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The Obama Morning News || April 4, 2013

Obama pushes gun control in Colorado . . . Daily Caller
Colorado sheriffs hold counter-rally . . . Jim Hoft
GOP trying partial Obamacare repeals . . . Washington Times
James Carville signs on with Hillary . . . Washington Post
Why the Democrats really need her . . . Daniel Doherty
Regime change if North Korea attacks . . . Washington Times
Obama putting missile defense in Guam . . . Fox News
Former Romney hands battle each other . . . Politico
Obama to make do on $380K per year . . . Politico

One Response to The Obama Morning News || April 4, 2013

  1. There’s something not quite right about an empty comment section.

    MrObama’s less than grand gesture of sending 5% of his salary back to the treasury in solidarity with the soon to be furloughed Federal employees
    just falls flat and isn’t the right message. With 25million or so unemployed workers from the private sector that he always ignores, the message is that he only supports unionized or government employees. .

    So what if former supporters of MrRomney can’t get along, who cares.

    Putting a show of defensive firepower in Guam aimed at NoKo and promising to remove their current regime isn’t helping or making us feel any safer.

    MrCarville signing on with MrsClinton isn’t news, he’s been in her camp for 5 years or more. If MrsClinton does decide to run for President, SenCruz will give her a run for the money. He’ll make her look like the tired, old politician that she really is, in contrast to his fresh, new ideas.
    MrsClinton should remain in retirement and pray for some grandchildren. Mayber she and Bubba could go on a cruise; they seem to be very exciting.