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White House Scraps Jewish Heritage Month Reception

The White House is picking winners and losers as it cuts back because of the sequester, and a planned reception for American Jews is getting the short end of the stick.

Many other events are proceeding as planned, but according to the Jewish news service JTA, the annual White House celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month is canceled.

“Jewish invitees usually include luminaries in the arts, sports and sciences, lawmakers, armed services personnel and the Israeli ambassador, as well as organizational leaders and political supporters of the president,” according to JTA.

The sequester cuts kicked in March 1, but that hasn’t stopped the White House from staging a variety of fun events marking all sorts of occasions.

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day last month included an East Room bash with hundreds of guests and a separate breakfast party at the vice president’s residence.

Tuesday, the Obamas took in an exclusive viewing in the White House theater of the movie “42,” which chronicles the life of Jackie Robinson, with the film’s cast and crew. Earlier, in the day, Michelle hosted a “42 Film Workshop” for kids in the State Dining Room that featured Harrison Ford.

Obama even got in a reception for the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings and major league soccer champs LA Galaxy on March 26. And there’s money around to transport him to the golf links, where he traveled by motorcade last weekend.

Next Tuesday, the Obamas will be treated to a command East Room performance “celebrating” Memphis soul music, with performances by stars like Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah.

Deciding what to cancel could become problematic for the White House, as various groups begin to despair at not getting coveted presidential treatment.

For example, next month also traditionally includes a White House celebration of Cinco de Mayo. But it would seem doubtful Obama would nix that event, given the fierce competition for Hispanic voters.

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247 thoughts on “White House Scraps Jewish Heritage Month Reception”

  1. How many vacations did O-scumbag scrap? He’s donating $20K to charity, so all his brain-dead followers will swoon over him, then he’ll take a $4 million vay cay…

    It’s too bad nobody in the D.C. media thought to do a background check on this criminal before he got elected. Which makes you accomplices….

    1. Exactly. The guy goes from making 780 grand to “only” 760 grand, and we’re supposed to believe he’s sacrificing like the little guy. Give me a break!

      That’s not even symbolic, that’s flat-out insulting.

    1. Using that rationale, he should cancel next month’s Cinco de Mayo or next January’s Martin Luther King observance. Ha, Ha,

      1. No. He won’t cancel those events because: 1. he likes the two organizations and 2. those 2 groups have about 100 times more votes.

  2. Why not cancel everything and turn the White House back into a government entity? How many trillions would that save. Also cancel the multiple vacation, ski trips, gold trips, etc. Let work instead..
    Has he forgotten how discrimination felt – he is just turning it around.

  3. Our racist President picks only those benefits that appeal to him. He is a narcissitic, divisive elitist. I cannot believe this liar and inept fraud was re-elected. I do not think America will survive his second term.

  4. Obama playes the nation like a violin. Of course he would never mix cinco de mayo. Mexicans can’t be thrown under the bus. Those votes are too important. Political pawns for political gains. Obama’s the scammer of all time.

  5. Sadly, this should not come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention, and chooses to be honest. It’s been quite obvious from the beginning, that Marxist-in-Chief sees black America as his primary concern, and always at the expense of White America.

  6. wake me when it's over

    “Next Tuesday, the Obamas will be treated to a command East Room performance “celebrating” Memphis soul music, with performances by stars like Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah.”

    C’mon, really!? Justin Timberlake to perform in celebration of Memphis soul music?

  7. I don’t feel sorry for the Jewish people. They came out in droves to vote Obama into office even though he has shown a disdain for them.

    1. Jews don’t vote in droves, any more than does a flock of Irish Catholics or any other ethnic or religious group.

      And NOT being venerated by a silly White House party is hardly a reason for anyone to feel sorry … why would anyone want to meet with Obama anyway? Apparently most of the non-Socialist world has little or no respect for him as they have seen him demonstrate his perfidy, over and over again.

  8. And yet you dumb Jewish fools keep on voting for this guy. You know who gets cut and who doesn’t? If sotero despises you, you are a victim of “the sequester”. If sotero loves you… ie, song night at the white house…. you are not a victim of the cuts. He wants to make a point, he cuts tours of “his” house for families. He wants to have fun, he jets off to play golf with Tiger. Why does this not seem obvious to so many?

  9. If Obama’s Israel trip was to have taken place after this reception was originally planned, you know the administration would have found a way to squeeze it in.

  10. Why can’t we as the nation that supposedly put him in office regulate his spending? I know it’s discretionary spending, but isn’t there a website or complaint center (like anyone is listening to complaints or criticism on his end)….never mind…

    1. LOL … frustrating when no recourse is available other than on election day, by which time most of the egregiousness is forgotten due to other considerations.

      1. The problem is that elections these days are decided by last-minute voters who generally don’t know doodly-squat about the issues facing the country.

        That’s no way to run a representative republic. If the public is clueless, so too must be its representatives.

  11. And this surprises you why?? Obama clearly does not support our jewish friends! The American people however DO respect Isreal sorry our president is so lame

  12. Hear Ye!

    Government should NOT be celebrating any religion …. See: The FIRST AMENDMENT!

