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More Sequester-Immune Golf

President Obama today played golf for the second week in a row.

It looks like, despite the sequester, this is going to be a banner year – it’s already his seventh time playing and we’re barely into spring.

Today’s outing, the 118th of his presidency, included three White House staffers – Marvin Nicholson, Joe Paulsen and Michael Brush.

59 Responses to More Sequester-Immune Golf

  1. What? No official Pete Souza White House photo? Based on his skeet shooting pose and his aiming the football pose, his “green agenda” might look like a moon shot.

  2. Glorious President’s golf outing was spoiled when it took two strokes to sink ball on 11th hole. Master Ruler had 17 holes-in-one. Adoring, emaciated masses worshiped as he arrived and departed People’s Golf Course, which people are not permitted to use.

    • As a busy, single mother she just doesn’t have the time for fo
      foolishness like golf.
      She did mention something about her check being in the mail today or he wasn’t going to be able to father any more children.

  3. BTW, everybody, I notice on the previous thread that I tend to overuse the word “very” so please slap my hands if you catch me doing it. Bad. bad style.

  4. […] Obama had a tough week. Propaganda speeches against gun owners in Colorado, then fundraisers in San Francisco, then getting a whinefest from the left and media for commenting on Kamala Harris’ looks. So what does he do? Do what he does best (aside from vacation and give propaganda speeches), hit the golf course. Obama’s 4 1/2 hours of golf today was his record 118th round of golf as president. No president in American history has topped 100 rounds of golf, let alone 118. New, busy single mom Michelle Obama was not included in King Putt Obama’s ‘four-some.’ […]

  5. Ex-bartender turned caddy, Nicholson, is becoming a household name but if the names Joe Paulsen and Michael Bruch seem unfamiliar that’s because one is a ‘curtain opener’ and the other is a ‘door holder’. Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

  6. Obama has golfed more than I ‘ve eaten out with my husband since TFG has been elected.

    Obama has golfed more this year than my husband has taken in days off in similar time (we’ve had to resort to him working/keeping the store open 7 days a week – he did take Easter day off though and we’ve gotten rid of all other staff who can do that job).

    • Yes, and getting slammed for it by Cuban activists. Party on Carters ! Nevermind all those political prisoners and the “slaves” waiting on your every need.

      Very insensitive of them, no wonder they get along so well with the Obamas. Hope they’re never allowed near my White House again!

    • Two US Congressmen from FL are trying to assess just how they were able to go. US citizens are not supposed to go to Cuba as tourists: they need special reasons like an educational exchange. From what I’ve read so far, the State Department is doing another circle jerk (like Benghazi) to try to pass the buck of blame for okaying the trip.

      • don’t you get the idea that J and B are playing dressup? that photo of them on drudge, strolling through the streets of Havana. I mean. Beyonce looked gorgeous–she always does–but I felt like she and her stylist decided “OK, let’s do Lucy Ricardo mixed with Celia Cruz from the Buena Vista Social Club.”

  7. Maybe when Dempsey gets back from ” assessing the level of training that American troops can provide Afghan security forces” he can inform the Chief Golfer/Fundraiser that 6 Americans and a doctor were sacrificed on Saturday.

  8. O/T….but is anyone watching “This Week”??? What in the heck was Martha Raddatz doing on the NoKorean border with her binoculars?? According to Stephanopoulos, she was trying to figure out the “true intentions of an unpredictable and inexperienced dictator”! Didn’t Dennis Rodman already inform BHO that it’s all about basketball???

  9. nothing but more bullshit from these people. both of them are not spending time with their children which was an issue 1st term. things are going down hill for our country just as he wants so a lot of time for golf.