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Tonight Marks Tenth “Command Performance” for the Obamas

Tonight’s special White House “celebration” of Memphis soul music marks the tenth time President and Mrs. Obama have been treated to an exclusive East Room “command performance” of American music featuring major stars, past and present.

Obama blues performanceWhile the performances are televised and celebrate the nation’s culture, some may wonder whether during an era of soaring deficits it is wise to stage what are also in effect private parties for the first couple.

And with this evening’s event, the performances are officially part of the “sequester-free zone” at the White House. As is well known, the daily White House tours did not make the cut.

The Obamas suspended the performances during the campaign season, either because they were too busy or because they thought average voters might not be pleased by the sight of them partying it up as unemployment continues to rage. The last “In Performance at the White House” was a May 8, 2012 event celebrating of the music of Burt Bacharach and Hal David. The show included performance by Sheryl Crow, Mike Myers and Stevie Wonder.

Tonight’s extravaganza will feature Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, and Cyndi Lauper along with a cadre of old blues and soul stars.

Other White House performances have centered on the blues, country music, jazz, and Motown and have featured megastars like Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, B.B. King, and James Taylor.

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261 thoughts on “Tonight Marks Tenth “Command Performance” for the Obamas”

      1. Correction……. Romney would be undertaking in the face of the Marxist controlled senate and fawning majority RINO house to undo a great deal of Malcolm X’s illegitimate son’s mess.

    1. Your sarcasm tells us how very biased you are! This makes your comment of no value! For your information, greed and ego is not a flaw in the character of Romney. Try looking at his “charitable contributions and put Obama and Biden in the next columns”. No comparison, my friend. Again, your sarcasm is not becoming to you.

      1. Check Mitt’s offshore millions stashed away to avoid paying good old American taxes that would benefit our own country while you’re at it.

    2. They don’t come across as the partying type of folks. They work, raise their kids and grand kids and work for the good of the nation. They don’t make every living thing about themselves like the obama’s do. The sense of entitlement is appalling.

    3. Rocking Romney spends HIS money, not OURs. Get the difference. You liberals love to spend other people’s money and especially when it is Dear Leader who is enjoying himself immensely by pigging at the government taxpayer trough.

    1. check the daily schedule at white house. org. He is almost always flying Air Force One to campaign and fund raise. Most days you will see no schedule. When you do it is usually entertaining some sports group or Hollywood entertainers. When he is there they start by saying daily briefing that he rarely attends.

      1. …but not nearly as much as the parasites in Congress:

        Jan. 3: 113th Congress Convenes

        Jan. 7 – Jan. 11: House Recess
        Jan. 28 – Feb. 1: House Recess
        Feb. 18 – Feb. 22: President’s Day Recess
        Mar. 25 – Apr. 5: Easter/Passover Recess
        Apr. 29 – May 3: House and Senate Recess
        May 27 – May 31: Memorial Day Recess
        July 1 – July 5: Independence Day Recess
        Aug. 5 – Sept. 6: Summer Recess
        Sept. 23 – Sept. 27: House Recess
        Oct. 14 – Oct. 18: Columbus Day Recess
        Nov. 4 – Nov. 8: House Recess
        Nov. 25 – Nov. 29: House Recess
        Dec. 13: House Target Adjournment Date

    1. Abu Ghaith’s trial may be delayed due to sequester cuts for public defenders until January 2013. To add insult to injury, lawyers want the trial moved out of NYC to preclude a prejudicial jury.
      p.s. Still waiting for the trial of Nidal Hassan !!!

      1. Hassan is in the military and committed his crime on a military base against military personnel. Therefore, his courts martial would be under the purview of the Commander in Chief. Guess who that is? It is no wonder he is still waiting. Can’t have a Muslim courts martialed under this president. Any bets on Hassan getting a pardon as Obama leaves office?

        1. He’s also still collecting his full military paycheck. Ever wonder what he does with that paycheck since we’re footing the bill for his incarceration? No doubt it goes to fund some Islamic terrorist education camp somewhere in the world. Trial for the terrorist is scheduled for July 1st, but he still has another hearing scheduled for April 16th. No doubt they will discover some new delay tactic to postpone his trial again. Wouldn’t put it past the usurper to pardon the terrorist.

          1. Hasan’s lawyers won the judge’s dismissal on the grounds of “an appearance of bias” against Hasan. Now it’s bias to follow military rules? Guess we can’t be showing any bias towards a terrorist who screamed ‘allah akbar’ as he mowed down his fellow unarmed soldiers. Never thought I’d see the day the U.S. Army bought into this PC BS, but here we are…

          1. He will leave office, whether he wants to or not. The Marines who guard the White House swore to uphold the Constitution, which says Obama only gets two terms. They will frog march him out of the White House if he tries to stay past his legal tenancy. They will uphold and defend the Constitution, even if he doesn’t.

