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The Obama Morning News || April 3, 2013

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  1. Caroline Kennedy Ambassador to Japan? Now we all had a good laugh when
    they floated the Anna Wintour Amb. Funny stuff. But unless Barry and his pals are unable to find Japan on a map with out help from a fifth grader we
    need a real adult trained and respected person in that spot. Did the Village of
    Idiots forget the crazy little dude with a nuke fetish? Yes Caroline Kennedy
    would of course be my first pick. God we are so doomed and being led by
    a bunch of frat boys it’s all a game to them.

    1. I thought it was an April Fool’s joke when I first saw Princess Caroline of Kennedy up for an Amb gig, especially to Japan? Maybe she’s fluent in Japanese ? Nah. She needs to go to a friendly little English speaking country like Bermuda :)

      1. I’m surprised she wasn’t sent to the Vatican. Maybe Beyonce would have been a better choice? After all she’s sung for odd dictators before
        so she’d be perfect she can lipsinc for him at parties. Doomed.

    2. It’s a serious mistake. The Republic of Ireland, o.k., but Japan is in one of the world’s hot spots right now and she has zero experience.

      1. Kennedy is what gets her anything she wants no matter the consequences. She’s royalty and you know the Obama’s think they are
        John and Jackie reincarnate so what better get their child in your corner
        and she will pass the golden ring to them.


    On the heels of the AP diktat that ” illegal immigrants” is no longer acceptable, David Plouffe is not having much luck altering free speech either, even on these less than conservative sites.

    Good thing Jay Leno was there to help out AP with his term “undocumented Democrats”.

    1. AP Stylebook = Newspeak Dictionary.

      Good thing Drudge has just about made the AP as obsolete as the New York Times. Love how Drudge is ‘harshing the mellow’ of all these children in adult bodies that occupy the regime. That jerk Pfeiffer sounds like he gets great pleasure out of criticizing young reporters for referencing Drudge in their questions, then he personally attacks them. Alinsky bully, just like his boss.

    1. Not a dent nor a ping. It’s 5 minutes on AF1. His solidarity is with Federal employees. Quick, bring me a box of tissues. sarc off/

    2. That article says Obama receives a $50,000 expense account and $100,000 travel budget. I’d like to see somebody hold him to it.

      1. Here ya go AZ, where our money goes – 2012

        • President’s salary and allowance: $450,000
        • White House building operating expenses: $14,658,000
        • White House Grounds: $6,057,000
        • Vacations: $20,000,000
        • Health care for the first family, including traveling medical staff and equipment: $7,000,000
        • Campaign expenses not reimbursed to government: $311,000,000
        • White House staff: $7,985,420
        • Office of Administration budget: $14,481,000
        • Special missions including White House Communications Agency: $161,252,000
        • Military salary costs: $153,441,360
        • Salary costs for presidential airlift squadron: $75,000,000
        • Presidential plane fleet: $44,000,000
        • Presidential helicopter fleet: $300,000,000
        • Ground transportation: $2,200,000
        • Transportation total: $346,200,000
        • Secret Service: $259,152,884

        Of course there is other $$$ provided to the WH budget from other agencies.

        Granted BO received 400K a yr and 50K expense account. Amazing huh

  3. Here I thought your article was tough on Luis Leon, Keith. Charles Hurt’s opinion article “Communing with hatemongers from the pulpit” was brutal. Hard to believe this reverend still has people defending the hateful words he spewed during that sermon. Guess there are none so blind as those who will not see.

  4. The Obama administration is the federal version of a Carnival Cruise Liner just drifting from one calamity to another.

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