As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, April 5, 2013

9:15 am || Hosts and Easter Prayer Breakfast; East Room – WHD will provide live stream
10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern except at noted
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm

And guess who definitely won’t be at the prayer breakfast this time.

This guy:

Ben Carson

26 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, April 5, 2013

      • The screaming hyenas of the left will not derail his cause. I saw some crazy black Democrat on Hannity the other night screaming how he created a monster with Dr. Carson. Unlike Obama who is a creation of the media idol worshipers, Dr. Carson is a man of purpose and principle.

        • and Dr. (a real DOCTOR so suck it! Jill Biden) Carson has a real life story… unlike the empty suit Barack Hussein “seal all records” Obama.

  1. Heaven help whoever gives the Presidential Briefing…”C’mon come on, willya? Finish for crying out loud! I have a 12 noon Tee time!”

    To paraphrase Hotlips from the original M.A.S.H. “This isn’t a White House, its an insane asylum!”

  2. Mark Levin was just discussing his schedule. A prayer breakfast five days after Easter? What a schmuck. No doubt his new pastor Luis Leon will be there to spread his message of Christianly love and tolerance.

  3. He’s kinda jumping the gun on next year’s Easter breakfast, doncha think?
    Oh. Wait.
    I forgot that in Obamaland Christian celebrations are not written down anywhere as a specific date. If one is really busy, or on vacation, the celebration can be just any old time.

  4. Must hurry! My sequestrian teacher is waiting to give me my next lesson. Today, I leap through hoops and ride around barrels on the backs of high income earners whilst cutting essential services, even those of local, county and state over which I have no real control and funding for chemotherapy for cancer patients(they won’t be voting soon), whilst I continue funding for non-productive slugs who do vote.
    Kim-jung Oon is doing what? Cut DoD another billion!
    Hurry! My staff is saying it is more difficult to distinguish me from the horse from the rear and from the front when I don’t wear my Super-Hero helmet.

  5. Wow. A two hour day. Campaigning must be SO exhausting. Can we sequester Mr. Obama in the White House and force him to do some work?

    • the Traveler / Campaigner / Scientist in Chief has had a rough week. So it’s TGIF and lets watch some BBall!! (unless he decides to go and visit). Reggie, where is my popcorn????

  6. The Administration’s intention was to be a Sequester prayer breakfast, not an Easter prayer breakfast.
    Someone misspelled the daily schedule.

    • This is a deliberate insult to Easter it was a week ago not yesterday.
      The ‘egg roll’ was a day late. He seems to love to show his disrespect
      and disdain for Christians he did make it to Church but I would be
      willing to bet he was aware of the sermon ahead of time.

  7. Perhaps Dr. Carson should volunteer his services to run some brain scans on the Choomer-in-Chief and his ‘single mother’ wife! He doesn’t know what day it is….and she still thinks of herself as a schtruggling single mom. She’s almost unrecognizable in the latest photos via the Daily Mail. Scary!

  8. What’s the point of hosting the Easter prayer breakfast a week late? Is this just another opportunity for some left-loving pastor to spew divisive socialist BS from the pulpit?

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