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Sequester? Good Times still Rolling at the White House

The tours for the public may be canceled, but the fun continues at the White House, where President Obama and First Lady Michelle are indulging in exclusive entertainment even as furloughs begin to hit the White House itself.

Obama feet on deskTuesday evening, the Obamas were treated to a viewing of the movie “42,” which chronicles the life of Jackie Robinson, watching it in the White House theater with the film’s cast and crew in attendance. Earlier, in the day, the White House added an official gloss to the event by throwing in a “42 Film Workshop” for kids in the State Dining Room featuring Harrison Ford and Jackie Robinson’s widow, Rachel Robinson.

And next Tuesday, the Obamas will be seated in the East Room for a command performance “celebrating” Memphis soul music, an event will feature megastars Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah.

Also performing will be Alabama Shakes, William Bell, Steve Cropper, Al Green, Ben Harper, Cyndi Lauper, Joshua Ledet, Sam Moore, Charlie Musselwhite, Mavis Staples, with Booker T. Jones as music director and band leader.

The president hasn’t let the sequester interfere with his entertainment on the links either, resuming his regular golf game last weekend with a round at the Joint Base Andrews course.

And the Obamas each already have had two vacations this year. Meanwhile, the Office of Management and Budget, a wing of the White House, will soon start furloughing employees.

Sequesters, it would seem, are for little people.

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      1. She usually has the wighat bangs covering those critters so as not to present the image of an ‘angry black woman’ (her words, not mine). Her wighat handler must have been rolling eggs with the kids during this interview.

        1. Listening to her little speech at the movie workshop yesterday confirmed my opinion that she is still an angry black woman.

    1. Michelle says Barack’s “got a little swag”.

      Pretty ironic, considering the various definitions of “swag”. That could mean he’s got plenty of free bling, plundered from others.

      Note to Keith and your attorneys. This is a REAL quote from Michelle.

    2. Denise, I know I’m comparing apples and oranges: MO’s comments are oral, not written, but I’d be curious to see how would rate that little bit of speech. Hard for me to believe it comes out of the mouth of a Princeton and Harvard Law grad.

      1. I looked for a speech tester too! I’m assuming since I copied and pasted from transcripts, it’s how it’s written ? MO’s DNC speech ( a paragraph taken from transcript) was written at the 5th grade level.

        Her sexy response, as it reads, is at the 2nd grade level. You know ;)

        To be fair, it’s not science and I’m not a professional, much like MO isn’t a nutritionist :D

  1. When the WH throws one of these frequent bashes with A-list performers and other guests, who pays for their transportation and their rooms while they are in DC?

    The over-exploited family of Hadiya Pendleton is a good example. They have been to DC at least three times for various reasons; I doubt that they are paying their own way….WE ARE.

    1. 1) Perhaps Judicial Watch can file an FOIA request to determine who’s paying for all this One Per Center lifestyle — along with the human props Obama can’t function without.
      (Also of interest: how much money did the Obamas spend on such things before they had a blank check from the taxpayers?)

      2) Rumor is that Cyndi Lauper’s performance of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” will be dedicated to the Obama “girls”.

      3) The picture above isn’t really the President showing disrespect to the Oval Office. It’s just Obama being Obama — keeping his boot on the throat of the Resolute.

      1. LMAO!!! a “FOIA” into the Obama WH spending…

        Again, whats the percentage of “FOIA requests” that this, the most ‘transparent administration ever’, REJECTS?

  2. Enough, why are the press not asking exactly to the penny how much POTUS , FLOTUS and kids are spending. Why are the press so scared to get to the bottom of this? It is excess no matter if it involves the President. The lack of clear answers to these questions would be difficult to swallow if it involved the Junta of Mynamar but it involves the President of the USA. I’ve never seen such excess and in broad daylight. A 1 hour 40 min stop in Denver to allow the trip to the west coast be paid by the taxpayers in a sequester environment, is it only me. If this were a CEO of a bank, POTUS would be leading the populist charge decrying such waste at shareholder expense. The irony is waist deep. When I fill expense sheets at my firm I have to account for everything and when filing my tax return everything and I mean everything. Yet here we have the President behaving like a gulf shaikh or a Chinese tycoon. If he wants to do all this personal pampering when he leaves office, go ahead and I’m sure the book and speaking tours will pay for that, but whilst in office do some work and open your books to the nearest penny. The UK royal family publish their accounts and show where they spend money and it’s all transparent. To have a democrat President behave this way is unacceptable. The reason foreign policy is so random is Hilary has left and POTUS and FLOTUS are to busy living it up JAY Z style on tax payers money meanwhile talking about how “folks are hurting because of others”. Wake up press and do your job, don’t take a backward step and take control of the commentary and audit of the current administration.

    1. I agree with every single point you’ve made on the non-transparent spending by our President.
      The “why” doesn’t the press or even a civic minded organization demand an accounting isn’t easily explained or understood.