        2. bet he does get a pardon along with many more. He is still collecting his military pay and even got a raise. We are paying for his medical care too. The victims and their families get nothing as Obama said it was not a terrorist act but a workplace violence. He protects his own and his own is not our military or citizens.

    2. No we know why they are closed. They’d be overrun with all of those free concerts. Its like We Are the World in the White House.

    3. This is the one month anniversary to the day of that the Obama Administration announced that the WH Tours would be officially closed to the public (that would be us, peons). I often refer to tonight’s little fete as the 1st of the WH Tours Closing Concert. I struggling for something a little more festive so as not to dampen the spirit of the party goers who actually are invited to the WH, while not demeaning those of us who are not allowed in the house.

      Although I hear tours of the WH garden are ongoing.

      1. I can hear the the Garden tour guide saying “And over here is where BO does his doo which is the only shovel ready job created here so far.”

      2. I’m pretty sure a $500,000 donation to Organizing for Action would get you a seat in one of the first two rows. A bigger one might get you a personalized White House tour, although pricing for the Lincoln Bedroom Overnights is presently classified, along with the location of the Benghazi survivors.

      3. They must have Whole Foods on speed dial and I’m sure we are
        paying for all that healthy organic photo op food. Bet a nickel not
        one single thing is ever used for eating just pretty pictures.

  1. Live, from the White House, brought to you by the tax payers of the United States, hosted by America’s favorite shuck and jivers, Barak and Michelle Obama.

  2. The most transparent administration and we can’t even get a guest list from these guys. The only thing missing is Michelle saying “Let them eat cake.” Some may say, “Long live King Barry” as for me “Give me Liberty or Death!”.

    1. bho is a strap hanger. His idea of transparency is, “Thomas,” which was previewed by the Library of Congress before he was elected. Thomas is now in beta release as And we are supposed to thank bho for providing us all of this information as part of his “transparent administration?” NOT! He doesn’t fool me.

  3. Absolutely sickening. The BO’s are saying “Screw you, United States” by holding these “criminal-like” parties.(and I say criminal like because they are stealing the funds right out of our pockets). The Thief-in-Chief is in a Gangstas Paradise!

  4. Let’s see I would prefer an outdoor food bank for those who’s kids are not allowed to tour the WH and their parents are having a hard time
    feeding the family. I imagine those ‘celebrating’ soul will be dining just
    fine they must have left their moral souls at home. This is no different
    than eating in front of a starving child shameful!

  5. And for the rest of the people of this nation that are having a hard time making ends meet. You can go down to your local ” mission ” where they serve food for the needy and enjoy the Salvation Army Band after your meal.

      1. this is a GREAT idea. The white House needs to be ringed 24/7 with protesters holding signs and yelling things like “we see you pigs with your snouts in the trough!” Make it so poor ickle Malware and her sister Satchell come to realize what evil SOBs their parents are.

  6. The king and his court jesters… how cute. Things you can you can do when you’re a lazy puppet and everyone else does their work for you.

  7. “Tonight’s extravaganza will feature Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, and Cyndi Lauper along with a cadre of old blues and soul stars.”

    But not a single jazz ensemble, orchestra or marching band from an inner-city high school whose students’ parents put the president in the White House . . . twice.

    Sorry, kids. People like you aren’t the Obamas’ kind of people.

    1. They only care about marching bands if one of the kids whose HS performed at the inaugural parade gets shot — so that Obutthead can use them for propaganda to show how much he “cares.”

    1. Well their racism lead them to believe that because his skin is darker that he’d help his peeps. And he is helping his peeps, look at all those rich people partying down for FREE, paid for by you and me.

    2. The country has a multi-racial chief executive and first lady (according to reports of the connection of mo’s ancestor with the Shields family). The first “black” chief executive is yet to be elected

    3. Obama isn’t Black by his family shrub.

      Obama is 8/16th White, 7/16th Arab, & 1/16th Black.

      Obama is the first White/Arab ruler of America.

    4. Hey, you guys are a riot!! Where are you gonna be hanging out and hating tomorrow? No, never mind. I’ll just go check the Drudge Report like you do. Don’t ever change. Let’s do lunch.

      1. Keep on drinkin that Kool aid as you support “your boy in the house” Let me guess… you have a free phone, free housing, unemployment, foodstamps, a car allowance, CHIPS free health care for your kids, and a taxpayer job training program, WHILE you also collect disability!!!

        i certainly can’t think of any other reason you would stand up for this SELFISH man and his SELFISH wife who just LOVE to RUB their “SPECIALNESS” in the noses of hardworking taxpayers as they laugh at us

  8. Watching the fraud criminal scofflaw Obama wreck the economy and waste millions a weekend on his vacations while his imbecilic supporters including the vile MSM ignore it or worse, praise him for it, is like entering a bizarre dream world where every value the US was built on has been discarded.

