreach’; it sounds like pandering. 2) Repeal all the rule changes the RINOs made during the 2012 convention. Every libertarian I know left the Republican party in disgust after that iron-fisted power grab. 3) Stop pushing liberal blue-state Republicans on the base. You think the moderate, milquetoast politicians you put up can attract independent voters. Here’s a clue. Nobody admires a candidate who won’t stand up and espouse the principles and values of their own party. After 24 years of establishment rule, it is time for the party to nominate a constitutional conservative in the mold of Reagan. 4) Lose Boehner and the boys in the House leadership. They are ineffective and more interested in preserving their own power than they are in proposing conservative legislation. They frittered away the huge wins the Tea Party gave them in 2010, and they continue to push conservatives out of positions of leadership. 5) Take note of how Texas Senator Ted Cruz keeps in touch with his supporters. It is so refreshing to get an unsolicited email from my senator that outlines the issues of the day and where he stands on those issues. Communication with the base is key. I trust Senator Cruz will never join a gang of eight to craft legislation behind closed doors without any input from his constituents.

    Good luck. You’re going to need it.