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Campaigning Again: Obama Starts Fundraising

The 2012 election is barely over, but President Obama is already hitting the campaign trail again, heading out to four California fundraisers Wednesday and Thursday to begin raising money to help Democrats keep the Senate and seize the House.

Hi everyone, I'm back.
Hi everyone, I'm back.

The way-early fundraising blitz suggests Obama is far more focused than the White House is admitting on capturing the House for Democrats so he can railroad legislation through Congress after the 2014 elections.

According to the White House, Obama Wednesday will attend two fundraisers for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the political arm of House Democrats. Politico writes that the fundraisers will each be on San Francisco’s “Billionaires’ Row,” at the homes of Gordon Getty and billionaire Democratic fundraiser and clean-energy advocate Tom Steyer.

After overnighting in San Francisco, Obama moves on Thursday to Atherton, California for two more fundraisers, this time to raise money for the Democratic National Committee. These too will be big-money affairs at private residences.

The DNC will be focused in 2014 on winning the House and preserving the Senate for Democrats.

As during the 2012 campaign, an “official” White House event will defray costs: Obama stops in Denver Wednesday for a gun control push before continuing on to San Francisco.

Obama has frequently been slammed from the right as “The Campaigner-in-Chief. That he is fundraising so early is a sure sign that the next year and half until Election Day will find policy matters and the conduct of the presidency frequently interrupted by politics, as happened during the final year of Obama’s first term.

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96 thoughts on “Campaigning Again: Obama Starts Fundraising”

    1. He understands the meaning of April Fool. He’s proclaimed April the month to teach young people how to budget responsibly. If only he could use the other eleven months to work on the “adults”.

  1. While people are worried about losing a day’s pay, PBHO is out living the wild life at parties all over the country.

    Pretty sad.

  2. It’s why I’m an advocate of one term now, even if it’s just one 6 year term and be done with future perpetual campaigning. He pretty much told his 1% OFA donors he can’t do anything unless he has the House and Senate. Yet, he had the House and Senate is first two years and got nothing done either, except for Obamacare, then lost the House.

    2014’s going to be ugly, heaven help the GOP candidates.

    1. ITA with you, one 6 year term is plenty. Presidents spend at least two years of their first term campaigning for their second term, well most presidents do, someone forgot to tell obama to stop.

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  4. Instead of begging for more money from the rich people he rubs elbows with, President Obama needs to do what he promised to do four years ago: go through the budget, line by line, and cut the wasteful spending. If we still had journalists that cared about informing the people instead of cheering on the liar-in-chief, they would have called him out on this broken promise and maybe pushed him to do his job so we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do your job, MSM, and be the watchdog of the government. Because if you don’t, our country might not survive this administration.

    1. Hahahahahaha! Øbama doing something he said he’d do? That’s rich…

      All he’s done for over five years is run his mouth about what he’s going to do, and none of it gets done. Or he runs his mouth about what he’s NOT going to do, and does it anyhow.

      The man is a disgrace.

  5. San Francisco and the rest of California…Please, Please do not give him a penny. What has he done for any of us? You guys know this better than any other state. Don’t give him the funds to persist in taking what little we have left.


    Thank you

    1. “San Francisco and the rest of California…Please, Please do not give him a penny. ” – Susan

      California? Too many takers, not enough makers. No help there. This is why Obama took our money, so he could give it to other people to purchase their votes to bury us with.

      San Francisco? Single-issue voters, and the issue is gay marriage. No help there, either. Obama picked a wonderfully divisive issue to split the country with – again – after YEARS of prep by Hollywood, liberal universites, and every major media outlet to convince us that “gay” = funny = cute = The New Norm.

      Notice that this is all sideshow. We’re talking about this stuff, instead of the fact that an American President can fight wars without ever going to Congress, can order assasinations on anyone, anywhere in the world in a way that a Mafia Don couldn’t even DREAM about, cuddles with terrorist leaders as long as they’re Sunni, uses the might of the American Military to kill Muslim leaders as long as they’re Shiite, was elected by fraud with many wards showing 100% or more vote for Obama and no investigation, and – the latest outrage – has his DOD opposing Purple Hearts for soldiers hit in the line of duty in the Fort Hood terrorist attack on the basis that we can’t call it a terroist attack because it won’t give the murdering, traitorous terrorist a “fair” trial.

      “The White House on Tuesday threatened to veto the defense authorization bill that the House Armed Services Committee passed last week, reeling out an eight-page list of objections to what Republicans had proposed.

      The disputes included everything from provisions governing terror detainees to whether victims of the Little Rock and Fort Hood shooting should be eligible for Purple Hearts. (No, says the White House, because the law as written “could create appellate issues.”)”

      I feel your pain, Susan. Unfortunately, there is naught but thorns to comfort you with – in this world. Just the certainty that they will all be meted out exacting justice in the next, and even Eric Holder and Dirty Harry put together won’t be able to protect Prezzy Revenge there. This country is too far off center now to be redeemed by any but the Lord. Just the killing of 3000+ innocents daily is alone enough to demonstrate that, along with apparent mass approval of Government funds and “rights” to kill MORE.

