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Carney Accuses Ed Henry of “Editorializing”

The White House habit of attacking the press, which America finally became familiar with after Bob Woodward complained about it a few weeks ago, was on full display in the briefing room Tuesday as Press Secretary Jay Carney incorrectly accused Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry of editorializing.

Henry asked Carney a question about a decision within the Department of Homeland Security to postpone furloughs of border patrol agents. In February, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano appeared in the briefing room issuing dire warnings that if the sequester goes into effect, the hours of work cut back would amount to the loss of “up to 5,000 border patrol agents.”

Carney responded with a typical – and in this case skillfully applied – White House press secretary tactic: change the subject and the question to something else. But he also sought to turn the tables by making the questioner seem the bad guy, rather than an administration that had changed its tune and been misleading.

Henry just as skillfully parried back, repeatedly yanking the focus back to the White House’s changing sequester narrative.

Here’s the key portion of the exchange.

After acknowledging furloughs of border patrol agents may take place a little later, Carney attacked:

CARNEY:  . . . but feel free to convey to your readers and viewers that the sequester doesn’t matter. And then —

HENRY: Okay, well, first of all, let me just stop you, because I didn’t say it didn’t matter.

CARNEY: — and explain — nobody said it wasn’t dire.

HENRY: I said that the Secretary came in here and said that we were going to be less safe, that people were going to be crossing the border because there are less Border Patrol agents. And then they announced yesterday, actually, we’re not doing that. So I’m not saying it’s not important. I’m saying, did she mislead the public?

CARNEY: Absolutely not. And I’m saying that this is — I mean, you’re editorializing enormously in that, but the —

HENRY: How so? February — I’ll give you — February 25th she said, “If you have 5,000 fewer Border Patrol hours or agents, you have 5,000 fewer Border Patrol agents. That has a real impact.” Those are her words. That’s not politicizing.

CARNEY: Right. And how is that not the case?

HENRY: They announced yesterday they’re not doing that.

CARNEY: Well, but there are reductions. And whether it’s those Border Patrol —

HENRY: Well, what are they?

CARNEY: Go ahead and report that, Ed. We’ve made clear, look —

HENRY: Okay, she said 5,000. They said yesterday, we’re not doing that.

CARNEY: Talk to those who have been laid off at defense industries. Talk to those who have been furloughed in the —

HENRY: Let’s talk about Border Patrol first.

Here’s some video of the exchange:

28 thoughts on “Carney Accuses Ed Henry of “Editorializing””

  1. Every day that MrHenry walks into the briefing room with the “FOX Press” card stuck in the brim of his fedora he causes Carney the Magician to lose all sense of balance. It’s almost funny, in a pathetic manner.

    The WhiteHouse just can’t make up it’s mind on whether to make the sequestration painful or to roll with it. When the DHS and the BorderPatrol found a way to keep our border agents on the job protecting our border, the WhiteHouse lost a great PR bonus by not announcing something like ‘ PresObama asked the DHS to secure our border by all means to keep us safe from drug cartels (or something)’.

    The whole WhiteHouse is in such a deep bunker mode to protect MrObama actions, or lack of actions, that they find themselves twisting simple facts into incomprehensible situations.
    There’s nothing smooth or sophisicated about this WhiteHouse. They seem to like a bludgeon instead of a schmooze to turn things their way.

    1. I see a lot of Baghdad Bob in “Carney the Magician”. Bravo, Ed Henry. He came prepared with the facts and actual quotes to expose the magician’s sleight of hand.

    2. “There’s nothing smooth or sophisicated about this WhiteHouse. They seem to like a bludgeon instead of a schmooze to turn things their way.”

      They flail away with a battle axe, hacking at the body politic.

  2. I think that the next sequster battleground will be the upcoming closing of air traffic control towers at small airports. This does not have to happen, but the Administration still wants to make sure that the public feels as much pain as possible from the sequester which, of course, is all the fault of the Republicans because they refused to let billionaires pay a few extra dollars in taxes.

    1. Agree.
      A couple of assumptions along the way. One, small town airports are probably in red vote country. The White house gets a bonus since it just makes life misserable for people unlikely to vote democrat. Two, the White House stops providing the service but will continue to collect. I doubt the airport can easily switch to a different vendor. Now the airport will have come up with additional funding and qualify a new vendor.

      1. In the sequester jester, Preezy Revenge pulled the FAA funding for 13 small airports in Texas. Governor Perry is tapping the Texas Transportation Commission to provide emergency funding.

        In his letter to the commissioner, Governor Perry ends with this statement: “While President Obama has chosen to make sequestration as painful as possible, I cannot with good conscience allow him to put his political agenda ahead of public safety.”

    2. I read somewhere that the real reason for these closings is : Tthe towers at these airports are operated by contractors who are not unionized. When the towers reopen, the plan if for FAA union workers to operate them. Don’t know for sure that this is true and the media will never investigate it.

  3. Jay Carney got whipped badly in that exchange.

    By the time he leaves the white house, his reputation will have pretty much been shredded.

      1. He’ll be perfectly suited to find a midway full of suckers and perform the job he’s nominally suited for: “carny”.

  4. Boy Sparky needs to learn he can’t box out of his weight/IQ class. Ed Henry
    had him on the ropes Sparky couldn’t keep his lies and spin in order cause
    mean Ed wasn’t buying any of the crap coming from the sputtering idiot Sparky. If we’re in bunker mode better send Sparky down there for some
    remedial training and time to talk amongst himself cause he’s a BLITHERING
    idiot. Sorry about yelling he gets on my last nerve and I’m out of exploding
    head pills.

          1. As a mother, you are almost making me feel like standing up for the little fellow…almost.

            By the way, Henry is cute, but I have an old-lady crush on James Rosen.

  5. Little Jay Jay obviously detests Ed Henry and Fox.
    He looks like such a small person when he acts like he did yesterday, curling his lip and snarling.
    Kind of like his partying, basketball star (?) boss.
    Oh, I forgot, also according to Lady MO, Bam is “sexy” LOL LOL LOL

    1. He also looked stupid. Well more so than usual he can’t stand it when
      a rogue reporter ask a real question not approved by the central committee so he can lie as usual. Another day of dezinformatsiya.

  6. Carney is definitely earning his paycheck.

    The poor guy has to go out there every day and straightfacedly defend the increasingly indefensible.

    Bet he gets his Nexium prescriptions in wholesale quantities.

  7. The “WH Press Association” will most likely scold Mr. Henry of FNC for asking such a question/having an exchange with Propaganda Sec. Carney.

  8. Imagine how it feels to know that every day you get into work you have to have a “lie session” with the press. That’s got to be a downer. How can anyone who considers himself an ethical reporter stand up and do Carney’s job day in and day out? But then again, we all know about Carney’s ethics problem.

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