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White House Scraps Jewish Heritage Month Reception

The White House is picking winners and losers as it cuts back because of the sequester, and a planned reception for American Jews is getting the short end of the stick.

Many other events are proceeding as planned, but according to the Jewish news service JTA, the annual White House celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month is canceled.

“Jewish invitees usually include luminaries in the arts, sports and sciences, lawmakers, armed services personnel and the Israeli ambassador, as well as organizational leaders and political supporters of the president,” according to JTA.

The sequester cuts kicked in March 1, but that hasn’t stopped the White House from staging a variety of fun events marking all sorts of occasions.

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day last month included an East Room bash with hundreds of guests and a separate breakfast party at the vice president’s residence.

Tuesday, the Obamas took in an exclusive viewing in the White House theater of the movie “42,” which chronicles the life of Jackie Robinson, with the film’s cast and crew. Earlier, in the day, Michelle hosted a “42 Film Workshop” for kids in the State Dining Room that featured Harrison Ford.

Obama even got in a reception for the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings and major league soccer champs LA Galaxy on March 26. And there’s money around to transport him to the golf links, where he traveled by motorcade last weekend.

Next Tuesday, the Obamas will be treated to a command East Room performance “celebrating” Memphis soul music, with performances by stars like Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah.

Deciding what to cancel could become problematic for the White House, as various groups begin to despair at not getting coveted presidential treatment.

For example, next month also traditionally includes a White House celebration of Cinco de Mayo. But it would seem doubtful Obama would nix that event, given the fierce competition for Hispanic voters.

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247 thoughts on “White House Scraps Jewish Heritage Month Reception”

  1. Ah, Diversity! Some groups more diverse than others…is Ramadan coming up? No doubt there will be no official recognition.

  2. Is he trying to alienate the Jewish Democrat vote? While a VERY small bloc, it is a powerful one, with many having deep pockets. I suppose casting off the Jewish vote in favor of other groups only makes sense. What will be next? Blaming the Jews for the economic failures of this administration? Accusing Jews of undermining foreign policy? Blood libels?

    With Bush fading from the memory of the voter, and the GOP trying to seem more conciliatory, Obama has to find someone to lay HIS failures on.

    1. He has already TRIED to alienate the Jewish voter – and still got 68% of the Jewish vote in 2012. If Jews weren’t been able to see the spots on the leopard in his first term, what makes you think they’ll see them now?

      1. Only 68%? I thought it was 86%. I’m truly surprised it was that low. I thought the Jewish voter bloc was only second to the Black voter bloc.
        Are you sure your numbers are correct? I’ve not seen or read of one prominent Jewish “leader” coming out opposing Obama’s agenda or the Democrat point of view. It is something akin to jews failing to bail out of Germany fast enough to escape the coming Holocaust..not quite that extreme, but similar.

      2. I am done caring about the Jewish voting block. He alienated them long ago and they voted for him. I refuse to help those who won’t help themselves…

        1. Remember these are the SAME people who were exiled out of the promised land; enslaved by the Egyptians; enslaved by the Babylonians; enslaved by the Persians and who meekly went to the Nazi death camps until the Warsaw uprising which was crushed by the Germans.

          1. surprise … the German government had most, if not all the weapons …think about that? And keep in mind, most German jews were loyal Germans …

            Many Americans who are of the Jewish persuasion fear the restrictive social policies of the Right wing fundamentalists who want to control social values and mind everyone else’s business. Unwisely they generally fail to see that the Left wing is not any better, as they want total government control, with themselves in control. And the failure to recognize the inherent danger with leadership composed of slugs like Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, all of whom support the Change through the agenda of incrementalism first begun by Woodrow Wilson (D-1913-1921).

          2. I must have missed that meeting, as a right winger I have no interest in controlling other people’s business, social or otherwise just as long as they don’t make it my business and do no harm to anyone else.

          3. You left out a few important facts.
            1) They were delivered to the promise land Israel by God Almighty.
            2) After WWII as predicted long ago in Bible prophesy, they were restored to their original land, and original language.

      3. Yes the exit polls inducated the percentage of Jews that voted for Obama is 68%. Remember the Jews are liberal/progressive first. They see the Democrat as protecting them from a conservative Republican Party. Interesting to read, “Why Jews are Liberal”. The result of both the high percentage of black (96%) and Jewish voters is a Democrat Party that takes thier vote for granted. It allows the Democrat Party for chase gay voters, illegal immigrant issues, gun control etc.

      4. My God, I couldn’t have said it better. The Jewish liberals in this country just can’t believe Obama does not really support Israel. It is heartbreaking.

