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The Obama Morning News || April 9, 2013

Obama invokes Newtown dead . . . Washington Times
Carney: filibuster threat “cowardly” . . . Washington Times
Rubio seeks to reassure GOP on immigration . . . Yahoo! News
Obama declares “National Equal Pay Day” . . . Daily Caller
Obama approval falling on key issues . . . Politico
Biden, underdog to Hillary . . . New York Times
WH garden tours avoid sequester axe . . . Politico
Treasury approved Beyonce Cuba visit . . . Reuters

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  1. Add to the list DRUDGE who headlines Hollywood Stars Revolting which leads you to a Weekly Standard report on “Rappers, Stars Ask Obama to Ease Drug Policy and Reform Prisons”. The text of the revol

    • as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by my flying fingers ….

      The text of the (presumably) revolting letter is printed.

      Amerika — racing ahead to decline.

  2. The news as viewed through an Arizona dust storm:

    MrObama continues to fly about the country in a futile attempt to persuade Americans to ignore the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights and give up their firearms. While he exploits the grief of parents whose children were killed by a madman in Newtown, he shows no such emotions to the chlidren killed by American drones in foreign countries or to their grieving parents.

    Hoping for a “vote”, not passage of legislation, only ups speculation that he will continue to use this issue as a wedge in his never-ending war against anyone who values the lives of the unborn, or the rights of Americans to bear arms.

    The WhiteHouse magician who can make facts appear out of thin air and make issues disappear, calls the people of Congress who will filibuster any bill that would restrict or deny Americans their right to bear arms “cowards”. His definition of “coward” applied to those who would step forward to defend the rights of Americans should instead apply to those who would stand behind the bodies of innocents to push forward the un-American agenda.

    The NewYorkTimes has decided that HillaryClinton will be the next President. They believe that her only opponent would be VPBiden and in a ham-fisted effort to have him step away from campaigning, the editors have advised MrBiden that he’s too old for the job.
    There’s no doubt the Times will batter MrBiden with the four years of gaffes and outrageous comments attributed to him if he ignores their command to step away from the podium, just as they attacked MrRomney with gossip, inuendo, and supposed gaffes for having the audacity to try to unseat MrObama.

    The much discussed trip to Cuba by MichelleObama’s favorite sexy entertainer and her cigar-smoking husband has been given the seal of approval by the US TreasuryDepartment. The trip is classified as “cultural” in nature as the famous couple shares the Black hip-hop scene with the oppressed and enslaved people of Cuba. The entertainer’s husband, who is ashamed of his given name and asks that he be known as the letter “Z”, is using this trip to determine if Cuban cigars really are better than any other.

    • Glad you caught the hypocrisy of “cowards” too srdem. After a day of reading wonderful and inspiring Margaret Thatcher quotes, one stuck in my mind, paraphrased “when they start attacking you with hurtful words, you know they’ve lost the political debate”.

      So Carney and Obama call the filibuster a cowardly political stunt, what do you call standing on the caskets of dead children?

      What a disappointing administration, bullies, every one of them !

    • Over the weekend on talk TV Time’s Joe Klein spoke of how un-American it is to doubt or question our government’s intentions. Quite the opposite: these are our bravest citizens.

        • Thanks, Grace. The Symphony of Sorrows is the one piece by Gorecki I have on CD. It must say something bizarre about me, but requiems are one of my favorite genres of music. I have a collection of them–Verdi, Faure and so on. When I was younger, I had the moving experience of actually singing Mozart’s Requiem–as a chorister of course.

          • I don’t even sing at Birthday partys or in the shower. And all are grateful. I am so envious that you were a chorister– Mozart’s Requiem. I have a liking for the Requiems as well. This morning with coffee and overlooking the water I listened to Largo e Lento and Faure’s In Paradisium. Oddly soothing. Cheers.