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Obama: Nancy Walks on Water Too

Appearing at a fundraiser in her San Francisco hometown, President Obama Wednesday laid it on thick for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, lauding her as a “visionary” leader who is nevertheless also “practical” and even “spoils her grandkids.”

Most Republicans view Pelosi as among the most partisan leaders in either Party, sticking to a typical liberal agenda and doing – and saying – whatever it takes to advance her agenda.

But Obama feels differently. From the White House transcript of a fundraiser for House Democrats at the San Francisco home of Gordon Getty:

And I am here because there are very few people in public office who I am more fond of and respectful than the person who just introduced me, Nancy Pelosi.  She is thoughtful, she’s visionary, she’s as tough as nails.  (Laughter.)  She is practical.  She never lets ideology cloud her judgment.  She’s constantly motivated by how do we create a country that is more just, more fair, more dynamic.  She knows why she’s in public life.  It’s connected to her values — the values that she grew up with, the values that she’s raised her kids, and now spoils her grandkids with.  (Laughter.)  And I’m just so proud to call her a friend.

Obama said that while he hopes to get immigration reform and gun control legislation approved by Congress before the 2014 elections, he will also do plenty of legislating from the Oval Office by fiat, claiming there is “a lot of stuff that we can do administratively.”

But Obama was also clear that much of his agenda would only be possible with a Congress fully controlled by Democrats, as it was when he got Obamacare passed.

“I would be dishonest if I didn’t say that it would be a whole lot easier to govern if I had Nancy Pelosi as Speaker,” Obama said, indicating a Democratic House would be required to pass his plan to guarantee early childhood education, provide access to college for all, create a “smart grid” focused on renewable energy, and deal with global warming “in a serious way.”

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    1. I thought I overheard her saying the phrase:

      “I see dead people”,

      but then again, I might of overheard her saying:

      “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It”, In this case, “It” refers to her vision(s).

      1. Unfortunately, the Democrats would like to do the same with an immigration bill, pass it all on their own. A nice big fat bill no one has read before voting aye.

        1. I’m not sure the Democrats really want full blown amnesty. If they did, they would have passed as evil an immigration bill as they did with the nationalization of our healthcare with Obamadoesn’tcare, and the nationalization of our financial industry with Dodd Frank. They held the majority in Congress the first two years of Preezy Revenge’s reign.

  1. There goes Obama complaining about not being a dictator again. And is San Francisco the only place you can still say “global warming” instead of the watered down “climate change”?

  2. This man is unsuited to govern America. In Colorado he chafed under the constraints of the Constitution and the Second Amendment and in San Francisco he allowed how he would do more administratively.

    The economy continues to fail and without Bernanke Obama would be exposed for the disaster he is.

  3. Ahhh, but there are more quotes…..

    “My intention here is to try to get as much done with the Republican Party over the next two years as I can, because we can’t have perpetual campaigns,” Obama said to about 100 supporters in the home of Kat Taylor and Tom Steyer.

  4. Just as the Dems need MrsClinton, they also need MrsPelosi in positions of power. They just don’t have anyone else, no youngsters with new ideas, fresh faces to present to the voters, but the tired, same-old faces they’ve promoted for the last 20 years.

    On the other side, the Repubs have a solid bench of players, all of whom ready and willing to step up and take over.

    1. We as a nation could not survive another 2 years of a Dem ruled house and Ms. P as speaker. We also know the Dem are shooting for the moon to try and gain control of the house, and hopefully even a majority. These next nine months are going to make or break the Dem’s. I agree with you the Dem Party has nothing to bring to the table as far as new leadership, however look how they sneaked in BO.

      Cali is Cali, and they would vote for her even if she was in a coma. The same would go for Feinstein, Boxer and a few others.

      Term Limits.. nothing excessive, but their needed.

    2. You’re right about the aging of Democratic politicians, female and male. The liberal media is so in their hands, however, that by the time 2016 rolls around, the Democrats with help from the media will be toting some line about age and experience, blah, blah, blah. Old will suddenly become new.

      The Republicans have a good handful of possible candidates who not only are younger but who also have fresh ideas on their side. Let’s hope they don’t club each other to death in the primary though.

  5. He’s right about her spoiling her grandkids. How many taxpayer-financed trips did she take them on when she was Speaker? I can’t remember the exact number, but I know she flew (on the taxpayer dime) back and forth to California every weekend and that her family members often flew with her.

      1. and the worst part is they would buy it at military AAFES facilities so the cost was allot cheaper, so more booze for the buck.

  6. “She never lets ideology cloud her judgment.” That there is a flat out lie. Pelosi is a hard-core leftist ideologue, who will lie, cheat, and steal to achieve her goals. Her proudest moment was marching to the Capitol building with that giant gavel to achieve the holy grail of the left – nationalized healthcare.

    I despise this woman with every fiber of my being, but she does have stones. She wouldn’t be caught dead crying like a baby on national TV like her counterpart in the House. Too bad she didn’t see the error of her evil ways and come to the side of the angels. She would have fought to preserve this country as founded, unlike the gutless wonder we have now.

    1. I think the teleprompter got it backwards. It should read, “She never lets her judgement cloud her ideology.” There, fixed it for you!

      1. There are people on both sides who will lie, cheat and steal. I know of so called “tea party” people who are hell bent on destroying the Republican party of Virginia. Ken Cuccinelli has wrought havoc on the local committees and his flock of followers are just as bad as obama followers in their dishonest and vile ways.

  7. Even when I was still a Dem activist, I didn’t like Pelosi because she seemed so out of touch with working folks. Why do we assume she’d be the next speaker if the Dems win the House back?

    If you recall, Bush had her the last two years of his term and Obama the first two years. Isn’t that the period where our economy got so sucky?

    Why would we want to return to that?

    1. More Pelosi/Obama fallout:

      Tens of thousands of Obamacare “Navigators” to be hired at a proposed rate of $20-48 per hour. CA is requesting 21,000 such workers.

      “Proposed requirements would also include that such entities and individuals provide consumers with information and assistance in the consumer’s preferred language, at no cost to the consumer, which would include oral interpretation of non-English languages and the translation of written documents in non-English languages when necessary to ensure meaningful access,” said the regulations.”
      “The rules allow navigators to come from the ranks of unions, health providers and community action groups such as ACORN and Planned Parenthood. They are required to provide unbiased advice.”

      Read More:

      1. “required to provide unbiased advice” .. sureeeeeeeeee, and while their at it they can sign you up to vote as well as receive other “free” program incentives for a particular party. Am laughing now.. can you see members of OFA and Tea Party having to train together to support this program??

  8. Did he forget that she’s also mentally retarded?
    He seems to forget that it would also be disastrous for this country if Ms. Pelosi was the Speaker of the House. One can only spend money they don’t have for so long before somebody starts wanting their money back.

  9. There is a special place in hell reserved for the evil Nancy Pelosi and may the good Lord see to it that she occupies it sooner rather than later.

  10. “Early childhood education” has been done quite ably by parents and by older siblings for a very long time. My older brothers played school with me, and I entered first grade after no kindergarten but better prepared than the kids who had gone to kindergarten.

    A government requirement of “early children (pre-kindergarten) education is designed to 1) get even more people on the public payroll to help keep Democrats in office; and 2) get the leftist programming into kids’ brains when they’re the most impressionable. And not necessarily in that order.

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