  3. Why does this surprise anyone? He cares nothing for Jewish Heritage, he cares about getting the Jewish support in the form of money. The thing is, the Jewish community doesn’t seem to have this figured out.

      1. Schmucky Shumer’s Marxist ideology is his religion. He only uses the Jewish label to keep getting himself elected by the fools who don’t look past the (D) beside his name.

      2. Remember Jews are liberal/progressive FIRST. Here is a quote from the Simon Weisenthal Center regarding the Jewish mindset before WW2.
        “Since German troops liberated the Jews from the Czar in World War I, Germans were regarded by many Jews as a liberal, civilized people.”
        Note the word “LIBERAL”. Schumer is a liberal lap dog for Obama. Also a good part of what drives Shumer is ego and power. He’s useful for the Democrat Party.

  4. It’s very plain which groups are favored by this administration. I wish the American Jews would wake up and quit supporting this clown who is no friend of Israel.

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    1. No kidding. I wonder if the $7000 jacket the Empress bought during the re-election campaign was worn more than once or if it was disposable.

  6. ‘For example, next month also traditionally includes a White House celebration of Cinco de Mayo. But it would seem doubtful Obama would nix that event, given the fierce competition for Hispanic voters’.

    The Leftists have the American Jewish vote in it’s pocket, so why should they worry about ‘ offending them ‘ ?

    The author of this article is 100% correct.

  7. Both in 2008 and 2012 the majority of the Jewish vote went to Barry. He didn’t even visit our closest Mideast ally during his first term while he applauded and catered to Muslims. Now this insult where he selects a soul music fest over Jewish Heritage celebration. Can any of our Jewish friends out there explain to us why they would vote for this guy?

    1. The article mentions a “Soul Music” festival in order to draw attention towards Obama’s race, to make it seem that Obama cares more about blackness than he does Jewish people. I’m guessing you’re referring to the headline on Drudge, rather than this article , which reads “SEQUESTERED: WH Scraps Jewish Heritage Month Reception; Soul Music Fest Survives Cuts…” IT’S completely misleading, of course, because in the article itself all that is mentioned that

      “Next Tuesday, the Obamas will be treated to a command East Room performance “celebrating” Memphis soul music, with performances by stars like Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah.”

      The “fest” part suggests a massive event, a music festival, not a couple of acts preforming in a small section of the white house.

    2. thats a good question,I hate this lying socialist and cant figure out how a group that is supposed to be so smart would vote for this low life

  8. While they are at it, they should also pull all foreign aid from Israel AND the Palestinians, AND the Middle East in general. That will more than help the budget mess. America for Americans. We can then have the funds to officially celebrate every ethnic and or religious population that makes up less than 1% of the US.

      1. That’s only this year. Even worse, there’s little to no evidence it actually helps the average Palestinian. While Israel has actually used USA money to improve it’s infrastructure, The Palestinians have achieved little with the aid they’ve gotten, except to fatten private accounts and the wallets of arms dealers…or, at least it doesn’t show up, either way, in the media we see every day. Is it in the nature of an Arab to farm? Or build modern buildings, etc? What endeavors do they take up in the countries outside of the Middle East that they have significant populations. Oh, yes, there’s Harrods.
        What else?

  9. Just one more anti-semitic act… he probably groans when he has to take donations from wealthy Jews. Where’s the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defemation League… oh, that’s right they’re liberal attack dogs that are kept in cages until needed.

  10. Well he’s ditched Easter ruined the WH tours of our house. Now he’s gotten
    rid of Jewish Heritage Month. He’s going along fine with fundamentally
    changing the country into what he wants and the late GOP are bystanders.
    Of course this leaves only what Juan & Evita want and that’s parties, vacations
    golf gifts and whatever they want. The danger is his appointments to cabinet
    post and Ambassadors (Caroline & Anna). We are in great danger and where is the outrage when will we draw the line on this dangerous little despot?
    Are we waiting for the big mushroom cloud to get wacked with reality?

    1. So true, Lizzy. To effect their fundamental transformation, any celebration related to America’s Judeo-Christian ethics will be mocked and ridiculed by these grifters. There will be some event, hopefully not a mushroom cloud, that will awaken the bread and circuses crowd. Rush thinks it will be Preezy Revenge caught on open mic dissing one their idols like Justin Timberlake or Bouncey. I’m afraid it will take something like Cyprus, where the government confiscates their wealth, before they awaken from their Rip Van Winkle daze.

      1. I’m to old to duck and cover can’t get out from under my desk but at the
        rate we’re going that’s going to be my permanent address.

