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Michelle: I’m a “Busy Single Mother”

Uh oh. Calling Dr. Freud.

Not trying to cause trouble or anything, of course, but this happened the same day Obama publicly applauded the beauty of California’s attorney general.

And BTW, a busy mother with lots of vacation time, please.

47 Responses to Michelle: I’m a “Busy Single Mother”

  1. Women who are married to the father of their children do NOT accidentally identify themselves as “busy, single mothers”.
    She might be telling us about the state of her marriage and how she really feels. With all the hype, lies, and distortions about the FirstCouple, there’s no way to tell the truth.


    • Their marriage is as rock solid and true as FDR,JFK and the Clinton’s.
      She’s in competition with him for attention popularity and fame and fortune. Sounds like a good marriage to me:-)

    • I’ve never made that mistake either, and slip of the tongue is my second language :)

      I wonder how the military wives feel about her whining poor me. MO needs to walk in their shoes when hubby’s deployed, whether on a cruise or war zone. Those are tough long months, and without the bennies of Poor MO.

      • Having been in Vietnam a wife praying that call never came and the car
        never pulled up with two uniformed military officers and rang the bell.
        She has no idea nor I doubt she’s got any empathy either.

  2. What is this cow whining about now??? She’s busy? Busy doing what? Squandering our $$$ on her botox, lipo, and wighats? Vacations? Parties? TV gigs? Radio interviews? 5 Star restaurants? Ski trips? Casino resorts? Rock concerts? Limos, motorcades and AF2?

    Where exactly do her kids fit into this picture? Sounds more like this ‘busy single mom’ is looking for a rich boyfriend or husband! Maybe she should try E-Harmony or Craig’s List! Get a life, Michelle, .and stop making a fool of yourself! One fool in the Obama family is enough!

  3. She looks and sounds like she had a few Martinis before that interview. What’s she trying to hide beneath all that fake hair? Hmmm…

  4. First of all she looks drunk or impaired, and that roadkill on top of her head isn’t helping her appearance. I’m more concerned with where she’s getting the authority to manage farmer’s markets. Who the heck does this broad think she is? “We’re looking at new models of getting farmer’s markets to create buses and drive into communities that are underserved…” Does this mean we the benevolent taxpayers are going to be forced to fund more of her ‘healthy eating’ boondoggles? Markets can’t survive in the hood because their clientele are more interested in looting and robbing them than buying nutritious food for their families. Until her husband addresses the cultural rot in inner city neighborhoods, forcing markets to serve an undeserving clientele is a fruitless endeavor.

      • Personally I am using bitcoin. What the heck on farmer’s markets? These are cooperatives, run by farmers and even people who own a share in the farm (getting baskets of produce). I blogged on it– (scroll a little)… The govt has no business bigfooting into this!

    • Markets can’t survive in the hood because their clientele are more interested in looting and robbing them than buying nutritious food for their families

      I have to tag this one, Susan. I don’t think that is supported. I lived in the inner city of DC for three decades. Markets are not as profitable bec people don’t have as much money or maybe high-end eating habits…

      • We can agree to disagree. Your experience in D.C. is very different from my experience in a Texas border town for 20 years (70s-90s). Even back then markets couldn’t survive in the hood. The only survivors were the convenience stores that carried no more than $20 in change. Those were mainly used for beer runs and snacks. No fresh foods available.

      • I can also tell you, Susan, that Safeway prices downtown in DC were about 20% higher than a few miles outside in the burbs–guess they had to make up for all those robberies…Or could it be that poorer people downtown had no transportation and no where else to shop?

  5. Maybe she is, in reality, a single woman. Maybe, like the Clintons, it’s a political marriage, one of tit for tat, you help me, I”ll help you kind of thing.
    And who cares anyway.

    • I believe it does matter, stefie. They are lying to the American people about their intentions. If these people are frauds, we need to know the truth. Actions speak louder than words, and the grifters sure don’t act like a happily married couple. Maybe Reverend Wright set them up. Heard he ran a matchmaking operation, finding beards for his down-low clients.

  6. Man, cut Moochie some slack. It’s hard to think of yourself as married if you’ve done time with a turkey baster to get your kids.