    1. Its not a bizarre dream world to liberals who abhor traditional US values and want them destroyed. As Obama has repeatedly said he “wants to fundamentally transform this country”.

  9. Well, no one can accuse Obama of being miserly when it comes to having a good time! Trouble is, its our money he’s blowing! And all the time, the deficit just goes on and on and on.

  10. North Korea is threatening us with nuclear weapons.
    Way to go Mr President. .Nero(Obama) played the fiddle while Rome burned and Marie Antoinette (Michelle)said when told about the shortage of bread,”let them eat cake
    Enjoy your taxpayer paid party.

    The annual deficit is over a trillion dollars a year. with no end in sight.
    Our official national debt is 17 trillion dollars.
    Our unfunded so called entitlements is around 170 trillion dollars.
    Our troops are being slaughtered in Afghanistan .
    The cost of food,gasoline,heating oil and other energy cost are
    increasing around 15% a year
    Our true unemployment and under employment is around 15%

  11. .
    Way to go Mr President. .Nero(Obama) played the fiddle while Rome burned and Marie Antoinette (Michelle)said when told about the shortage of bread,”let them eat cake”
    Enjoy your taxpayer paid party.

    North Korea is threatening us with nuclear weapons
    The annual deficit is over a trillion dollars a year. with no end in sight.
    Our official national debt is 17 trillion dollars.
    Our unfunded so called entitlements is around 170 trillion dollars.
    Our troops are being slaughtered in Afghanistan .
    The cost of food,gasoline,heating oil and other energy cost are
    increasing around 15% a year
    Our true unemployment and under employment is around 15%

    1. AND…
      The federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund, which takes in money via a federal payroll tax and pays it out in disability benefits, ran a record $31.2 billion deficit in calendar year 2012, according to the Social Security Administration.

      That means the trust fund has run a deficit in each of the first four years of the Obama presidency.

  12. Since what comes from the news or anyone else has to have some type of bias or spin. I think the way the judge a President’s character is by his actions. I by no means agreed with Bush but his work ethic annoyed the Wash Press Corp because they wanted to party as with Clinton. But Obama seems to do nothin but look at the presidency as a damn winning lottery ticket. On the bright side when he does work its something that helps no one in the long run so I suppose that parties are by comparison cheap.

  13. Wonder if the Sandy Hook pawns for gun confiscation got an invite? They are in D.C. on the taxpayers dime, so why not entertain them at our expense as well. Of course the party animal-in-chief might have a hard time squirting out phony tears for them while he’s boogieing down to the tunes of that soul music giant, Justin Timberlake.

  14. In a different time, a different economy, or a different venue, a concert such as this would be a welcome opportunity for the public to see talented entertainers in a single performance.

    The WhiteHouse is not the proper venue for this because, as we all know, it will become a love-fest for the Obamas from the boot-licking entertainment crowd as past performances have shown.

    1. Oh, Dorothy. This material is getting a little stale. I know if you put your mind to it you can be a lot more petty and small minded than this. Keep trying. Love the photo. Say hi to Sol for me.

  15. I hope the 51% of Americans who reelected this failure are happy as we all watch the USA collapse in front of our eyes while he parties the night away. He will go down in history as the worst POTUS EVER!!!!

    1. A nation literally in ruins, 90 plus millions out of work, trillions of dollars of debt & spending, a decimated military, more people on food stamps and the monstrosity of ObamaCare will be Dear Leaders true legacy, not immigration as being touted by the media.

  16. pathetic, disgusting, revolting, vile, thoughtless, arrogant, conceited, self-serving, offensive, vulgar!!!!! these adjectives apply to the event, but moreso to the fool in the white house!

  17. Norks once again threaten for tomorrow. Which tomorrow — NK tomorrow or US tomorrow. ‘Cause it would kinda suck and all if it is NK tomorrow which could maybe kinda sorta put a damper on the WH gig today. Although I suppose they could move the party to the sit room if the Party Chief really really needed to show up.

  18. The trial of a terrorist, relative of bin Laden, is said to be “in danger” due to “budget cuts”.

    Here is one last opportunity for the people of this nation to redeem themselves, starting with all of you, especially Keith

    It needs to be made clear, in NO uncertain terms, be it through people contacting congress, be it through the media, whatever.

    Mr. President, as long as funding for this trial is in question, we do not expect to see you throwing hip hop parties at the Whitehouse. We don’t expect to see you or your family members taking mulit-million dollar vacations, ski trips, spring break trips, or any such similar adventures. We don’t expect to see you golfing either. If the “budget problem” is SO SERIOUS that we can not fund the cost for a trial for a terrorist of this stature, SURELY the nation doesn’t have the funding to be sponsoring your playtime. We KNOW you are billing the taxpayers for these boondoggles. It doesn’t even matter if you offer to actually pay yourself. George Bush, the evil man who preceeded you, upon whom you like to hoist fault for every single failure of yours, at least had the decency to stop golfing while American men and women were dying overseas. He felt the APPEARANCE of a commander in chief playing while Americans were dying would be disgraceful. Obviously you don’t share the same beliefs. Since you lack the maturity and decency to make such decisions on your own, therefore, be on notice that until this problem is resolved, you are GROUNDED!

