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Quote of the Day || April 3, 2013

“If you bomb our nuclear reactors, I as President of North Korea will take over your country and force everyone to buy a one-size-fits-all health insurance plan . . . What? Somebody already did that? Okay, I’ll take all the guns away from law-abiding citizens in New York, Chicago and Washington and give them to the criminals . . . What? really?”

– North Korean President Kim Jong-Un

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || April 3, 2013”

  1. That’s funny! Seriously, though, I don’t know for sure if this is as serious as the Cuban Missle crisis, but can you imagine JFK going campaigning when he thought we were on the edge of war? Someone should put up the pictures of him gathered with his advisors in the Oval Office trying to figure out what they were going to do, up against the current occupier, out making speeches and shaking hands! Obviously he’s not too concerned!

  2. The little kewpie doll with a bad haircut making threats would be funny if it wasn’t all so terrifying. News of a second warship headed to the Asian shore along with the added air powerm and our ground troops might be enough to discourage the insane NoKo’s from action.

    Most Americans are tired of warfare and don’t want to get involved in the internal civil wars of foreign countries, but a nuclear power has made threats against our country and that changes everything.
    I say we do a preemptive strike against NoKo so as to diffuse the threat to our country and free the NoKos from a tyrannical regime .

      1. Well, the last missile he tested didn’t make it out of N. Korean waters. It splashed down in the Sea of Japan. So if he tries to nuke anyone but S. Korea, the nuke will do his country more damage than anyone else. Except perhaps the Japanese who won’t be thrilled about it at all. Might be the one thing that sends Japan into a war-like frame of mind.

  3. I’m wondering if all these news photos of ships arriving in SoKo aren’t just part of some routine training and NOT a response to NoKo leader’s blustering threats?

    That is, if we’re on the cusp of war, why is Obama fundraising out west? And partying? Will someone ask Jay that today, please? ;)

  4. This would normally be very funny, but my son just got his selective service number in the mail today. I know it’s routine but it sure makes you think twice.

    1. I apologize to you. I’m promoting war ,but for once, don’t have a loved one who would be called upon to do the fighting.

      Let’s pray that NoKo is just waving sabres for effect.

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