    2. Even my kid asked me about N Korea today. I said I think they are making threats so we will give them rice and money–but no one is sure, except the admin, and we aren’t sure about their assessments. She said why threaten someone and expect them to give you something? Because it worked before? I was not sure…anyone…?

      1. My assessment–and I’m no diplomat–is that if North Korea launches a nuclear missile (word from some sources is next Wednesday, for what it’s worth), then not even China is going to be able to look the other way. The US has enough nukes to make South Korea an island, and if North Korea God-forbid hits the US mainland, I hope we do.

        Hey, Democrats…how’s that “We don’t need no stinkin’ missile defenses” position of yours looking right about now?

        1. I’m no expert either but think the norks are opportunists. They will step on and off the stage when they have the opportunity. What they might underestimate is thinking Obama cares. Obama doesn’t give rats tale about anything but himself. Hence, they have been ignored and keep racheting up the rhetoric. That is the problem with brinksmanship. Eventually you might get to the brink. The norks are not really sure what to do and in the absence of attention, they might become dangerous.

  11. Oh, how far our racial pogress has emerge since Nobama has entered this country. In my opinion racism was beginning to die away. More black men and women in college. Lifelong friendships developed and then Nobama hits the national sites and he race cards in his pocket to pass out to anyone that disagrees with him. Do not worry Nobamma, life will go on when you are out via an election or any other manner, coupe, etc

    1. LOL. ARE YOU suggesting that Obama has stoked racial tensions in America? Read these comments and you’ll find 100000 racist comments, all from hateful, ignorant folks like yourself: people who were still crying about blacks and so forth long before Obama was elected into office.

      1. daj – Huh? “Racist” comments? Are you suggesting that it’s racist to point out that we have a president who says things like “..they can go to the back of the bus..”, ” … If I had a son …”, “… they acted stupidly …”, and “… keep a boot on their necks …” and that those comments are HELPING both race and party relations?

        I think for many that having a black president would be the begining of healing wounds, I know most didn’t think it was a gateway to “Getting even with the man”

        1. Wounds? Enough with the wounds bullshit, every race and nationality were slaves throughout thew history, some still are. Everyone got over it, this crap in US is just a form of grift…

    2. DAMNED RIGHT. Remember Obama is the same “man” who threw his white grandmother under the bus and was out doing a book tour instead of being by his (white) mother’s side while she was losing her battle to cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am not surprised by this at all.
    Look how over the last 4 years he has
    treated the Jewish Leaders.

    He has no problems with people
    and countries that dislike the Jewish people

  13. Anonymity Still Matters

    Probably Israel’s idea in the first place. I mean, this fake credentialed usurper told Israel they should return to the pre-’67 lines and he still get 4/5ths of the Jewish vote. I can’t imagine how anyone cannot see through all the propaganda swimming around him and see through to its source.

    1. Anonymity Still Matters

      If you want more proof, look at how Obama gave Bibi the high hat when Netanyahu visited America yet when Mr. Soetoro visited Israel recently he had 5000 police officers assigned as just a portion of his security detail.

  14. Good. Cut all this BS. We’re 15 trillion in debt and the WH is wasting money catering to special interest groups? Cut, cut, cut, and then cut some more.

    1. If he WOULD actually cut everything, that would be great. However, the chances of the Obamas giving up anything they actually like, such as vacations, golf, White House concerts, find-raising trips using Air Force 1, etc., are slim and none and slim left town a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago.

  15. This man changed everything about america. He turned it into a Ghetto minorty loving welfare given country. Problem is that there are no more true americans and whats left are dying off. Rest are retards like him.

  16. As a European-American Jew I am very offended! They do everything for the Black people and Latino people! But they DO NOTHING for the White people, Jewish people, Asian people, Native Americans….. JEEZ! COULDN’T YOU AT LEAST MAKE A JEWISH HERITAGE MONTH FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME! For the love of God! It seems as if that now Black People and Latino people are more superior than everybody else! WHERE IS OUR DIVERSITY YOU PROMISED US?! I’m mad at this President. Just know that you aren’t getting the White vote or the Jewish vote or the Asian vote or the Native American vote now.

    1. This your first day here?
      Obammy could not care any less about jews.

      You voted in bloc for the Oboingo, shut your pie hole and sit down.

      1. That’s not nice, Dave.

        Do you know how many in the Republican bloc didn’t bother to go vote at all? Just because a large portion on that bloc didn’t vote does not negate my right to fight against, speak out against, those things that are in opposition to my beliefs.

        We need everyone willing and able to stand up and speak out, not to sit down and shut up.