    Since black skin is NOT a religion, there is no prohibition in the Constitution for government to recognize and celebrate a particular racial segment of our population.

    The only reason Christmas day is acceptable as a National holiday is because government offices could not properly function on a day when 90%+ of the population would take a holiday. (not that they function well at any other time – but that’s a different problem).

    1. The Constitution says nothing about freedom from religion.

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

  13. If guess the Jews have no souls for the Democrats. Maybe they will finally realize the Democrats are not their friends and really have no use for them and their money anymore. Character comes out in tough times.

  14. People need to be aware that these ‘sequestration cuts’ spelled out. These are Obama’s choice. He has to make cuts but it’s up to him what to cut. Notice that golf or parties or govt staff aren’t one of the things. He think people are still dumb as rocks and can’t see who he is yet. Well, I guess the dopes who voted for him still are but they will soon figure it out.

    Guess what Obozo? We know who you are. You’re an arrogant, American hating, useless, wannabe dictator who talks like he knows what he’s doing but in reality doesn’t have a clue. Just a puppet for the left. Oh yeah, and you will go down in history as the very worst president in history. Your children will have to carry that cross for their entire lives. Congrats.

  15. What people should be focused on is the status of This Republic internationally and the intentions of our enemies home and abroad .
    The political and corporate leaders have been seduced and “Honor and Integrity” are not in the toolbox for the comrades and fidels .
    Most of all the occupants of this Republic are selfish and delusional .

    The enemy puppeteers use the same “lead from behind” strategy with the Presidency as the puppet used in North Africa and the Middle East.They were not expecting this much resistance from syria .

    Isnt it amazing how a comrade walks away from her million mile world vacation of four years absolutely unscathed even after the “at this point WHAT DIFFERANCE does it make”moment, and now pravda USA is reporting that she now is rumored to write a book about something,I suppose her experiances and or foreign policy .

    It is sad to see so many people sell their children to the enemy for a mere pittance GOD have mercy !

  16. Not only do the dems know how to call the song, they are also most adept at playing the tune… long as the sympatico media provide the chorus.

  17. Slap the American Jewish population in the face, but its okay to boogie down at the Soul Festival. Our racist President strikes again. When will the Jews here wake up and realize he doesn’t like them or Israel? If he did, he wouldn’t have allowed 250 million dollars to go to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood and millions more to Pakistan just in the last several weeks.

  18. obam is succeeding with his bamboozlement of you and the lot !

    Now everyone is transfixxed with the distractive preoccupation of “what is chicago comrade obama going to do today(chicago comrade to chicago comrade clinton) !
    hollywood should move ahead with their betrayal to the Republic that made them rich, more rich then is necessary and put obama on “Entertainment Tonight” and the rest during the “dinnertime” hour to keep the less endowed subjects focused on celebrity circuses and not the invasion of this Republic

    GOD have mercy on those that sell their Families to the enemy !.

  19. My dear Jewish friends, at the end of the day, who do you stand with? Africans, Arabs, White Trash, welfare recipients, illegal immigrants or LGBT’s? As these groups’ ideology, via Obama and company, are being push down our throats….and one must ask ones self, what have these groups contributed to the well being of humankind v. what have the Jews contributed to the well being of humankind. I’ll stand with the Jews. One must understand it is not the governments role to pick winners or losers, friends or who we wish to associate or not, that must be left to the individual choice. In other words, government get off my arse and leave me alone.

  20. It’s probably that well known ‘Jewish guilt complex’, he can dis them all day long and they will think it’s theiir own fault.

  21. Jews will be Jews….chosen people but they sure make VERY bad decisions, they’ve been doing it for 5000 years. Voting Barry back in is just par for their goofy coarse!

  22. The election is over…why does he need to cater, pander to them? If this segment was ignorant of reality to vote for him then why be surprised?

    1. Yeah, but he sure does love him some Islamist ass. Guarantee you aren’t going to like living under sharia law. That’s where he’s taking us once he finishes shredding the Constitution.

  23. I’ll bet Martin Luther King celebration will go on, and other black events like the upcoming Memphis Soul celebration. In any event, it always puzzles me as to why American Jews support Obama since he sticks it to them and Israel all the time? There must be some reason but I’m sure not seeing it.

  24. Does this really surprise anyone that Obama will keep his “roots” and super star athletes, and Hollywood insiders programs and cancel everything elkse that is not part if “his” culture.

  25. Maybe now the Jewish community will help republicans win in the next election so Obama can no longer push his socialist agenda and his disregard of Israel


    Your going to need your rest once this country implodes on itself. Who to blame, look at yourselves in the mirror.

  27. Irony of ironies.

    The WH Command Performance of “celebrating” Memphis Soul Music on Tuesday April 9, 2013 will be the first month anniversary of the Obamas “celebrating” the closing of White House Tours to the public which became effective Saturday, March 9, 2013.

    “Due to staffing reductions resulting from sequestration, we regret to inform you that White House Tours will be canceled effective Saturday, March 9, 2013 until further notice.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  28. But, you notice, his and his family’s and Biden’s fantastically expensive trips and vacation continue unabated. Their Majesties are above the rules that apply to the rest of us, apparently.

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