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White House Scraps Jewish Heritage Month Reception

The White House is picking winners and losers as it cuts back because of the sequester, and a planned reception for American Jews is getting the short end of the stick.

Many other events are proceeding as planned, but according to the Jewish news service JTA, the annual White House celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month is canceled.

“Jewish invitees usually include luminaries in the arts, sports and sciences, lawmakers, armed services personnel and the Israeli ambassador, as well as organizational leaders and political supporters of the president,” according to JTA.

The sequester cuts kicked in March 1, but that hasn’t stopped the White House from staging a variety of fun events marking all sorts of occasions.

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day last month included an East Room bash with hundreds of guests and a separate breakfast party at the vice president’s residence.

Tuesday, the Obamas took in an exclusive viewing in the White House theater of the movie “42,” which chronicles the life of Jackie Robinson, with the film’s cast and crew. Earlier, in the day, Michelle hosted a “42 Film Workshop” for kids in the State Dining Room that featured Harrison Ford.

Obama even got in a reception for the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings and major league soccer champs LA Galaxy on March 26. And there’s money around to transport him to the golf links, where he traveled by motorcade last weekend.

Next Tuesday, the Obamas will be treated to a command East Room performance “celebrating” Memphis soul music, with performances by stars like Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah.

Deciding what to cancel could become problematic for the White House, as various groups begin to despair at not getting coveted presidential treatment.

For example, next month also traditionally includes a White House celebration of Cinco de Mayo. But it would seem doubtful Obama would nix that event, given the fierce competition for Hispanic voters.

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247 Responses to White House Scraps Jewish Heritage Month Reception

  1. I am not an Obama supporter, but he is the POTUS and he can pick and choose what he wants to scrap. Quit yapping about nonsense and vote the fool out.

  2. Leave it up to the racist white house to canx a month for other than blacks. I notticed the RACIST president had black child presdident.

    This communisdt hitler type sob should be tried for treason.

  3. Obama hates The United States, the Constitution, and Jews!
    And he loves the Muslim brotherhood and all other
    What else is new?
    He just said the other day, while fundraising, ” Our system of government constrains me from doing things”.
    Duh. and Thank GOD he is blocked by our Constitution.
    I hope he……..You fill in the blanks

  4. They say no cluntry can sruvive economically without it’s Jews. So let’s all leave and watch this country attain the eventual status of say, Great Britian or Spain!

    It’s still going to be Jewish Heritage Month without an appearance at the WH Google Superdome.

    Besides, no worries, the Dems have the Jewish vote sewn up-sort of like the African Americans.

  5. this does not surprise me 1 bit. as part of the 32% of jews who did not vote for obama in 2012 and the 24% who did not vote for him 2008, it was easy to see the writing on the wall. sorry my fellow left leaning, socially conscious, liberal jews suffer from some kind of derangement, dying to be included and loved. it’s utterly pathetic. obama comes from the reverend wright church, also supported by louis farrakhan, the muslim brotherhood, why the bulk of the jews in this country can’t see it is beyond me. he is surrounded by israel hating advisors, his new cia chief touts al quds (jerusalem) has his favorite city. these jews still think they’re marching with mlk. mlk, by the way, was not a democrat. so don’t worry, the jews will still throw their money at people who don’t want them. it’s the jewish way. oh and for sure there will be a biggggggggggg ramadan celebration at the white house!!!

  6. That doesn’t sound the least bit anti-Semitic. A 2.4% cut in future spending, accounts for many things. For instance, Obama will cut 2.4% from his golf score.

  7. All of these ridiculous wastes of money should be scrapped. There is NO reason for federal funds to go to any celebration.

    But, there are many, many more soul music fans (and blacks, if you want to go there) than there are Jews in America.

  8. We must change the rules and require that all presidential candidates have e few years experience running a business or organization. The US government is maybe the biggest in the world and there is nobody in charge.
    The amount of tax waste is enormous.

    • We must change the rules to force Presidential Candidates to reveal their school rcords, starting with Kindergarten

      Obama has put a Berlin Wall around his

  9. And the illegal white arab continues to slap the Jews in their faces. But he also slaps the faces of the middle class and the rich. Then he sucks in their money for his evil deeds.
    It time to start the impeachment process.

    For God and Country

    • BB, impeachment would be meaningless as long as the Democrats-liberals-leftists control the Senate.

      I think things have progressed such that stronger actions will be needed to impress thug Obama and his thugocracy.

  10. This CANNOT be a surprise to the Jewish people. If it is, shame on you. His disdain for Jews both in the US and Israel could not possibly be a surprise to anyone, no matter your faith. His pre-election choice to spurn the Israeli leader at the UN and go on a talk show instead, as well as many other slights, should have caused the Jewish vote and dollars to disappear. But it didn’t. His history of shafting his donors and supporters is well documented.

  11. Wonder when the Obamas will open the first-ever White House Soul Train Club?

    What a day of celebration it will be when they both leave Washington, as former president and wife, to return to Chicago where they can practice their racism more openly — and return to Jeremiah Wright’s church.

  12. Hey, Jews are cool. Only those who need their own promotion are looking up to WH. Jews, as any Americans, would be well served if free-market capitalism and sound money are restored. For that, GOP must be transformed from a religious collectivist dogma into true political right, similar to Libertarian party. GOP should fight for capitalism, sound money and individual liberty. Nothing else. No anti-abortion bs, no religion in schools, no more funding for Pentagon socialists.

  13. Ah — The bling / hip-hop White House in all of its’ radiance. Well, Obama WAS OVERHEARD AND RECORDED telling Russian President Medvedev, “Wait until after the election and I will have more flexibility”. Perhaps the President should spend less time on his many vacations, less time shooting hoops (2 for 22 ?), less time on the golf course, WAY LESS time at Camp David where he goes shooting skeet “all the time”, and behave like a President of the country aand actually do some work. By the way — Is his mother-in-law still residing in the White House ? IF so, just WHO is paying for her expenses ? Positively sickening behavior.

