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Chicago Knocks Down Reagan’s Childhood Home

The city of Chicago razed a childhood home of Ronald Reagan so that it could build  . . . a parking garage.

Meanwhile, as Jim Hoft notes over at the Gateway Pundit, the city recently created a monument at the site of President and Mrs. Obama’s first kiss.

Because, priorities are priorities . . .

27 Responses to Chicago Knocks Down Reagan’s Childhood Home

  1. Yeah, yeah, symbolic or historic and all that. It’s Chicago for pete’s sake.
    There are probably plans to make the Obama manse a shrine for the faithful to swoon at and tax-payer monies will be allocated for it’s upkeep.

    This is 100% Dem territory and anything associated with one of the most famed Repub Presidents is going to be destroyed, bulldozed over, and erased from the rolls for fear that it might attract a deranged group of Repubs who might want to hold a public event there.

  2. Was little Barry jealous? These idiots care nothing about history. Can you
    imagine all the idol worship that will go on when Dear Leader and MO are dragged kicking and screaming out of the WH they don’t even like it there.
    There will be statues, murals and a picture in every classroom so the kids can
    pay there respects in awe. That reminds me of two former ‘leaders’ can you guess who they are?

    • I’m still trying to figure out how Obama ended up in Chicago after his college years. He hates the cold because he’s such a hot house flower growing up in tropical climates, then spending his college years in the northeast. Maybe the answer is in his sealed records?

      When you’re the historic first black President of the Harvard Law Review, you could probably take your pick of the job offers in the country …. so why didn’t he go back to Hawaii, Southern Cal, Florida? Top high paying law firms are in those cities too :D

      Was that a hypothetical question? LOL…..

        • Indeed, Obama was mentored by more than a few of the underworld slim shadys. How could this have gone unVetted? My first job in the gov’t was an entry level GS-2 requiring a top secret clearance by an FBI investigation. I had to provide every g.d. home address, school attended in my life and about 20 people who had “first hand knowledge” of my daily activities during different segments of my life. Obama couldn’t have passed that check to become a clerk-typist !

          • You are so right. If you check Wickipedia for MrO’s background so many red flags are produced that you know the “facts” are probably wishful thinking.

            For instance, they claim that MrO lived and worked in Chicago after college for at least a year or more before he went to Law School. At some point, they claim he went to California to learn the “Alinsky manner of organizing”. Hmmmmmmm.

          • His connection with Michelle is also fuzzy. Supposedly he worked under her, or she was his mentor. But when she worked briefly in the private sector, she worked for a big firm called Sidley-Austin, and he worked, very briefly, for some small firm which actually represented slum landlords, believe-it-or-not. He never worked for Sidley-Austin. .

            I hope this new Redford movie coming out tomorrow raises more questions about both his and her pasts. Not from the MSM–that will never happen–but from the right. It’s totally unacceptable that a President of the United States needs to place all of his most basic records under legal seal.

      • Me thinks it was the easiest place in the nation to get elected to a political seat. The most corrupt city surely appealed as he could just let the experienced guarantee him a spot via dirty dealings.

  3. Listen, Chicago, Obama all are the shadiest characters, but this home was only lived in by Reagan for a few months, it wasn’t like he had some spiritual epiphany here. This again is smoke screen journalism.

  4. Chicago gets tackier by the day. They tear down good, solid buildings to make room for a wealthier clientele and their needs (like parking lots). I used to live in “Chicagoland”, and one of the fun places to go to was the old Maxwell Street. It was like the Lower East Side in NY, but under the last Mayor Daley, it was torn down and a Hollywood lot version was put up for the tourists of today. Supposedly cleaned up and sanitized. Ronald Reagan’s childhood home in Chicago may not have the importance of the one in Dixon, IL, but it was strongly built and attractive building. The residents of that building and the others like it are being forced out to make room for a parking lot? Maybe slum landlord ValJar has a hand in it.

  5. Date line Kenya:

    After the razing of Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home in Chicago, IL it has been announced that the ancestral family home of Barack Obama will be converted into a fifty-story high-rise in Kenya. Funds for the building effort will come from a public-private partnership, and will include monies from OFA, the DNC, and grants from the Gates Foundation, Google, and the Zuckerberg Foundation. The US federal government has pledged 1.2 billion dollars of assistance in the construction.

    When contacted regarding the donation to the Obama building project, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz replied that she, “Knew nothing” about the DNC contribution.

    Construction of the high-rise is expected to begin on August 4, 2013, to coincide with the anticipated gala that will be given in honor of President Obama in Washington, D.C.

    Residents of the area impacted by the construction project have mixed feelings. One resident speaking on the condition of anonymity stated, “I think it will be good for the area, and bring shovel ready jobs much needed in Kenya.”

    Others were not so enthused by the project, commenting that it will destroy the traditional ways of life of those that live in the village. “What are we going to do with indoor plumbing?” asked an incredulous Adongo Akello, a local community organizer. “We have hundreds of years of traditions that will be destroyed by this building,” she continued.

    While the response to the Obama/Kenyan building project is receiving a mixed reaction from locals, government officials in Kenya are excited about the project. One high ranking government official, who was not authorized to speak about the project stated that he was thrilled by the prospect of the construction. “My brother-in-law runs a steel import business, and this will enable him to move his family out of my house and into a modern building. Plus, he will get rich off of the contracts that we will ensure he gets for the project.”

    When asked about the Kenyan building project at Wednesday’s press briefing, White House Spokesman, Jay Carney stated that he does not talk about hypotheticals. When advised that the project was not a hypothetical, Carney stated that the media was just trying to make headlines.

    The project has an anticipated completion date of January 20, 2017, to coincide with the third inauguration of Barack Obama.

  6. If Reagan were alive today, he probably would have done it himself!

    I doubt he would want his name attached to anything in that filthy city.

  7. The values Pelosi grew up with? Give me a break. The Delasandros (sp) were the biggest crooks in Baltimore.
    She was one of them and fits right in with the Obama team.