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Blue Angels Grounded for the Rest of the Year

The party rolls on at the White House, but not for those who had hoped to view Navy’s daredevil Blue Angels flying squadron, which has been forced by the sequester to cancel all of its remaining performances for the rest of the year, the Navy announced Tuesday.

The Blues were scheduled to fly 32 more shows this year, though some had already been nixed as budget cuts have gone into effect.

According to the Naval Air Command in San Diego:

Recognizing budget realities, current Defense policy states that outreach events can only be supported with local assets at no cost to the government.

This is one of many steps the Navy is taking to ensure resources are in place to support forces operating forward now and those training to relieve them.

The Navy said it “intends” to resume the shows at some point, but it made no promises:

The Navy believes there is value in demonstrating the professionalism and capabilities of our Navy and Marine Corps Naval Aviation team, thus inspiring future generations of Sailors and Marines. The Navy intends to continue aerial demonstrations in the future as the budget situation permits.

According to reports, Blue Angels pilots will continue to train, but not at the level they need to fly the complicated maneuvers that awe spectators at their shows. They may also occasionally fly before the public but will not perform the stunts for which they are famous.

Meanwhile, the Air Force demonstration team, the Thunderbirds, has also cancelled its remaining 2013 shows.

47 thoughts on “Blue Angels Grounded for the Rest of the Year”

  1. Let’s have a telethon for national security. All of those “stars” who perform at the White House festivities can perform as America raise cash for defense of America.

  2. Talk about cutting off one’s nose, the BlueAngels are the best recruiting tool the Air Force could have dreamed. What youngster watching the amazing, exhilarating twists and turns and precision flying wouldn’t dream of doing the same thing?

    Of all the deliberately painful cuts made in the name of the sequestration, none were made of the silly grants, wasteful programs, or in the special perks government employees enjoyed that are paid for by taxpayers.
    However, no one complained about the funds spent to keep the Blue Angels flying. In fact, anyone who enjoyed the marvelous airshow was proud and in awe of our AirForce and it’s pilots.

      1. Sorry, my mistake, but any youngster that sees the jets going through their routine is thinking “Air Force”.

        It really sucks to be wrong first thing in the morning, ruins everything.

    1. No matter if you got it wrong SRDEM65, I thing we all agree they are one of the best recruiting tools the Armed Forces have. Recognized as the best of the best demonstration teams all over the world.

      1. Don’t get me wrong Blue Angels take my breath away but the one
        that thrills me most is an old film of my Uncle flying his B-17
        Calamity Jane II enroute to bomb Germany when his plane was hit by flak the only one out of the formation of 12. It went down and sank in less than a minute. They all got out and survived he
        loved flying the rest of his life. His eldest daughter flies and loves
        it must be in your blood.

  3. Let’s see, send millions of dollars worth of tear gas to Muslim Brotherhood or cancel air shows ? Priorities. Proof Obama doesn’t really care about kids except for props.

    1. “Proof Obama doesn’t really care about kids except for props.” – DeniseVB

      Now now, Denise. This is not true.

      There are OTHER ways he cares about children!

      As his own personal Brown Shirts;

      AND as raw material;

      So don’t say Obama doesn’t care about the children! He cares very MUCH what happens to the children!

      Much the same way the Devil cares about what happens to people, that is…

  4. The grounding of the Blue Angels is the least of our problems. From the Air Force Times (from Drudge): “Reduced flying hours forces grounding of 17 USAF combat air squadrons” (

    Combat readiness is going to be severely impaired, and the ability of this nation of defend itself, or project a strong image across the globe will definitely become apparent all to quickly.

    Was sequester Obama’s way of gutting US military preparedness? I think the answer is becoming apparent. He couldn’t do it through the Congress or by fiat, so instead he pushes a budget red line that was designed to force all parties to negotiate, and then refuses to do so. End result? The wanted gutting of the greatest fighting force since the Romans.

    N. Korea stands poised to launch attacks against our allies. Iran is still spinning it nuke program. Russia is re-surging. China is becoming the bull in the currency shop. Europe is collapsing under the weight of its own welfare system. The US is essentially bankrupt, and now the military is being destroyed by its own CIC.

    We are now facing the perfect storm of failure, more so now than even in the past four years, due to the increasingly obvious inability to even defend ourselves any longer. God save the Republic, because the politicians won’t.

        1. It’s been a while since I read P.J. O’Rourke’s “Parliament of Whores”, but if memory serves, the electorate is the body full of whores.

          1. I think I’m going to get out my well-worn copy and read it again. I suspect I’ll find it as relevant today as I did when the book was first published, unfortunately.

    1. Not only did the DOD take a hit but so did the Coast Guard (under DHS), a 25% loss of operational funding. The also receive funding and asset assistance from DOD, and I will bet they lost a good chunk of $$$ on that front also.

  5. Seattle has hosted the Blue Angels on July 4th (go figure, the city of grunge and bastion of liberalism). If the comments below the link are indicative of the trash that occupies Seattle, Obama’s call to cancel will hardly cause a ripple. …will…blue-angels-this-summer

    Bryan on April 9, 2013 – 3:42 pm said:
    “D.C. budget cuts have grounded the Blue Angels this summer…”
    What, no deafening war machines hurtling overhead, terrifying dogs, discommoding cats, and teaching children that war is when Disney World comes to you? How will I know I’m an American?

