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Obama Group Screws Up Domain Name Registration

Uhhh boy. The putatively well-oiled Obama machine really blew this one.

It seems the group Organizing for Action announced its existence AND THEN tried to register domain names. And so,,, and are all IN THE HANDS OF REPUBLICANS, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Try out and see where you go . . .

Nice huh? Previously, the fast-moving dude who registered the address, a computer tech named Derek Bovard, had been directing traffic to the National Rifle Association. Now that’s one good way to give legions of Obama admirers a bonafide heart-stopping experience.

Bovard told the Obama folks, in essence, sorry guys, you lost, but you can buy it from me.

No way.

Organizing for Action decided to consult their friends in the trial bar instead and SUED to lift the name off of Bovard gratis. Get this:

The complaint argued that Organizing for Action had established “common law trademark rights” through media coverage and than Bovard registered the domain in “bad faith.”

But Bovard successfully countered that OFA did not have any presence when he registered the domain and that he had no intention of profiting by selling it to a third party.

The judge agreed:

In a decision issued last week, Karl V. Fink, a retired judge in Ann Arbor, Mich., concluded that Organizing for Action did not provide evidence that the name was “a distinctive identifier” of the group or that it owned any trademarks at the time.

Maybe you’ve never registered a domain name. It takes, literally, about 30 seconds to do. But for some reason, I’m pretty sure this happens all the time. A friend of mine once heard that a rival business was about to announce a big new public project, and so he checked – of course, they hadn’t registered the name of it. He did.

Bovard says will be used to discuss conservative issues. And, no doubt, annoy the heck out of Organizing for Action.

35 Responses to Obama Group Screws Up Domain Name Registration

  1. That’s exactly what a dimocrat would do if they could. I’m delighted to hear some quick, clear thinker took advantage of this! I’d like Sadie’s giggle button, although a “love” button would work for me, as well.

  2. Currently Organizing for Action dot net is showing something interesting.

    It is a youtube video of The President at the National prayer Breakfast with Dr Carson.

    That is very clever. Nothing negative against the President but yet we all know it isn’t for the President.

    I think a video of the President shooting baskets and not allowing other children the opportunity to play by hogging all the balls should be next on the list.

  3. (Ass. of Horticulture Professionals) might be interested in selling their domain name. (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals) can’t be too wedded to that embarrasing domain name, so they could ask.

    Organizing for America isn’t a very good name for a political group whose ideas of organizing ordinary Americans into fervent lobbyists comes from a phone room in Chicago.
    As one of the lucky ones on the e-mail list, I have been encouraged to “organize” my neigbors into protesting Arizona’s gun laws, Sure, like I want to risk getting shot at by the cowboys who live here.

    I suggest a new name “Future Uniters of the United States” or FUUS..

  4. I realize you think you understood what you thought I told you to do, but I don’t think you know what I told you is not what you really heard.
    Thanks, Keith!

  5. I hear Transparency.CON is still open.

    OTOH: is still promoting Obama ’08. Are his supporters really living in the past?

  6. Whoo-eee! In the bad news, my husband just told me that the O administration cancelled the Blue Angel appearances this year ‘because of the sequester’. In your face again and hoping the populace will all start calling their Republican legislators and blaming them.

  7. Am glad the court found in favor of Mr Bovard. What OFA tried to do is typical of what other big businesses have done and won to get a specific domain name (all under the name of “trademark”). He played the game perfectly. He can point all the domains to the .net one or to other sites, like WHD for instance. Even better is – it points to Association of Horicultural Professionals.

    This one made my night for sure. Big THUMBS UP!!