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Quote of the Day || April 2, 2013

“And in addition to Austin, Texas, we have targeted all your Burger Kings. Because we know Americans cannot survive without Burger Kings.”

– North Korean President Kim Jong-Un

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

10 Responses to Quote of the Day || April 2, 2013

  1. Nuking Austin isn’t as dumb as it sounds. After the NoKos drop the ‘big one’ on the city’, the Gulf of Mexico will drain out and flood the rest of America.
    Pretty clever, huh.

    • I think the toady tyrant threatened Austin because Samsung (South Korean owned) has a large semiconductor plant there. I’m more worried about them taking out our electrical grid with a EMP attack. That would send America back to the 18th century in a flash.

  2. I am sorry I am a little late about this but oh dear, that video of Barrys rough day on the basketball court made my morning very merry. He looked so foolish, unmanly, overestimating his abilities, finally looking in vain for someone to blame. And he was among children ! Well, we could really see him being himself. It reminded me a little of when Romney took him down in that glorious first debate. That was the true Barry too. He also reminds of the pudgy little Kim Jong-Un, he is also a unmanly weak little fool who gets applauds from his trained obedient seals whatever he does. They are both very weak but in scarily high positions were they can do a lot of harm.

  3. hey now! we Americans have handled the loss of our beloved Twinkies with the grit, grace, and forbearance we are known for. we can certainly handle the loss of Burger King.