  19. bho-mo are First Divas. First Divas demand entertainment and diversion early and often – vacations, games, entertainment show appearances, onsite entertainmen, etc.. Whatever First Divas want, First Divas get. Shallow? Yes. Self-serving? Yes. Non-empathetic to the circumstances of many citizens? Yes. Are any of these worth second thoughts for the First Divas? No. You get what you vote for.

  20. The WaPo column yesterday said it best: the Obamas don’t give a damn about ordinary Americans) i.e. their much-hyped middle class.

    No more elections, so they don’t have to face Americans’ outrage at their unconscionable behavior and spending.

    “Let them east cake”.

  21. Amazing…..those in your face grifters continue to rock on. I detest those people. They don’t care. They are set for life while the little people are scared to death about what the future holds for them and their children.

  22. Let’s not gild the lily here people.
    This is an In Performance at the White House
    highlighting the best of American music.
    It is not a “command performance” at all.
    We’ll be seeing that show in the not too
    distant future. Every president going back
    to Ronald Reagan has had these TV shows.

    1. Maybe the “duties” of the office of chief executive should be scaled back to work only on the country’s needs, and drop such things as extolling culture and arts – leave that to others..

    2. Every President going back to Ronald Reagan and further has had, for want of a better word, classical music at the WH too. I don’t see this on the Obama list so I take exception to your calling it “the best of American music”. I am not a snob and like many kinds of music with the exception of rap (and the other names it is called), but the Obama list illustrates the dumbing down of America. Why not have a Yo-Yo Ma concert? Why not honor Philip Glass, a living national treasure, at the Kennedy Center awards instead of Dave Letterman?

      1. Didn’t Yo Yo Ma already give Obama “props” at his first inauguration? I use the word “props” intentionally, as the Yo Yo Man moved his strings, but produced no music. The performance was actually taped two days earlier. So Beyonce’s lip synch was not unprecedented.

        1. Aw shucks. I just got caught with my pants down on this one. It says on Breitbart that Yo-Yo and “other artists” are going to hit the WH for more handouts.

  23. Well, the people spoke back in November and this is what they wanted. We the people have to pay for their 1% lifestyle. While the media is turning a blind eye to the double standards being played out everyday with this administration.

    For all you Obama voters, here you go. The sad part is, you will be the first to feel the effects. Then “Messy Jessy Jackson” and Al Sharpton will cry RACISM. While all the time, making money from the very people they clam to be helping.

  24. Anyone that voted for him have no right to bitch. This is the president you voted for, so when you are broke, your free phone stops working, you still lose your house, don’t come crying to us.

    We knew better.

  25. This president doesn’t give a damn about the rest of America. Bring on the party and entertainment. He basks in a life where 99.99% of America – cannot go – and then flaunts it in our faces. Shame is not part of Obama’s character nor is “serving the people of this great Country”.

  26. Release the guest lists. Maybe we can shame the invitees into declining the invitations since the party planners do not seem to understand that the people are weary of the lavish expenditures at 1600. If you give a party and no one comes, it won’t be much of a party.

  27. I want to know who pays for the expenses of all these people visiting the White House, not only these celebrities but also the Sandy Hook victims. This has to be adding up….and who is paying Beyoncé and JayZ’s expenses in Cuba–are we certain it is not the taxpayer????

  28. Pingback: ConMom

  29. I’m glad you track these million $ parties at W.H.
    Keith it would be VERY helpful if you kept a running score of cost and who attended so I can get in the face of D’s with the cost details.

  30. In response to critics who claim that Mr. Obama has insulated himself from the damaging effects of sequestration, which he continues to insist will cause widespread pain and disruption across the country, the White House issued the following statement:

    “The damaging effects of the sequester, which I proposed and signed into law, are real. Third grade schoolchildren whose White House tours have been cancelled are not the only ones who will feel the pain of these devastating cuts. As a result of this misguided policy, I have been forced to cancel a planned appearance by Hall and Oates at tonight’s festivities at the White House. As a result, I have been told that both Mr. Hall and Mr. Oates may have to cut back on their monthly Cellular Power Infusion treatments. This, of course, could lead to the loss of thousands of jobs, creating a ripple effect on the entire economy. All because Republicans in Congress refused to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay one penny more.

    Finally, to those who say I have spared myself and my family from the pain of the sequester, I’d just like make one point perfectly clear. I really like Hall and Oates.”

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