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Newtown Family Members to Get AF1 Ride to DC to Lobby

Updated 7:18 pm ET

President Obama will ferry eleven family members of Newtown victims aboard Air Force One to Washington to lobby on gun control, Politico reports.

Obama is appearing today in Hartford, Connecticut to speak about the gun issue, and the Newtown family members will hitch a ride back.

Okay, I understand these are victims of a horrible tragedy. But if they’re taking on a political role, is it really proper for the White House to be providing their transportation?

What would the White House say if Speaker Boehner arranged to fly NRA members to Washington on government-provided transportation.

Of course, the families members are merely hoping to . . .

. . . encourage “senators to come together around legislative proposals that will both save lives and respect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans,” said Sandy Hook Promise, the nonprofit organizing the response to the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

They’re uniters, not dividers, like those bad NRA people.

UPDATE: From the pool report out of Hartford:

Motorcade rolling back to Bradley Air National Guard Base at 6:21pm

It is an extra long motorcade to accommodate the Newtown family members who are flying back to Washington with POTUS.

Your pooler observed some Newtown family members get into adjacent vans in the motorcade. Lawmakers including Sens. Blumenthal and Murphy loaded another van.

The pooler noted that one man bucked the choreography with a sign saying “support the Second Amendment.”

40 thoughts on “Newtown Family Members to Get AF1 Ride to DC to Lobby”

    1. Obama just finished his speech in Connecticut — which he started on time (since the mother of a victim introduced him right on time).

      Odd. Such a serious subject, Obama came out beaming with a shout out to Connecticut, and to the host school. Blaming the GOP (without naming them) for political stunts while working the crowd.

      Then, just to make sure his rousing oratory couldn’t fail to get his standard standing ovation, he repeatedly exhorted the crowd to “Stand up!” for the victims, for the families, for America. And the crowd (for about the eighth time, including the obligatory “I love you back”, although nobody fainted) stood and cheered wildly for this brave man willing to go beyond politics and do what is right for the families, the children, and America.

    1. He’s not done a thing for the families of Benghazi the truth would
      be a place to start but he’s obviously way too busy golfing.

  1. Obama’s not providing transportation for the Benghazi victims’ families, I guess he has no political use for them ?

    No, not all the Newtown families are on the Bamwagon. Megyn Kelly interviewed a Dad today about enforcing gun laws already on the books and mental illness. You know, common sense? Non of the laws on CT’s books would have saved those kids. I guess he wasn’t invited to Washington.

    Hope the GOP doesn’t snatch the bait.

  2. If they are traveling with the President then there is no harm, no foul. It costs the taxpayer nothing more than some of the free airline peanuts they serve (yes, i know it’ll be a 3 course meal).

    The fact is the President is using them for his own agenda.
    And that’s sad.
    As soon as he’s used them he will forget about them (no matter what the website says).

    Just ask the Hurrican Sandy folks he cuddled with before the election.

  3. On the plus side, at least he’s providing transportation (one way) for his latest human props. Wonder what kind of swag bags he’ll be handing out on the flight — since Michelle swoons over his swag.

    He clearly couldn’t afford to fly the parents of Chicago gun violence to D.C. — either financially or politically. Oh, wait, he has no limits on what he can spend. He thinks the American public can afford anything, except the right to independence.

    1. …………do you think he will strand them in Washington? There will certainly be return transport provided….maybe not AF One, his private plane. If Moo doesn’t have numbver two plane tied up, he’ll probably use that.

  4. “But if they’re taking on a political role, is it really proper for the White House to be providing their transportation?”

    What, did the WH have a weekend conversion? Have they ever cared about what was “proper” or have they always been concerned about what was expedient for their own interests and those of their ideological comrades? In the immortal words of Hillary, “what difference does it make” to the left what things look like or if they are proper, ethical, legal, or “right?”

  5. Brief and sharp post, Keith.
    Obama has a serious fetish for AF1 that the Sandy Hook families may not share, i.e. this old piece:
    Air Force One mockup on its way from Kansas to Denver
    Posted Aug 20, 2008 Augusta, Kan.
    After a brief sendoff ceremony Monday morning at the Kansas Museum of Military History on South Walnut, an Air Force One mockup hit the road for the Democratic National Convention site in Denver….
    Yep. He had it there with all the Grecian columns. For his coronation as HRC called it more than once.