      They WILL pay, sooner or later. Unfortunately, we’ll pay along with them.

  6. Debbie, the DNC and Debt = DDD rating. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. It’s been said… to gauge how a many will treat his wife look at the way he treats his mother.

    To gauge how a Democrat will manage money – look no further than this email.

    In an e-mail to supporters, the DNC chair says:

    “We spent everything we had to spend in 2012 to win the White House, add seats in the Senate, and pick up seats in the House — our job was to do everything we could to elect President Obama and other Democrats across the country.”

    As a result, she says “Democrats are in the White House – but we are also in the red.”

    1. Most of the money collected is from people who did not earn the money but inherited it. Clearly the majority of them are not critical thinkers.

  7. If he isn’t spending out money on bullS#%$! He isn’t working hard enough to screw our country. I am so sick of this guy.

  8. The thief in chief continues to steal tax payer money to further his own interests. If this is not a crime, it should be.

    1. Don’t mean to be an ADD Oh Look, Squirrel person like Denise described, but the latest story on that is the people who really have money got out in time and now the bailout is falling on the top 60% of clients in the Cyprus bank. It will probably grow larger. One analysis I read said that if a bailout happened here, it would hit stockholders rather than savings accounts.

  9. Over the weekend I received 4 phone calls All of which start with a recorded statement by the President. Essentially outlining the need to change gun laws. A second person then invites me to contribute money to help the President achieve changes to gun control. There is no explanation as to who this call is on behalf of. If this is another example of how the President is being allowed to run two jobs (fund raiser in chief and President) why is this not a bigger issue. The country is still in the midst of a budget crisis, North Korea is arcing up and the list of things to do as President grows by the day, yet here we have the President and FLOTUS running their own projects that only serve to feather their bed now and later down the road. Why is this not more of an issue.

    1. Most likely the calls are from Organizing for Action (aka Organizing for Alinsky). That is how community agitators operate. He paid attention to Alinsky’s teachings – “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Right now he’s targeting the Second Amendment. Tomorrow it will be something else. He’ll do anything to keep his base in a constant state of agitation against those of us who won’t bend to his will. The Obamas will never be held to account as long as the ruling class holds the reins of government. All we can do is resist, speak out loudly, and fight as hard as we can to elect more conservatives to office in 2014. If this slide into Marxism is allowed to continue unabated, it will be the death of America.

  10. AAAHHHHHH, the life of the 1%.

    Know your place, shut your face, back to work, robot-debt-enslaved.

    BTW: They have had 1 vacation a month… many have you had this year?

    Fools! You are getting exactly what slaves deserve…….nothing!

  11. WAIT!! Does working for the 2014 Elections mean he is actually going to get legislation THROUGH CONGRESS? That’ll be a change from The Emperor Jones.

  12. Mr Obama can’t hide it; he lives a lie. He never wanted the responsibilities of the President’s office; he can’t do them – he doesn’t have the skills. Mr Obama just wanted the world to witness he can win elections despite his inexperience thus proving his detractors wrong. Mr Obama only wants public speaking opportunities to prove he can persuade even the dumbest person to vote for him with a mere dose of empty, soaring rhetoric. Mr Obama’s presidency departs from serious and sincere concern for the good of the nation. Mr Obama prides himself in making Congress irrelevant by the stroke of his pen. Yet he will tell you he is not a dictator – another flagrant lie. Mr Obama wants carte blanche in 2014 going forward. With the Senate and the House populated by a majority of Democrats, Harry Reid on his left and Nancy Pelosi on his right, he can claim he followed the Founding Father’s way of passing legislation through Congress. Isn’t that just peachy. And so Mr Obama goes his merry way campaigning, raising funds, vacationing, playing golf, attending basketball games, and generally ignoring the needs of every citizen longing to work for a living. Mr Obama can continue to show the world how good he’s got it… you see, these dumb, divided, distracted Americans are way too ignorant to make him do the job he was elected to do.

    1. Mr. Obama is a figurehead or front man. Everything you say about him is true, but there are people in deadly earnest behind him whose intention is to transform this country and destroy it as we have known it..

  13. Why doesn’t he raise money from his Hollywood friends to pay the bills he has created? Instead of campaigning? He doesn’t care about this country, but Kenya maybe?

  14. This straw man has never functioned as a President or leader especially a moral leader and that includes his wife. They’re grifters and party and vacation freebie recipients. I’ve got more respect for those reluctantly using
    Food Stamps than these two. They’ve done nothing but demean the American
    people who don’t worship them and use the country as a checkbook. As for
    campaigning its no more than BS and golf and a 5 Star lunch for BO just another day at the office. After all it’s empty no pesky school kids.

