As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, April 8, 2013

11:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Noon || Meets with senior advisors
3:05 pm || Departs the White House
4:30 pm || Arrives Hartford, Connecticut
5:45 pm || Delivers remarks on gun control. University of Hartford
6:45 pm || Departs Hartford
8:15 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except at noted
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm

35 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, April 8, 2013

  1. He has senior advisers? Who knew?!? It’s not like any of them have been giving good advice, or maybe Skeeter doesn’t want to take any of it. I heard on the news this evening that the crazy guy in NK wants Zero to call him so they can discuss the nukes issue, but the WH said that won’t be happening.

  2. If he stayed in bed 45 more minutes he could have started at noon.Then again, he is always late so he probably will show up noonish.

  3. Off topic. Sunday night on PBS I watched Defiant Requiem: Resistance. Per the Comcast description, for brevity, Conductor Murray Sidlin leads a performance of Verdi’s Requiem at the former Nazi concentration camp at Terezin where Czech conductor Rafael Schachter and fellow inmates performed it in 1944 in front of a Nazi officers (in your face!) and the International Red Cross. It is worth watching if it is repeated.
    Having cancelled the Jewish Heritage Month reception it is unlikely this was watched at the Obama White House.

    But all is not lost — coming up on Tuesday is the Concert on the one month Anniversary of the WH Tour Closing. Good times.

    • Murray Sidlin was the director of a wonderful summer concert series we had in Central Oregon (Bend), but with the bust of 2008 like so many good things, it went belly up. I will watch for a repeat. Given the Obamas’ mediocre taste, they would not have watched it anyway, even for Jewish Heritage Month. I’ve read that the Memphis Soul Music concert Tuesday night is not the real thing either.

      • Maybe B&J will be back from Cuba and surprise everybody at the 1st WH Tour Closing Concert. A little Afro- Cuban-Amerikan music would reflect our cultural diversity.

        • I already made my bet they will be at the concert as “special guests” here on another posting last week. No way would Jay-Z miss out seeing his boy JT perform. However, they could always sneak them in and he can watch from the situation room. They will have to tell JZ no pressing any buttons, NK already has a itchy trigger finger.

          • They were probably made special ambassadors to all the
            vile countries that hate us I’m sure Sequester or not they will receive a very nice salary and travel expenses. I mean Bouncy and JJ don’t buy off the rack. Think what wonderful country will be next Russia they could
            whine along with Gerard about the pain of wealth.

  4. The most pressing issue of they day; gun control.I mean, gun control for legal, law-abiding citizens. He’s spending millions of dollars traveling around the country talking about this.

    Brave new world. Yes, indeedy.

    • With his stewardship of the economy, gun control and same sex marriage are the only things this nitwit CAN talk about with anything resembling a straight face.

  5. I hate Obama! I wish I didn’t but I do and I can’t believe the things he is getting away with doing to our country. He doesn’t want freedom or anything american. We need to do something to stop him.

  6. Does this jerk spend any time actually working? We are his employers and even the dems should be holding his feet to the fire. He is not only hurting our country, but the pols need to figure out he is wrecking their beloved far left party.

  7. Wondering if Obama can find time in his busy schedule to pay respects
    and send America’s condolences to England for Barroness Thatcher?
    Will he do the correct thing and actually make the announcement or will it
    be a belated paper statement?

    • Lizzy, I’ll predict Jay takes the lead on this during his briefing. Firestorm will result and Bam will then mention Lady Thatcher today in Hartford….”Now, to be clear…..Lady Thatcher died of a stroke….However..uh…she COULD have been the victim of an assault rifle too…you uh know!”

    • or shoot one with an assault rifle……..:>) Of course, with the techniques he demonstrated with a shotgun, the horse might live a long life.

  8. Air Force One was parked at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport on Monday during the basketball game for the Final Four. Where’s that on his schedule? I was taxing out and there it was. BOLOGNA! His spending is out of control. I’m sure it will be parked at Augusta during the Master’s Golf Tournament too. His spending is out of control!