      It probably has a lot to do with the President being a bi-racial man and America’s past with the Black community. Racism is a hefty charge and no one wants to be accused of such.

      The other reason might go back to our beginning when we ousted the English and their love to their royalty. DrKrauthammer might be able to explain why Americans give our (temporary) Presidents such respect or loyalty even though most are far from the elitist class, but rather mundane politicians who were in the right place at the right time.

      The command entertainment that takes place at the WhiteHouse sounds a lot like the royal command performances that happen in
      England. There’s also the eternal reasoning that former President X did it too, so why can’t this President do the same.

      As for the excesses of the current residents of the WhiteHouse, it just galls that they haven’t made any attempt to curtail their entertainment when the economy and the country is in such bad financial shape.
      If it weren’t for the widespread use of food stamps and welfare monies, we would be in the same situation that America suffered during the Great Depression with hungry people lined up at food banks and the unemployed standing on corners waiting for a day job.

      1. It probably has a lot to do with the President being a bi-racial man and America’s past with the Black community. Racism is a hefty charge and no one wants to be accused of such. – srdem

        Couldn’t they ask the white half of him questions?

      2. The Royal Command Performances are given in public, with access by ticket for anyone who buys one. They are also televised and thereby shared with the general public. And they don’t happen every weekend the Royals are in town.

    2. MikeD and srdem65, agree, agree ! Like I wrote before, this is “Animal Farm”, last chapter. Napoleon and his fat buddies party with the farmers dressed in suits and high hats while the subdued, hardworking and tired animals are told by their propagandamachine that everything is fine and dandy on the farm.

    3. Not only the press but what about Congress? They will finally get down to drawing up a budget, and doesn’t the House have a say in how much money is allocated to the Executive? I can’t recall another President who has had unlimited access to money.

  3. The “L’État, c’est moi” mentality is alive and well in this administration. What’s worse is seeing all his followers who insist that this sort of thing should go without criticism because “the president deserves it.”

  4. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a marked change in the demeanor of both of the grifters? I watched their little pep talk on the balcony and two videos from the Easter Egg roll where both MO and BHO were reading to young children. There’s something ‘off’ about both of them – a weird sort of dishevelled ‘spaciness’, especially BHO. They’re both beginning to show signs of over-indulgence…almost to the point of dissipation. Old habits never die – just saying.

      1. They really hate having to do those awful things with we the great unwashed. Frau O will have to go to a detoxing 5 Star Spa to get all
        the stench of American’s off and have her wighat/bangs retooled.

  5. I didn’t know there was another feet on the Oval Office desk photo. I thought the last one was around October, 2011.

    This one is from March, 2013. He’s at it again. That makes over a dozen but I stopped counting. His feet never even look comfortable in these poses but I’m sure it’s his way of giving us the finger so comfort has nothing to do with it.

    1. Good point, Janice.

      I initially thought that it was as simple as a total lack of class and good manners, but I think he wants to send a message to everyone: this is MY house and I can act however I’d like in it. I don’t give a damn how people before me have acted. I told you that I want to fundamentally change this country.

    2. Janice and Michael, I agree with you. Given his background in Kenya and Indonesia and his special family history I believe there is an unhealthy mix of inferiority complex and revenge feelings in his personality and the result is, among other things, this kind of arrogance.

      1. Both Obamas fit the classic narcissistic personality. I’ve been critical of the girls recently, but you have to pause and wonder what it is like to have both parents that way. It must be very destructive to family life. Revenge is certainly a strain in both of them though God knows why because they have been handed everything in their lives without having to earn anything, from entrance to good colleges to the Presidency and the Nobel Prize. I’m not so sure about the presence of an inferiority complex.

        1. To be fair, there are also pictures of Ford and G.W. Bush with their feet up on the desk — as well as the one of John Jr. peeking out from under the desk while JFK was working at it.

          1. It disturbs me other presidents have done this too. I just don’t think it’s acceptable to sit with their feet on furniture that somebody else owns, especially when it’s such a historical piece of furniture.

    3. As he sent Churchill packing I really wish the Queen would ask for the
      Resolute Desk back to join it’s mate they belong together and there would be no more humiliating pics of BO with his big feet on an irreplaceable piece of history for England former best ally now not so
      much. Never happen HRH the real one has class and dignity those are
      no longer present in the WH.

    4. Every time I see a picture of Barry’s feet on the White House furniture, and especially on this desk, his total and uncaring lack of respect sickens me. And I’m Canadian!

      1. With little effort you can find photos of many presidents with their feet on the desk of the Oval office, including LBJ, Truman, Nixon, Ford, Bush, to name only the first few I find. There are description of Lincoln sitting with his feet up. Do those also upset you? or is it really the color of the feet that’s a problem?

