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When Intervention is Needed to Save a Friend

Because sometimes those we care about don’t realize they’re in trouble.

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  1. No offense to anyone about my language:

    Enough with this cutesy f’ing bullshit.
    Times are dire, and we are passed the point of mature, intelligent solutions. To quote TOMMY BOY, “What the American public doesn’t know if what makes them the American public”

    • Agree, Scottso. Time to fight fire with fire and stop pussyfooting around. The mission of Preezy Revenge is to take this country down a notch or two. He knows exactly what he is doing and where he is taking us. If only the lame establishment GOP would wake up and smell the tyranny…

        • True, but we’re not going to get the facts from this outfit. Young Guns Network is affiliated with the current GOP House leadership. Big government establishment GOP is as much afraid of the cold, hard facts as the left is.

  2. Sorry, off topic, but Margaret Thatcher, what a woman, what a politician ! When will there be another one like her, with that strength, that courage ? In the eighties the politicians were of a rare calibre, Reagan, Thatcher, Gorbatchev and Kohl, each of them different of course. Well, the Cold War ended during that era.

  3. Yes, an intervention of the firmest kind is overdue.
    MrObama must be made aware that the election of 2012 is over and has been decided in his favor. He must stop electioneering, fundraising and speechifying immediately. It’s now imperative that he return to his duties at the WhiteHouse and interact with Congress to address America’s future. .

    MrObama’s aides, advisors, and minions must be made aware that MrRomney was never the POTUS, so that comparing MrObama’s proposed budget to that of MrRomney’s imagined budget isn’t a viable argument.

    Lastly, but most importantly, MrObama must come to understand that his greatest mission is to secure our country from harm. When, as now, a hostile nation threatens to attack the US, he must be ready and informed to take action which requires him to be on site at the WhiteHouse.
    Allowing foreign nationals to become American citizens simply because they are standing on US soil is foolhardy and shortsighted.

  4. On a related note for interventions;
    John Kerry has his wife with him on his MiddleEast peace-seeking trip. There are photos of them walking toward the plane and video of him holding her hand while being interviewed on the talks with Israel, Palestine and Turkey.

    The Secretary of State should be advised to leave his wife at home when he’s on US business. It’s not supposed to be a free vacation for his family.

  5. This is not about intervening to save a ‘friend’; it is about saving the country from a communist dictatorship. Plans are now afoot to nationalize public pension funds and eliminate private retirement accts,. IRAs and 401Ks, because the ‘poor’ are not able to participate in instruments for the rich. Obama has declared war on capitalism and free enterprise. The push to disarm Americans is the first step in achieving his Marxist utopia. we can’t have a revolution without weapons or bullets. Today marks Obama’s 14th ‘speech’ on gun control since the Sandy Hook tragedy on Dec. 15th.

      • Oh — invited into the inner sanctum! We all know how much he loves AF 1. I saw this elsewhere and commented below. And today in light of the Iron Lady’s life and passing he looks even more pathetic.

        Makes sense. This President loves AF1. His home away from home purposely. With no accomplishments to stand he continues to demagogue from the dais of the tragically dead. Shame on him.

      • he can’t use the kids so why not the parents. So after the event, how are they getting home?? Did Sandy victims get such great service? (do not get me wrong, the death of children and/or adults caused by guns in the hands of unstable people has always upset me).

        This is going to be a week of media hell with today’s events, tomorrows concert, VP and Atty Gen Beholder and law enforcement get together. Followed up with MOO heading to Chi on Wed to give a speech on youth violence something and then Crazy Joe out and about on the media shows on Thurs. And of course our daily LSM reporting the WH’s spin on the sky is falling over gun control.

    • ” All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist Party must command all the gun’s, that way no gun’s can ever be used to command the Party “.
      Mao 6 NOV 38
      That’s the Chinese Mao, not ours.