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Video || The Obamas Attend Easter Services

They walked from the White House across Lafayette Park to St. John’s Church, which is Episcopalian.

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    Wait, that’s a wighat? Oh, nevermind…

    Her hair is just one more lie on the mountain of lies that Is Obama.

    Their trip to church is not just a lie, it’s taqiyaa to keep the “no information” voters slumbering while he continues the amassing of power to himself and the destruction of The Great Satan for his TRUE religion…

  2. Well, I hope the secret service personnel didn’t take their weapons into St. John’s, because I’m sure they have a gun free zone at the church. BTW, every time Skeeter & Mooch attend church there, the rector always has something controversial to say….that’s how he draws attention to himself. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, nor will it be the last.

  3. Did all Presidents do this with their families for services? Or is it just the Obamas that make it look like a perp walk.

    Aren’t those girls too old for the hand holding ? I’m sorry, I’m never happy with the faux family image :P

    • The Clintons occasionally went to Foundry Methodist Church, also on 16th Street, but too far away for Hill & Bill to be able to walk there, especially considering the size of the Bible he used to tote in his hands.

      • No, it was the one where the Republicans judged and crucified Jesus but Christ, being a democrat, was able to overcome and resurrect due to the power of state thereby bringing mortal salvation to all through Obama.

          • Very liberation theology which was a big thing in the Latin world too. Pope John Paul II chastised Catholic priests in South America who adhered to it. This rector obviously is Episcopalian but he is a Latin American of some sort, Cuban I think.

    • BTW, I just read on Laura Ingraham that the AP scrubbed the rector’s incendiary remarks in their coverage. Nice to know that a news organization is editing the news in this way.

  4. PHOTO OP!!!

    Why has NO ONE in the WH “press corps” (LOL) ever ask why he hasnt talked to his “Pastor” of 20 years in Chicago, “Rev.” Wright…???

      • Notice that the pres has his hands in his pockets. Now look at the SS. NO hands in the pockets. That is a total No No in any of the military. The hands should never be in the pockets. At least Mooche’s arms were covered but what kind of a hog-farmer gate was that? Sorry to any hog farmers..

  5. This ‘church attendance’ was all planned well in advance of yesterday. Planned right down to the divisive sermon, preached against the “captains of the religious right” (aka conservative Christians). The guy who claims to be our president and his whole family just sat there listening to this so-called man of God preaching division and hate, not raising an eyebrow to his disparaging remarks about probably more than half of the American people. That, no doubt, was also part of the plan.

    • Of course it was. I maintain that the rector had to submit his sermon to be cleared or Obama made some suggested topics beforehand. You don’t think Obama would have sat through a sermon attacking him on his drone program or his kill list. And after Dr. Ben Carson’s surprise at the prayer breakfast, I’d bet Obama is being doubly cautious about what people are going to say in his presence.

  6. The Pastor’s sermon was not appropriate for an Easter service, or any Sunday service in the Lord’s house, but any time the Obama’s attend church services is a good thing, no matter what.

    I do agree that the hand-holding is awkward and looks forced, but, hey, maybe they do that all the time.

    • I know the girls are supposed to be off comment, but I noticed that neither one of them shook hands with the rector as they left the church. Sure, he deserved to be snubbed in our eyes, but that is not why the girls did it. They are just rude, spoiled brats.

      • Agreed, Julie. And who’s to blame for that? Their mother. They have never been taught manners or etiquette. The perpetual scowls and lack of respect is appalling. It makes one wonder what the dynamics are in that household behind closed doors. I have the feeling that none of them respect BHO – they know he’s a fraud. They’re all dysfunctional.

        • Remember when the whole family was caught in the act of texting during the inauguration? So bored with some high school band who had come a long distance and were playing their hearts out for the President!

    • Sorry, srdem65, but I can’t agree with you about the Obama’s attending church being a good thing. How is it good when it’s so obviously a photo op? How is it good when the so-called pastor is preaching hate-filled, divisive “liberation theology”? Even an atheist like myself can feel that Barry and Me-Chelle defile any church they enter.

    • why cant Barack Hussein Obama & his family just give up the pretense he & his family are “Christians” or “church goers”
      (re: The Obamas & Rev. Wright for 20 years in Chicago was nothing but a political ploy…)

      • He wants the sheeple to believe the first family is just like them, walking to church on Easter Sunday to attend services. Besides, they need a break from all those vacations.

  7. The video invites comparison to Pope Francis on Easter Sunday who interacts with people in sincere humility. Also, it’s very clear to me that the princesses have been brainwashed. Their body language says it all. They do not appear happy and trusting, nor confident. They have been force fed a lie by their Queen mother and god father not to trust anyone or anything that stands in their way or is contrary to their word.

  8. I went to church yesterday, too. Does CBS want to interview me? I could talk about the wonderful sermon I heard that had nothing to do with evil Conservatives.

  9. Isn’t this Special.
    What the heck was the President doing? Playing with himself going into church or I guess you could say checking his “BlackBerries”. And did he wash his hands before fondling his daughter?

    • Forgot to say, Mr. President : Get your Freaking hands out of your pockets. You are the Commander of Chief in case you have forgotten.