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Live Stream || Obama Presents his Budget

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  1. “…..and let me be clear….uh…(insert mindless babble here)….and…..uh….Congress must….uh……both parties….uh…..(more mindless babble inserted at this point)”

    1. “I know them. You know them too: People who are always late. It seems like no matter what the situation or event, they just can’t seem to be on time. Some use a litany of excuses to justify their chronic tardiness, but the worse offenders are not only comfortable with being consistently late, but expect you to be accepting of their impunctuality as well.

      Not only is their behavior selfish, it’s also disrespectful.

      People who are always late rob us of the most precious and valuable commodity that we own: our time. The time you spend waiting for someone to arrive is time that can be better spent doing a myriad of things; productive things in fact. When you are sitting idle it’s because your time is being viewed as less valuable than the time of the person you are waiting for. After all, you are going to be honored with their company, so waiting is a small price (and inconvenience) to pay for such an enormous pleasure, right?”

      1. I find your comment very interesting.
        I served in the Air Force, and when you were supposed to be at a meeting at 8:00 that was the time you were supposed to be there.
        They shut the door at 0800.
        If you were not there and knocked on the door, you had better have had a good excuse.
        Otherwise, you were gigged.

        1. When I was in the Navy our Bosun told us;
          ‘if the evolution/meeting starts at 0800, your a** will be there at 0745’.

      2. Yes, it’s an exercise of power. I control when and for how long. I control the discussion. I control whether there will be questions or not.

        1. The control of the power could trend to the other side also.
          I will get here early, and I expect you to do so also.
          If you are late to the meeting, please feel free to confide in your fellow correspondents.
          They will be more than happy to supply you with information that you can use.

        1. AFVet, Langley Spook, and Frederick all point out that punctuality is VERY important and emphasized in the Military, as part of Military discipline.

          Now, how would THIS Commander-in-Chief know anything about Military discipline? Being Commander-In-Chief and, as such, answerable to no one but his colleague A!!ah, why would he care? HIS god of war isn’t really that interested in timliness, just results – and Obama certainly provides THOSE!

          All he knows about the American Military is that he’s been taught from an early age to hate and fear it…and it shows. If you were to relate these same experiences to HIM, it would just validate his contempt for punctuality, as anything the American Military does would seem to be, in HIS mind, automatically evil and wrong.

          But, there’s another possibility. Here’s a tidbit from an actual college textbook that was called out by the wonderful Walter Williams that may shed more light on the Obama mindset towards being on time;

          “One can view the clock as a tool of racism that the monochromic dominant society uses to regulate subordinate groups.”

          HUH! Ain’t NO “Monochromatic dominant society” gonna tell THAT Black Man what to do!

          That’s an excellent article, by the way, as all of Dr. Williams’ tend to be. It’s just a shame it falls on deaf ears.

          “Former NAACP President Benjamin Hooks called people like Sowell and Williams “a new breed of Uncle Tom … some of the biggest liars the world ever saw.” Liars? For saying that the welfare state has done more to destabilize the black family than Jim Crow laws ever did? ”

          Given all these potential reasons for a dysfunctional individual like The Angry Caliph, you should consider yourselves lucky if he even shows up on the same DAY, let alone the actual TIME you haters expect him to. And no questions, please, just take your maching orders…

  2. His new budget includes the “compromise” turned down by Boehner last year and “there’s not a lot of smoke and mirrors in there”.

    His budget also raises the minimum wage, and gets rid of those “foolish budget cuts” enacted by the (evil GOP).

    This guy can’t talk without blaming somebody else for our problems.

    1. I did not have the stomach to watch his comments. One question: Are we upgrading all those cell phones given out to his base over the past 4 years? I want America’s Entitled to have the latest and greatest Android/iOS versions. They will need them to run the I WANT app.

  3. I usually don’t watch late night TV but I appreciated getting the morning summary of the jokes from the night before. Uh, WHAT? THAT was the President talking about this budget proposal. Sorry, my bad…

    (I heard that press conference – it was laughable).

  4. Blah blah…I’m the best… uh, uh…blah…I’m the king… blah…only I know what’s best for you…blah…you’re all wrong…blah…I did such a great job in Chicago…blah…I’m one of you…cough, cough…where’s that teleprompter…uh, uh…oh yeah, everything Rep is bad…guns bad…Bush did it…blah…my way or no way…blah, blah…where’s my putter???

    Time to find a way to get rid of this clown – and his whole circus! Hear that, “Carney”??

  5. I’m glad to read the reports here. I have the fastest MUTE button this side of the Pecos when he pops up on television, so there’s no way I’ll listen to him on the Internet.

    1. amen.
      I must turn off FNC in the afternoon when the afternoon hosts (Megan Kelly and Shep ‘closet’ Smith) for some reason feel the need (to lazy to read the news) to show Obama speaking from a teleprompter somewhere. I watch FNC to AVOID Obama propaganda.

      1. amen.
        I must turn off FNC in the afternoon when the afternoon hosts (Megan Kelly and Shep ‘closet’ Smith) for some reason feel the need (to lazy to read the news) to show Obama speaking from a teleprompter somewhere. I watch FNC to AVOID Obama propaganda.
        There’s no escape.

    1. She went one further than Obama and Trayvon Martin. If he had had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon, but she already has two daughters and she couldn’t say that about Hadiyah Pendleton. So she said that she herself was Hadiyah and vice versa. That sobering thought didn’t prevent her from whooping it up at the WH the night before. They can turn on the dime emotionally when it suits them.

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