    I recall that POTUS and FLOTUS left Presidential Coins alongside the boots of the Fort Hood dead. Today’s guests/pawns may receive the same, or perhaps some linens with embroidery denoting the AF1 theme.
    How do we presume they will be returned home?

  6. Obama is holding the country hostage with this shameful abuse of personal tragedy for political reasons. He knows we cannot respond without looking ruthless etc. And he speaks from the dais of the dead because he cannot stand on the shoulder of any accomplishment for the good of the nation. With each passing day he is more and more pathetic.

  7. This is such a shameful exploitation of these families who are trying to cope with the profound grief of losing a child. This man is using those grieving parents as pawns in his game of disarming the American people. He makes me ashamed of what my country is becoming.

    1. Do your eyes hurt yet Susan ?
      He never misses an opportunity to stick it to America.
      There is only one entity that can fix this, and that is congress.
      From what I have seen up til now, they don’t have the sand to take him down.

  8. If the families are invited to enter the Palace gates, maybe they will have a chance to ask the Mooch why she didn’t attend the Memorial for the victims of Sandy Hook!

  9. Like all press releases out of this WhiteHouse, they raise more questions than they answer.
    Was it their plan all along to fly to DC on AF1 or were other arrangements made that had to be cancelled?
    Who invited them to fly with the President?
    How will they travel from Andrews to their lodging?
    How long are they staying in DC and where?
    How do they plan to approach legislators with their appeal?
    Are they unemployed or self-employed that they can be in DC during a work week?
    How are they returning to their homes?

    The President and the FirstLady can invite guests to join them on AF1 for any reason, and they do just that. We know that MrsO regularly invites her friends and their children to fly as her guest on her various vacations and the President has had many partisan and non-partisan people fly with him.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      The press pool has become unbelievably lazy under the Big O. Easier to do that than ask uncomfortable questions. I recently visited Auschwitz, which will stick with a person. One point that struck me was that 9000 germans were involved over the years the camps were in operation. I’m sure many of them had hearts, but it was a lot easier for them to just go through the motions than to ask uncomfortable questions. Just sayin’.

      1. There still is a “press pool”?
        I thought the ‘media’ just took the propaganda releases from Dear Leader Obama’s WH and ‘reported’ them verbatim.
        There is NO “journalistic drive or questioning” nowadays… especially from the “WH press corps”

  10. Well each of us must do as we see fit to get the message out without going beyond our comfort zones. For me though, it will be no problem to point out how the U.S.President has morphed into the community organizer he used to be. And is currently organizing the families of the Newtown dead.

  11. what I found out the other day–on Fox, of course–is that not all the Sandy Hook parents are in favor of stupid new gun laws. they had one of the dads on who was saying he doesn’t agree with he new proposed legislation, as he sees that it would not be helpful and would penalize law-abiding gun owners.

    why am I betting that he wasn’t one of the ones Obama gave a ride to? in fact…has anyone anywhere (other than Fox) even heard about this guy?

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Would someone PLEASE report on this?? This will shed some light on how much O is using Sandy for a political tool. Keith, are there any journalists any more??

  12. NBC NY just commented that Newtowner’s hitching ride on AF1 will meet with lawmakers later this week. Evidently the points srdem brought up are in play.

  13. It’s too bad he’s not this generous to the families of those who were killed at the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi. I bet those folks would also appreciate some face time with the President.

  14. I find this entire use of the tragedy to be disgusting and the families dishonoring the memory of their loved one by politicizing their deaths.

      1. Sorry for the back and forth. FoxNews has not changed the headline I’m discussing here. But if you access the link via FB, you get an entirely different headline which is: “Support for gun bill filibuster grows, as White House claims opponents trying to ‘hide’ ”

        Keith I do not know what kind of a deal FB and WH might have. This is not the first time I’ve watched FB change a headline.

  15. These eleven are not “victims” – there were twenty-six victims and what happened to them speaks for itself. These eleven are ‘relatives of victims’, in a way profiting from their newfound celebrity, out to satisfy their “this is what _I_ want” craving. The fact that they’re being used as tools by that elected atrocity takes-away their credibility and decreases sympathy toward them even more.

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