    • Obama thinks he’s the King of the World, that it’s up to him to incite Revolutions (Arab Spring) & the overthrow of rulers that don’t meet his MuSLIME approval

  14. What about having germans at the white house, it is horrible how Israel is scamming the American people, no jews are not getting the short end of the stick. They support all the filth that is going on in this country.

    • Janice, I have seen clams that have more intelligence than you.\
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    • Politics and pro-wrestling… Obama told people what they wanted to hear and they fell for it, big time! He made himself look like the hero when he was actually the biggest weasel going! (my apologies to Bobby Heenan and rodents. ) . The feminists voted for him for their abortions. Sheltered NY Jews voted for him ….because he wasn’t republican. Irony…Aahnold S. ran as a republican, for california, unless I’m mistaken and he was as much a democrat as any dem. Strange twist is that a lot of people got their undies in a bunch because Arnie’s dad might have been a nazi sympathizer. What Obama’s doing is in broad daylight and no one’s sounding alarms about him. And they should. Steven Speilberg, at least!

  15. We talk about “Him” not caring, I would be careful not to MIS LEAD the REAL problem which is THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY cares nothing for them… people are talking about how “HE” doesn’t care but HILLARY will change that!!! She is just as much if not equally the problem here… WE NEED TO GET THESE CROOKED LIARS out of office!!! WAKE UP ALL AMERICANS NO MATTER YOUR RACE OR RELIGION!

      • I have to side with Jesse Ventura here. He once said something about Politics and Pro-wrestling having common ground. Having worked both sides of the fence, he would know. Difference is, in pro-wrestling you knew who the ‘bad guys’ were. In politics, Bobby Heenan is trying to convince you he’s Hulk Hogan. (Sincerest apologies to Bobby Heenan and Terry Bolea/Hulk Hogan) for any mistaken comparisons between you guys and politicians.

        Simple fact of the matter is that POLITICIANS (regardless of your allegiance) are LIARS. They will promise you the MOON to get your vote. At the end of the day, you’ll be LUCKY to get a slice of Swiss cheese.

  16. Hey you filthy gonifs………………. Wuttya have to say (yet again) now? You scum voted 89% for this monstrous jew hating fraud and naked Marxist in 2008 and 73% for him in 2012.

  17. James Baker, secretary of something or other under George Bush the First, famously said “Fxxx the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyway.”

    Barack Obama is now saying “Fxxx the Jews, they will vote for us anyway.”

    my fellow co-religionists deserve all the disrespect they’re getting; they’ve basically asked for it by supporting the most anti-Israel president in American history.

    • Sad but true. What WILL it take to wake these sheltered people up to what Obama is doing. He can’t run for another term, but so what? He bled his celeb supporters. Got the feminist vote and the Jewish vote. He kissed celeb butt for the vote and now he’s kissing terrorist butt to make sure America (at least, while he’s in the Oval office) is safe. Let the nutters go after Israel, just so long as he looks good at photo op time! And, yes, he also played the ‘Christian’ card, and so many fell for it. I include myself, sadly. He played us all!

  18. This just shows where the Obama administration’s priorities lie. Famous sports figures and entertainers are at the top of their list while anything to do with any faith based events other than Muslim are of no importance to them. I would also bet if it was an African American or Hispanic celebration things would be different. Sadly, this does not surprise me.

  19. I am SOOOOOO hoping that this prompts Obama’s celeb supporters to think twice before going out of their way for him (ie. Babs Streisand). Despite all they have done to get him into the White House, Jewish democrats have to be feeling slighted (at LEAST). Those who give a rats what’s going on in Israel have to be more than anxious that Obama seems to be coming off like a comic book character; (Barak TWO FACE Obama).

  20. Sequester my a** ! Doesn’t stop the obummers from take multi million dollar vacations now does it! Or birthday parties for Mochelle. That whole administration makes me sick!

  21. I’m extremely disappointed with the Prresident’s decision regarding the Jewish decision. I can’t believe this was his own decision. I
    smell a rat in the White House, and this was a political rat.
    Sheldon Pierson
    Scottsdale, AZ

  22. Ain’t sequester that obliged Obama drop this evident it’s the HAPPY HOLOCAUST DAY ISRAEL that he ain’t stands.
    “God, I hate the Germans…” (Dwight David Eisenhower in a letter to his wife in September, 1944)
    Criminals always pretend to be innocent victims, and pretend real victims are Criminals. Holocaust perpetuates this meme. It convinces real victims, goyim, that they are “bullies” if they resist real Criminals, Illuminati’s Jewish and Masonic fronts. Eisenhower’s Holocaust 1.7 Million Germans Eisenhower murdered millions German POWs. April Prisoner Bag Over 1,000,000. Paris, April 24-AP- The allied bag of German prisoners during April already has passed million Mark with six more days left in month. From April 1 to 22 inclusive 992.578. Holocaust beneficiaries their underwritten them as Jews incinerated in Auschwitz Dachau Birkenau. Angela Markel is penalizing Germans now Billions of Euros every year goes to Israel to import stateless & fugitive settlers to loot the holy land.
    Here’s the deal.. Talmud says.
    1) God is never angry about the Jews, just about Non-Jews.
    2) Jews may steal from Non-Jews.
    3) Jews always have to try to deceive Non-Jews.
    4) Jews may lie to Non-Jews. Jews may use lies (subterfuges) to circumvent Gentile.
    5) Every Jew is allowed to use lies and perjury to bring Non-Jew to ruin.
    Cry Auschwitz Dachau Birkenau