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Obama Vows to Cut Taxes, Slash Spending

16 thoughts on “Obama Vows to Cut Taxes, Slash Spending”

  1. Good one, Keith.

    My contribution to wishful thinking – “Obama Convicted of Dereliction of Duty in Benghazi Terrorist Attack; Resigns Office Effective Immediately”.

    1. This the real April Fools Day joke — If I wasn’t living this I wouldn’t believe it. You cannot make this up. I wonder if Ben Bernanke will be teaching the young uns’ about how you really make money — by printing it out of paper late at night, in the basement.

    2. When I was in high school, I took a course that did exactly that. It was called “Consumer Math”. It covered everything from how to use a checkbook and balance it, how to make a household budget and stick to it, how to read the Dow Jones and manage a portfolio. We had phantom portfolios, where we “invested” $100,000 in stocks and we followed them in the paper and sold for a profit and then reinvested the profits. Sometimes we lost money on the investment and had to figure out why and what to do about it. Sell now and minimize the loss or wait it out and hope for an eventual profit? One of my classmates who didn’t go to college and went to work as an assistant car mechanic, saved his money and invested it wisely. He was worth close to half a million by the time he was 30. He bought his own gas station complete with mechanic bays and was the boss instead of a worker. He bought it in McLean, VA and sold it to a developer some years later for millions. He is now retired with two homes, one in VA and one in FL and lives off his investments. Not bad for a high school graduate with a talent for fixing cars. Every high school should have a course in Consumer Math.

  2. APRIL fool? Obama’s been fooling a lot of folks every day of the year, not just April – and it was funny to a point, but we passed that point by the second week of November 2008..

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