  15. Want to feel.better?

    ‘George and Laura were just like kids in Buckingham Palace!’ Photographer with front row White House seat reveals secrets of the Bush years
    Eric Draper worked
    PUBLISHED: 04:19 EST, 1 April 2013 | UPDATED: 07:39 EST, 1 April 2013

    Read more:–Photographer-row-White-House-seat-reveals-secrets-Bush-years.html#ixzz2PDiATspO
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  16. The President, while in office, should be limited to activities that are official business related or he should be required to personally pick up the total cost.

  17. Most of these commons are just filled with hatred and recism, that´s why i walked away from the Rep. party. People try so hard to brain wash you, as if we can on our own. It´s insulting.

  18. This is inappropriate activities by a president ineligible to run again. The house of reps need to find a way to stop this abuse of power.

  19. This is not a functioning government. The fact that we continue to treat it as such is laughable. This is a perverse massive propaganda machine. It is bastardizing America.

  20. Obama is nuts if he thinks he can win the House of Representatives and add to the Senate. I predict he will lose seats in both chambers in the mid-term elections! Everyone in the country are NOT Kool-Aid drinkers!

  21. He should feel right at home there with all the queers and careful tho you don’t step on bubba the porn queen…or franks the vermin of space!

  22. BathhouseBarry is a FRAUD! Pl lain and simple. He is dangerous to the health of the USA. In light of BHB’s Exorders what happened to the first Amendment? A Govt for the people, by the people and of the p[people. WE had a BS “health care bill” jammed down our throats . Time to repeal this BS legislation and Bathhouse Barry along with !

  23. Fortunately, he has his Marxist Czars running (read: “ruining”) the country while he spends 90% of his time raising money from the 1%.

  24. My guess is this is all going to backfire on the lowly community organizing Marxist and the 2014 midterms. Just heard liberal anchor, Carol King, on CNN expressing her disgust about religion and politics at the Easter church service attended by the Obamas, and the fact that the Easter Egg roll is being used as a political forum for the Let’s Move aganda. Slowly but surely, the pundits are beginning to wise up. Comments on liberal sites are turning negative in a big way.

    The fact that Barackalypse locked the doors to the People’s House is going to be an albatross around his neck as he criss-crosses the country on the taxpayer’s dime picking the pockets of his elitist sycophants. His shallowness and deceit is on parade.

    Looking at the ‘First Family’ today on the balcony of the People’s House this morning…one has to wonder how America has sunk so low!

  25. Wake up America! This is for is own campaign. He is going to make an executive order and run a third time and if he loses (haha) his regime will take over!

  26. I really don’t understand how a gun control stopover in CO can justify the purely campaign trips to CA. If he had made a gun control appearance in CA, yes, but he didn’t have to go that far out of his way to make one in CO. No one will question this.

  27. With Obama getting such support in San Francisco, it is timely to look at ‘Hooking Kids on Sex II’ on you tube for a glimpse into Obama’s agenda for indoctrinating our youth.

  28. Obama has turned the Presidency into nothing more than a Campaign money raising event while our Economy gets far worse off with every Goof Ball decision he makes .With his Billionaire buddies , special Int. groups,Greens , Hollywood and unions always in his Co .
    Our GDP grew at a snails pace of .04 % while he out Campaigning ?
    That is the equivalent of Roasting Hot Dogs from the Fire while your House is burning down .
    Obama has made 41 major economic decisions .Every single one has hurt this Country . As of 2014 went Obama care fully Kicks in 75 % of America will be up in Arms .With our Guaranteed 32-48 % increase in Health insurance cost .Most of us have already had 31 % higher Health Insurance cost in the last three years .
    Obama is closing Coal plants at a rapid pace .. Look for Electricity to
    Double in cost in the next 5–6 since 51.3 % of all Electricity comes from Coal .Not to mention it is the cheapest form of energy on earth we have a 267 year supply .
    Obama is getting ready to ad a Sulfur and CO2 GAS TAX as well as most States since drivers are driving far less .
    Gas could easily be $ 5.00 a gallon within One year .
    And lastly the no brainer Pipe line would bring in 750 Million gallon a day with a ton of Jobs .
    Obama is strongly against . If we get it expect Obama black mail more taxes .
    Many of you are not aware Obama care has 23 taxes in it .

  29. So the Ultimate BIzzarrobama who lives and spends OUR money like a 1% er…is Late with his Budget….Ignores NOKO…Continues to LIE about His Sequester goes to Hob Nob with Billionaires in Lala land of Madam Piglosi….Is he ever going to WORK?????

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  31. The difference between Obama and a homeless person with a tin cup on a freeway offramp is that one of them says he ‘will work for food’.

  32. “Fund Raising Blitz” A euphemism for Bribery Collecting/Shake Down Tour. Anyone who doesn’t think a portion of all those “donations” in untraceable cash doesn’t end up in the greedy pockets of Dictator Obama and the First Entitlement Queen, Moochelle is either an idiot or a useful tool. Just how does the personal wealth of these two keep increasing on a gubmit salary ?And please don’t try using that phoney book sales argument. Where are the press in investigating this criminal scandal. Is there not one honest investigative reporter left in the country? Just one?

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