    Upon reading this, my spontaneous Happy Dance became so ecstatic that I’m going to have to mop up a latte just as soon as I calm down. Thanks for the great news.

    Iluvcaphill on April 9, 2013 – 10:52 pm said:
    Totally agree Bryan. The only thing worse than a gratuitous display of military might and nationalistic patriotism is religious proselytizing. My cats and I couldn’t be more pleased that the war mongers will not be included in this year’s Seafair. Hopefully they are gone for good.

  6. The air show is one of the big events here in Beaufort every other year. It brings money not only to the activities on MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island that support the Marines, Sailors and their families, but also to local businesses.
    Thanks Barack, for ALWAYS thinking of yourself and your socialist political agenda first. It makes you such a superior president and leader of the USA…..SARC TURNED WAY UP.

  7. Yesterday was the lowest point of Chairman Obama’s regime. First, he said the Newtown shootings were “the hardest day of my Presidency”. Hard? Really? Harder than September 11, 2012, when 4 Americans were murdered in Benghazi, including our Ambassador? Harder than making the decision on Bin Laden? He then flies some of the Newtown parents (notice he didn’t invite any of the parents who openly said that his new “gun control” proposals won’t do anything to stop a shooting like this). After he used them as props, he hosts a friggin party with Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah. The man is going to have a very hard time when he meets his maker.

  8. The USAF Thunderbirds also have been grounded.

    Pfffft. Just a bunch of privileged fly-boys and their groupies! Don’t you folks know the pain of losing your assitant chef? Michelle might have to wash FCMABBHO’s arugula herself. She might have to pour his waffle batter into the waffle iron! Oh, the horrors!

    But, never fear! He’ll still be allowed to work on her campaign to tell us all how fat we are, and how we’d be better off following her advice.

  9. When a head of state deliberately punishes his people, while continuing to enjoy all the finer things that go with being head of state, what word can be used to describe him, other than “dictator”?

    1. Oh no, William. Still plenty of bread and circuses for Barack’s chosen people. Cancellation of the flyovers only affect those of us who believe in American exceptionalism. The America-hating left is well pleased with the cancellations as evidenced by Sadie’s Seattle link.

    2. And, maybe less of the former if he gets his wish to screw with Social Security and Medicare.

      I wonder what would happen if he suggested cutting SNAP and TANF.

      What the hell am I thinking? He’d never suggest such a thing.

  10. It sucks like a broken jet engine, but I’m ok with shutting this down. Granted, this bunch is all about closing the “Washington Monument” and things with maximum observability. At least folks might start having the conversation about what else could be cut. Eventually the conversation must get to the institutional spending. We don’t have the money and the conversation is necessary. If it takes shutting down the White House and grounding airplanes at least we get started with a productive debate.

  11. Also from the “Making it Hurt” department.

    Last Monday morning at 11AM I got caught up in a sequestration induced TSA shut down at Nashville International Airport. All passengers were being ran thru 1 of 2 security checkpoints with about half of its scanners operating. Not to mention that the National Supernational chess tournament had been in Nashville over the weekend and there were hundreds of school kids and parents trying to get thru BNA.

    A TSA agent told me that due to sequester, all overtime had been cut out. I asked a second agent. Sequester, no overtime.

    IT WAS FRIGGING 11am ON A MONDAY MORNING and they were already using overtime to staff checkpoints???

    Being a frequent flier, I have FlyBy lane privileges and made it thru security and to my flight but I am sure that many of those families missed theirs. It took me just over 30 minutes to get thru the FlyBy lane. Others had been waiting for 2+ hours in the regular lanes. The public address system on the concourse was constantly paging long lists of people to inform them that the doors would be closing in x minutes. Most of those people were still doing a pee-pee dance in the security lines.

  12. Grab the Duct Tape! First the military are denied a cooked breakfast.
    Next no more education funds. I think they’ve screwed around with the
    TRICARE system for active and retired members. Remember the fool
    who said that they waste too much money on Military Funerals? I guess
    old Barry and (all this for a flag) Michellle don’t find this entertaining or

    1. Lizzy, each military family will receive a DVD of the Memphis Soul event at the end of their loved one’s funeral. The ranking officer in attendance will also play selected tunes from said show during the service via iPod and 2 small portable speakers.

      Its the least they can do for our veterans.

      1. The liberal mind is always looking for ways to save the state a few bucks. Especially when it involves us old people who are knocking on their office doors and asking for that retirement check they’ve been promising us our entire working careers. We’re nothing more than an obstacle to their statist utopia. Besides, those dead veterans will never know their government went the cheap on their funeral to save a few bucks for their friends in the Muslim Brotherhood.

  13. “The Navy believes there is value in demonstrating the professionalism and capabilities of our Navy and Marine Corps Naval Aviation team”,

    A lot more value than the crap that Obama is spending OUR money on.

  14. Bizarre — the sequester is cuts in levels of funding in future spending. Crickets from the Republicans on this. By summer, Obama will have twisted the knife even further.

      1. Did anyone think Hagel would do anything other than screw the military?!

        This is the same man who wanted to close the USO facility in Haifa when he was on a committee to address to red ink while its bottomline was in the black! From what I’ve read, he said, “Let the Jews pay for it.”

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