        1. You should learn a little more about history before you start in with the racism charges, Nelson. With little effort you can find the history of the Resolute Desk to discover 99% of what you posted is inaccurate. There was no Resolute Desk when President Lincoln was in office (1861-1865). Rutherford Hayes (1877-1881) was the president when the Resolute Desk was gifted to America as a symbol of lasting friendship by Great Britain. FDR was the last president to use the Resolute Desk before Jackie Kennedy found it in storage and put it back in the Oval Office. The detestable LBJ was too fat for the desk so he put it back in storage. Neither Nixon nor Ford used the Resolute Desk. It came back out of storage with the peanut farmer and has remained in the Oval Office ever since.

          1. Neither I, nor the person to whom I responded was particularly specific about which footrest. The comment I responded to used the term “the White House furniture, and especially on this desk,” which I take to include all the furniture not intended as a footrest. I didn’t name or intend any particular desk because I don’t think it matters. The last president’s use of this same piece of lumber to hold his feet without any particular upset from the right confirms my suspicion that it’s not really about the desk, is it.

          2. Does Organizing for Alinsky pay for each post or do they pay some kind of hourly wage? Useful idiots are a waste of carbon dioxide.

          3. That seems to be a common method of throwing in the towel around here. I don’t know about the author of this blog, but he seems to attracted a following that is much more interested in color than content.

    5. Seeing his feet on the desk makes me gag! Do you suppose he could do that at his granny’s house? I think you are right; it is to show all of us his distain for this country. When I think of all the honorable people who have served this country…then this! Sickening, to say the least.

    6. Well if it isn’t the slatternly slovenly monitor lizard lady who doesn’t like that nasty negro putting his feet on the unlike every other President except everyone who preceded him. Are you over your big sad about Mitt and the pubicly hirsute Cosmo centerfold losing, Granny?

  6. Well my many years of love of Harrison Ford has come to a screeching halt.
    He’s got a son was his son allowed into the big WH even though other children
    were turned away? These folks get more enjoyment in rubbing it in our face than their Royal private screenings and whatever else they get up to I don’t
    want to know. I’m sure it’s costly.

    1. Lizzy…see if you can figure out what the heck she’s saying, lol!

      “I want to thank Harrison Ford—I’ve wanted to say that for a while,” an excited Obama told students who were invited as part of a film workshop. “Harrison Ford. So you think you trip because I’m here? I’m tripping out because he’s here.”

      1. Whatever she’s trying to say, she sounds like a 13 year old. And her use of “tripping” – it’s an odd choice of word.

    2. Speaking of Harrison Ford, Mooch’s introduction of him was a prime example of classic narcissism. She’s so full of herself believing people are ‘tripping out’ to be in her presence, I’m surprised she didn’t pop.

      “Michelle Obama thanked the Hollywood actors for making it to the White House. “I want to thank Harrison Ford — I’ve wanted to say that for a while. (Laughter.) Harrison Ford. So you think you trip because I’m here? I’m tripping out — (laughter) — because he’s here…” (emphasis added)

      1. Well that just made my day I bet she’s been a fan of Ford for years and
        now as Queen Frau Obama she can lie directly to his face. Well I wonder if they all did Jello Shots in the Situation Room later or is that
        the private club for Beyonce(I don’t know that song) and JZ?

        1. Don’t know if MO is a fan of Ford as much as the O’s are of, “The Empire Strikes Back” – seems to me that everything they do is an “act of war”.

    3. Once when my tot was small, I was a chaperone to the Air & Space Museum–and Harrison and his kid were there–we were walled off from them, kept away–but the kids surged in anyhow screaming, “Indiana Jones!” His people talked to our people–I was our people–they said keep the kids away. Rank does have its privileges. Ford, by the way, is quite slight, nondescript in person–could be a man walking out of Walmart.,

  7. I will place a bet that JayZ and company will show up for Tuesday’s event since his boy JT will be there. If he brings the wife MO will be tingly or “tripping out” all night long.

    1. Snap party in the Situation Room hope we don’t have a pressing emergency or they adults (not BO or MO and guest). I guess they could use the front lawn or magic garden.

  8. BHO is a sequestrian. That is someone who rides on the incomes of working people while he cuts or eliminates essential services while providing continued benefits and services to non-productive people and ensuring his own comfort.

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  11. I’m still steamed over the Obama parties. They’re living high on the hog yet Americans are going back to poverty levels of the 60’s. And in MA the McDonald’s requires a bachelor’s degree and 2 years experience to be a cashier. How will teens ever get a job? I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and can’t get out.

  12. What makes this half breed bastard feel that He and MOOcheil are to have a Ball at the expence thei son of a whit trash communist communist muslim whore is not the fucking king of this country he has not and probably not live long enough to be or even think about be a Commie muslim king I hope to hell one of his frigging zombies like he and Holder set up to kill the kids and teachers in Newtown back fire and blow their damned heads off in the Whire House during a news confrences in front of the whole nation and I will put on one of the biggest Bar-b q’s you have ever seen and will rent a big screen that looks like a drive in and put it on the higest ridge so everyone can see the casson going down screen down the Pensyvania AVE and if I could I would dance on the coffin

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