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Campaigning Again: Obama Starts Fundraising

The 2012 election is barely over, but President Obama is already hitting the campaign trail again, heading out to four California fundraisers Wednesday and Thursday to begin raising money to help Democrats keep the Senate and seize the House.

Hi everyone, I'm back.
Hi everyone, I'm back.

The way-early fundraising blitz suggests Obama is far more focused than the White House is admitting on capturing the House for Democrats so he can railroad legislation through Congress after the 2014 elections.

According to the White House, Obama Wednesday will attend two fundraisers for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the political arm of House Democrats. Politico writes that the fundraisers will each be on San Francisco’s “Billionaires’ Row,” at the homes of Gordon Getty and billionaire Democratic fundraiser and clean-energy advocate Tom Steyer.

After overnighting in San Francisco, Obama moves on Thursday to Atherton, California for two more fundraisers, this time to raise money for the Democratic National Committee. These too will be big-money affairs at private residences.

The DNC will be focused in 2014 on winning the House and preserving the Senate for Democrats.

As during the 2012 campaign, an “official” White House event will defray costs: Obama stops in Denver Wednesday for a gun control push before continuing on to San Francisco.

Obama has frequently been slammed from the right as “The Campaigner-in-Chief. That he is fundraising so early is a sure sign that the next year and half until Election Day will find policy matters and the conduct of the presidency frequently interrupted by politics, as happened during the final year of Obama’s first term.

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  5. I know this jackass thinks he is a king, but my question is, “How did he get there and back?” Unless I am mistaken, it was by Air Force One. That is wrong. If he wants to campaign and fund-raise, let him pay his own way. If my memory serves me correctly, the president is not above the law. what an arrogant poser.

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  8. One has to wonder if any of the funds Obama raises will be used to pay off the debts of the DNC.
    It appears that like the rest of the Administration they have adopted the Democrat Party practice of spending more than they have.
    However, in partial penance, they have declared April to be “Teach our Childrem about Responsible Budgeting” month!?
    You have to admit – they do have large brass ones!

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  10. This is the very reason he won the 2012 election! He is the ultimate campaigner – all show, no GO… Campaigning is his ONLY strength, and he bamboozled his way into our lives TWICE!

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  12. Obama the rock, these kids probably don’t even know who their local officials are. They are the people Jay Leon ask questions to on the streets.

  13. Must be an old photo…no gray hair on Barry Obama Soetoro Obama, Not to mention, the folks are taking pictures with cameras instead of their Obamaphones.

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