    2. LOL. There is still Jewish Heritage month. Did you read the article or were you too busy being worked up into a frenzy and suffering an aneurysm. Unless you were invited–which I somehow doubt– to the White House, since the article explains that those invited include:

      ““Jewish invitees usually include luminaries in the arts, sports and sciences, lawmakers, armed services personnel and the Israeli ambassador, as well as organizational leaders and political supporters of the president,”

      So unless you are a dignitary , a luminary, or somehow a famous person, than this news story doesn’t effect you in the least.

    1. Absolutely.

      They’ve cut back on transparency, accountability, obeying the law, respecting the Constitution, and any sense of shame they might have had left.

      There’s probably a lot more where that came from, but you get where I’m going with that.

  17. Of course he will celebrate Memphis, the Democrat’s only hope of carrying Tennessee in a presidential election – home to the bulk of the state’s built-in democrat vote.

  18. If my memory serves, April is Confederate History month. What are the chances that our friend Barry is going to lay a wreath on the grave of Jefferson Davis?

  19. Boy are all those rich Jews who support Obama going to be mad. Maybe they will take back their money from this freak of a president.

    1. Don’t count on it. Some people are always for the “underdog” and can’t bring themselves to cheer for a winner. That is why we have our own people who cheer for underdogs and want to destroy a winner like America used to be. You have to ask yourselves, why is that? Hate a winner, love a loser? That is why after years and years and years of this thinking we have now a failed America. Forced diversity for underdogs and losers, diminished pride in winners and everyone gets a trophy attitude have undermined success so that we actually applaud a feckless loser instead of respecting a winner. A winner is now shamed for doing the hard work and having the built in work ethic and winning attitude. This is what happens when you invest in empty self esteem and unearned accolades.

  20. Yep,

    This is a really great time in world history to withdraw more support from the Jewish Community.



  21. Can’t you Crackas and Hymies let a Brotha have his own holidays and friends?

    Oh!bamma has been tryin’ to be “Down with da hood” since he has been in politics.
    Why do you think he NEVER mentions his White mommy and Middle Class upbringing?

  22. Not to mention endless trips to DC for the family of Hidiya Pendleton of lved.Chicago.

    Her murder was a tragedy, but Team Obama is doing its best to exploit it, not to mention the expenses involved.

  23. The list of Jewish Nobel Prize winners for actual substantive efforts – as in science, medicine, the arts and humanities are too long to list here.

    The contributions of soul singers from Memphis are cool, fun and worth noting – BUT – just how abuse and disrespect will the Jews in America put up with from Obama? It’s like they suffer from “Stockholm Syndrome.”

    As for Cinco de Mayo – take it from a Texas/Mexico border resident who is half Mexican – its a Northern Mexican/border holiday – go South in Mexico and say “Cinco de Mayo” and most people shrug and walk away. It’s an excuse to drink beer – which is reason enough to celebrate

    1. Exactly. Except for the Yucatan, it has no significance for Mexico. I wonder how many people mistakingly think it is Mexico’s Independence Day. Not. It is a holiday invented for gringos.

      1. How very true. The holiday was a brilliant marketing campaign by beer makers. And Obama invented his own holiday – “Cinco de Quatro” when he flubbed Cinco de Mayo.

    2. I was actually at last year’s playoff game between the Capitals and Rangers on Drinko de Mayo (sic!) It was a matinee game, and most of the Rangers fans in attendance were about as polluted as Jason Biggs’s Twitter feed.

      I actually make it a point to go to French places in May 5, for what it’s worth.

  24. What you have to realize in this Country is that there are 2 seperate kinds of Jews. The one that voted for Obummer are the ones that do not stand with israel and do not care about there future because they already feel safe in this country. The Jews who do represent Israel in this country is outnumber by a lot I would say the ratio to that is there like 70% of jews who don’t care about Israel in this country cause there already here in the USA. The 25% who do support Israel are deemed outsiders and traders to the ones that don’t support it and the other 5% who do support it are from Israel

  25. Also cancelled was Scottish Heritage reception. Or was it English Heritage reception? Or Dutch Heritage reception? Or German Heritage reception? Or French Heritage reception? Oops! Surprise! These receptions were never scheduled, and don’t hold your breath waiting for them to be put on the WH calender.

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  28. “Many other events are proceeding as planned, but according to the Jewish news service JTA, the annual White House celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month is canceled.”

    I certainly hate to say this but I am going to. The Jewish people deserve what they get as they keep supporting and voting for this man who has no experience in his job position and does not like Jews, period and they are not getting this! same as in WWII when the vast majority of Jews voted for Hitler and didn’t believe what happened to them could and this has carried throughout history and they still are clueless or just majorly naïve.

    We are and have been watching them and it is sad to see just how stubborn they choose to be when their problem is in plain sight.

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